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  1. I had a Gold's gym account that was handled by ABC financial. They recently turned it over to a CA but as of today has NOT shown up on my credit report. I received a letter from the CA that said, "notice of intent to cease communications," and went on to say that "the above referenced account is being reviewed for our client's approval for referral to their attorney's office for immediate action. This communication is from a debt collector, not an attorney. This is an attempt to collect a debt..yada yadda.. They then go on to say: Settle this matter now or: 1)Complete a suit request from which contains: a.) verification of your employment b.) confirmation of real and personal property ownership c.) name and address of banks and account numbers d.) verification of equity in motor vehicles and or boats e.) confirmation and location of all other assets legally attachable after judgment. 2) Recommend to the client that legal action is warranted by their attorney. 3) Place this legal debt on all appropriate credit bureaus. This debt is for 540 dollars, and the account was 3 mos past due. Wanting to settle, I called the OC (ABC financial) and they told me they could do nothing, I had to call the collection agency. Furthermore, I was told if I paid this with the CA, they could not guarantee that my gym membreship would be reinstated. I flat out do not want to do anything with a CA! Especially this one, after their nasty intimidation tactics. And I am most certainly positive that I will be paying for a gym membership that I will no longer be able to use. Has anyone ever had an OC that was unwilling to cooperate with them? Perhaps I should try to settle directly with Gold's Gym? (They don't handle their finances, ABC does.) Any advice? I don't want this to show up on my CR just after I have gotten so much cleaned up. Thanks!
  2. Well, I first found this website in March. Since that time, I disputed a couple of TL's and they were deleted, leaving me with one negative TL, and on EX and TU, one medical collection. Grand total of bad debt= 1500. Today was a great day for me. I was just informed a got a job (in a great area, I might add!) and that's really welcome since I have been unemployed since November. I went to a credit union and opened an account. I got bold and applied for new credit with target. (approved for 200.00 limit) I got REALLY bold and applied for more credit. Here's the rundown. My scores as of today are: EXP: 605 (1 collection, 1 neg TL, 2 inq past year) TU : 630 (same as above) EQ: 620 (EQ has a TON of inquiries, but doesnt show the medical collection, only one neg tradeline...go figure) I also have about 40 grand in student loans which are still in deferment status, plan on consolidating ASAP. But I had NO pos TL's. So after I got the Target card, I got bold and applied for: Household. (only approved for secured Orchard card) GM (declined) corvette (declined) union plus (APPROVED for 2,000!) At least now I have a CHANCE to create a positive TL, and don't think I am not going to protect that baby with my life! This has really been a happy day for me, and I owe much of it to ya'll at this board. Thanks for all the advice. You guys are the best!
  3. I just answered my phone and it was someone who didnt give her name, and said she was with MBNA. She said she was calling about mine and my husband's charged off account. I informed her I was only an authorized user and it wasn't mine. (I just had it removed from all three CRA's) She conceded that although I wasn't legally responsible, it was still affecting me. I told her I didnt know where my husband was, and then she said, "Oh youre not with him anymore?" and I said yes. I tried to get off the phone but she kept going on and on and I said ya know what, "just dont call me anymore." She said something and I said, "I'll try to speak to him (my husband-deadbeat) about it." She then immediately called me a LIAR. I hung up. She called right back and literally SCREAMED in my ear and all I could make out was LIAR LIAR LIAR. I told her I wasnt listening to her anymore, and demanded the name of her and her supervisor. She kept screaming over me, not listening at all, calling me names. Suddenly, silence. She hung up. This woman has some definate anger issues and is in the wrong business. My caller ID has a "wireless" number for her, I am tempted to call it and scream in her ears. I am soooo angry, and now I bet the co will be back on my credit report. Any advice?
  4. Now what, I don't think you understand what One means when he is talking about "bumping." Bumping is only done to get rid of inquiries. (When people pull your credit report in order to determine your credit-worthiness.) Too many inquiries can negatively affect your FICO scores. You seem to be asking about good TL's. Nothing happens to your actual TL's when you bump off inquiries. If you have negative TL's you want to get rid of, I suggest you start by reading the info found here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/Repair.shtml Good Luck.
