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  1. I filed a complaint in federal court against a CA. Their lawyer answered the complaint about 10 days ago. I called the court and nothing has been added to the docket. IS now the time to contact the opposing lawyer to setup a scheduling conference? Or do I wait until the court sends out a deadline...then contact the lawyer? I looked through the FRCP...and its not clear. thank you
  2. My evidence includes...multiple certified letters to the OC that go unanswered. I sent copies of these to Experian (when they first denied my disputes) as additional evidence to support the disputes. They ignored the evidence I presented and replied "previously verfied" I also have about 10 certified letters to Experian quoting the FCRA...etc. The FCRA states that they are to investigate unless the CRA finds it frivolous. They are also t oconsider any additional evidence you submit. In my case they have not verified 2 tradelines in a year and a half. I have credit denial letters for damages and I also am using my state consumer laws for triple damages. Will let you know how it turns out. HF40
  3. I have been disputing 2 accounts that Experian last verified in Jan. 2002. They verified the accounts twice and since Jan. 2002 have been sending me notices that they were previously verified. I filed a lawsuit for the same reasons on another account. I won on that lawsuit. Anyways, I have a long paper trail and I am looking forward to my day in court with those arrogant clowns. Cheers! HF40
  4. I have the same problem with Experian for 6 months. I filed a lawsuit and I am waiting for the court date. HF40
  5. Hi, I am in MA. Go the small claims route, just fill it out as multiple violations of the FCRA. Also write down, violation of MA Chapter 93A. This will cover triple damages. You need damages...credit rejection letters, higher intrest rates. Apply to a few places that you know will pull Experian. You may be able to settle before the court date, if not...then you will be prepared. HF40 <blockquote>Originally posted by hollypc ODes anyone have any links to websites that have actuall cases and descions? Thanks </blockquote>
  6. It was a 600.00 debt they didnt validate. They never had a tradeline entered on my CR. I got them to remove an inquiry they had on my CR though. This was my only dealing with a CA. They faxed my place of work, looking for financial info on me. This was after a validation request that they receieved. I sent them a 30-day demand letter stating multiple violations of the FDCPA and MA consumer laws. I demanded 4K for their violations. Their lawyer sent me a letter basicly saying it was a mistake and that they have stopped collecting on the debt and returned it to the OC.(Like he was doing me a favor) ha!! I sent the lawyer a letter basicly saying, it wasnt about the debt in question, it was about their violation of the FDCPA. I also gave him a date that if I didnt hear from them, I would be filing a lawsuit. He called me a day before my stated date and we settled. Even if they do respond to the 30 day demand, if they wont attempt to settle in good faith, you can still sue under 93A. Cheers! HF40 <blockquote> How much was the CA asking you for originaly, before you settled? Did you ask them to remove the tradeline from your CR? If you did, did they agree to remove the tradeline from your CR? So that CA did respond to your demand letter. Have you had any CA's that haven't responded to your demand letters? And if they didn't did you go to court? </blockquote>
  7. Yes...93A is the way to go. Send a certified "30-day demand letter" under that law. If they ignore you, then you can show the judge that you tried to resolve it.Once that is done, you can get triple damages. I sent the 30 day demand letter to a CA and we settled out for $1500.00 I posted that on this board. Good luck HF40 <blockquote>Originally posted by capepuffin <blockquote>Originally posted by highflyer40 Sure..glad to share! The MA consumer laws are really good, I use them along with the Fedral laws. MA Chapter93A is exellent, it allows for triple damages. So with the limit of small claims at 2k here...its nice to bump it up to 6k citing that law. Goodluck! HF40 </blockquote> Thats good to know! I am from MA as well. Trying to decide on how to handle some of these CA's and OC's. My concern is with the OC's, mainly. Chapter 93A is what I have been researching as of late. I didn't realize that this chapter allowed for triple damages. Will be checking this one out again tonight! Thanks for the information and keep up the good work! </blockquote>
  8. Sure..glad to share! The MA consumer laws are really good, I use them along with the Fedral laws. MA Chapter93A is exellent, it allows for triple damages. So with the limit of small claims at 2k here...its nice to bump it up to 6k citing that law. Goodluck! HF40 <blockquote>Originally posted by capepuffin Way to go Highflyer! You make going to court not so scary!:ooh: See we can do something about them. You are an inspiration to all! </blockquote>
  9. We went into mediation before the trial. Experian said the same old stuff, was previously investigated...blah..blah. I told the mediator this wasnt working and that I want to go before the judge. Experian then offered to settle. I have an agreement that they will be deleting a few negitive tradelines, reinvestigating two others and $800.00. Small claims works...just be sure to have a paper trail and be very prepared. I had my case in order and it really helped. Cheers! HF40 <blockquote>Originally posted by fat tony It's after march 6th. What was the result? I'm interested because I have a similar issue with Experian </blockquote>
  10. The court date is for March 6th, Experian has not responded to the lawsuit yet. HF40
  11. Hi All... I filed a lawsuit yesterday against Experian for their "previously investigated" BS. They have been using that line on disputes that I have sent to them. I am getting my case in order, I have the paper trail and the damages.....and the know-how thanks to this site! After I am done with this, I am going to focus on their refusal to dispute inquiries. Cheers! HF40
  12. Does any know the address of Experian's legal department? Thanks! HF40
  13. Hi I have gotten three unpaid chargeoffs removed from Equifax. What are the chances of these going back on? Does anyone know how that works? Do the CC companys report and update to the 3CRA'S every few months? The same chargeoffs are on my Experian report and they seem to update those tradelines every few months. Thanks for any input. Cheers! HF40
  14. Sorry...what is the question here? HF40 [Edit by highflyer40 on Friday, 1, 2002 @ 04:54 PM]
  15. <blockquote>Originally posted by HuriKane I have hear of several others doing this on a nother board, but I have never done it myself, I just pay for it. 'Kane </blockquote> I paid for the Experian one.. just so I could dispute the charge to my credit card account. Since they wont investigate my CR disputes...lets see how they like that one! Cheers! HP40