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  1. I have a Crap 1 Card with a 200$ Limit that they wont increase and they wont waive the annual fee, and they wont drop the APR down. I have had the account since June 2003. That is my oldest TL, but I dont think I need it any more, Or Do I. I did have a CO in the past with them. (which is why they wont do anything else) So far I have Cap 1 $200 06/03 Chevron $300 10/03 Chevron $300 01/04 Mortgage $180K opened 9/2004 Amex Blue $3000 open 10/04 B of A $4000 11/04 Discover Plat Gas $6000 11/04 Rhodes Furniture $6000 10/04 Kays $1500 10/04 Union Plus 3000$ 04/04 GM Card $600 10/04 Corvette Card $
  2. If it is financed with HSBC, it will be pretty easy to get (ie Yamaha )
  3. Is there anyway to find out which retailers HSBC issues? ie Rhodes Furniture, Best Buy etc
  4. Oh, I applied and was approved for 2500 at 0% for 6months they pulled EQ
  5. Best Buy Approved $2500 Applied Online - Florida HSBC is their new Name Has anyone applied with Best Buy since HH is doing the finance. It says "By selecting Yes below, you are providing "written instructions" to Household Bank (SB), N.A. under the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing Household Bank (SB), N.A. to obtain information from your personal credit profile and non-credit data from Experian." I thought HH used EQ
  6. Can anyone tell me how to go about removing a CCCS from the CB. Or is it a normal Dispute.
  7. CitiFinancial Pulls EQ I applied with them and got 15K @ 15.9%, I didnt take the loan.
  8. this was on MSN Today - 9 Killer ways to build Credit Get an installment loan To get the best credit score, you need a mix of different credit types including revolving accounts (credit cards, lines of credit) and installment accounts (auto loans, personal loans, mortgages). Once you’ve had and used plastic responsibly for a year or so, consider applying for a small installment loan from your credit union or bank. Keeping the duration short -- no more than a year or two -- will help you build credit while limiting the amount of interest you pay.
  9. I would like to know the same thing, I thought it was a credit boast to take money from one bank, open account at another bank, pay the first bank back in 6mon. Where did i go wrong on thinking this
  10. I have been hearing that lately, thanks for the tip. Did they report at installment or rev
  11. I was approved for a CF Personal Loan and wasnt sure if I should go with it or not. 15K @ 15.99% (said to be there lowest rate) I dont plan on using any of the money, but would this TL hurt, I will pay it off over six months. Any suggestions would be great.
  12. Oh, We closed on our house on 9/27/04, My score was at 678 when the closing took place. Next Up Car Loan
  13. Yesterday I pulled my EQ and my Fico was 751 so i went on a lil Appling Spree Rhodes Furniture HouseHold Bank- $4000 - Equifax American Express Blue - $3,000- Equifax CitiFinancial Loan - 15,000$ @ 15.90 - Equifax GM Household Card - $Pending - EQ Corvette Card - $Pending - Eq HomeDepot- Denied Sony Card HouseHold- Denied- Not enough credit history Sony Card- Pending Lowes- Denied HouseHold Auto- $40,540 @ 9.9% 72mon CitiBank Card- Denied, Fax them copy of report for reconsider American Signature - Denied Experian Never Though I would see a 751 Thanks for all the help, oh my score dropped abo