  5. I just got a letter today from cap one saying they had purchased an old citibank account of mine that is so old it has fallen off all three CR's. They say, "Congratulations! You are guaranteed approval * for a new Crap one visa..yada yada..to transfer your charged off balance of 3,300 into this new account." Get this..they say that it will have a 100 dollar limit and for each 100.00 of charged off debt I pay, they may increase my credit line by a whopping 25.00! Can you beleive my good fortune!? %) On the back, it has the standard "This is an attempt to collect a debt. you may dispute the validity of this debt within 30 days.." I actually considered this.. For about one second. Since the debt has dropped off my CR's, and is well out of the SOL, should I just throw this away? Or should I go ahead and send a D/V to them. Oh, I havent had any type of collections occur on this co in years. I guess since I am now in disputes, some type of red-flag went up somewhere. ~0
  6. I just got my updated CR from TU. In April, I disputed two addresses as "not mine," and TU sent me an updated report showing the addresses removed. As soon as I recieved confirmation that the addresses were removed from all three CRA's, I began to dispute CO's and negavive TL's as "not mine." Well, EFX removed all but one, and TU and EX removed all but two. (i only had four to begin with) What is interesting is that TU also reinserted the previously removed addresses. (addresses asociated with both the accounts they verified as mine). I just disputed the addresses again, and will start the DV process in the next couple of days. [Edit by HiPriestess on [TIME]1056408649[/TIME]]
  7. Start thinking in terms of someone who this debt is news to. Pretend you never had any phone corresondance, If this was never your debt, how the heck would you know anything about any numbers? >>>OC's letter to me states "From the information given, we have been unable to locate this number." <<< I may be wrong, but sweetie, that seems to be your get outta jail free ticket. You have to remember, from the moment you dispute or send d/v, your entire perspective/psychology needs to change. You ARE the person who is disputing. You ARE requring nothing short of your own signature as PROOF this debt belongs to you. Don't step outta the sanctimonious\/outraged consumer role until someone convinces YOU that you owe them money. If they cannot convince you, how are they gonna convince a judge?
  8. I was just going to post the same reply that Sis did. I've been reading and reading posts for the past three days, and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that CA's will do anything to buy themselves more time. This is just a stall tactic. Hold them to the original 30 day clock and do not correspond with them until their time is up.
  9. Could I just call the CRA and ask them how they verified? At any rate, I am pretty certain I will have to send the DV letter to the CA, so I think I will take your advice, sisflomi, and get a PO box in another area.
  10. You forgot to tack on the 180 days, so that makes it drop off in April '05. [Edit by HiPriestess on [TIME]1055613457[/TIME]]
  11. went online and disputed an Attention LLC debt from 1999 as "not mine," with all three CRA's and just found out that experian is reporting it "remains." Haven't heard anything from TU and Eq as of yet, but it's probably safe to assume this CA validated it across the board. I know my next step is to send a DV letter, but I am concerned about something. If I sent a CMRRR DV letter to them, I am esentially giving them my current address. I successfully disputed an old address (which would be the only one that this CA has on record, unless thay pulled a newer copy of my CR, which they cannot do without my having had contact with them EVER, correct?) So, if I send them a DV letter, they will just use my current address to verify as mine, won't they? It's as if I am giving them ammunition to use against me. As it stands now, it's impossible for the address they have to match up to mine, so how did this verify? Should I call the CRA asking what methods they used to validate? On a brighter note, the most damaging co was reported as "removed" from my CRA, but I still have an OC (Fingerhut) that I have to deal with, and one more negative is in the "pending" stage. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. Posted to wrong board! I moved it. Sorry for the error! [Edit by HiPriestess on [TIME]1055605902[/TIME]]
  13. BRAVO!!!! WTG! Why should you have to wait 45 days though? What if you were in the process of trying to buy a house, and these fools' screw up were stalling the process? That 45 days thing is BS!
  14. <blockquote>Originally posted by lisak72 Had a paid collection...really was paid! EQ/CSC updated today from unpaid $0 to paid with the balance!!! Can they do this? Hi Lisa! I'm a nube here, my name is Caroline. It's nice to meet you! I've been in lurk mode since I found this gem of a board about a month ago, reading and reading, and learning and learning. I can almost hear your justified indignation as I read this post. My question is, what kind of records do you keep? can you prove you paid this? If so, I think you most definately have grounds to get this removed. It sounds to me like the OC/CA who validated this doesn't keep very good records, which tells me it is most definately time for the ol' nutcase letter. But I am green, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I am in the first round of disputing *not mine* as we speak, and am going crazy waiting the 30 days. I anticipate no end to ineptitude after reading the experiences of some of the posters on this board, and I hope that's what I get if debts are validated. The better to arm myself for future disputes. I know this doesnt answer your question or help in any way, but it does give me a chance to introduce myself, and since I have some free time tonight, I am taking the first steps outta lurk-land. nice to meet you, Lisa, and keep plugging away at those nasty creditors. You have my complete confidence that you'll be in the 700's in no time! Caroline