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  1. Is this a good deal, even with the $100 purchase? 1-888-648-1238 0% on BT's until 5-1-05 or with a $100 purchase and BT (within first 3 mths) get 0% until 8-1-05 no annual fee no bt fee
  2. So had this been put into law yet? Can we ( NYers) get all our inquiries off that easily? How, just dipute and site this new law? Whahooo!
  3. If you had yourself removed as AU with the OC, dispute with CRA as not mine and it should come off.....all mine did.
  4. do you think it is better to just blanket delete after a certain date or pick and choose a bunch? I need to try this on DH's file, thanks!
  5. Interesting........ I can see where they would think that Joe Shmoe could not have written that, but obviously they underestimate the Shmoe Family! I say go for the gusto, follow up and don't let them get away with this crap. On another note, I like the keep it simple approach when contacting CRA's, too much info is too much info. You don't want to show all your cards before you need to....let them hang themselves, then show them you know your rights and the law. They have to investigate a dipute...makes no difference if you know the law and your rights. Bring out the big guns when you need them- after they screw up!
  6. Xanathos- what were you disputing and what reasons or information did you give them? Post your letter.
  7. I say sit tight and wait it out. They cannot dismiss your dispute because it is not unlawful to use a credit repair service (like they think or accused you of). I have gotten the "is your credit repair company charging you too much? Let us help you" letter, but not this one- must have been well written! The FCRA clearly spells out what they have to do and they cannot just arbitrarily make up their own rules. If they do not conduct an investigation sue their pants off
  8. sears card upgraded to sears mastercard then issued a new acct # Yeah, zipping off the goodwill, just checking the before I mail it. thanks
  9. I have a Sears card, transferred to a MC and recently they issued a new number for the acct (they sent the card to the wrong address) so my one 30 late(7-99) shows up on each TL looks like 3 accts with a late each. Eq just "verified" this so how do I get it off???
  10. ok Robert, mabye it is late or mabye my brain is fried, but you lost me!! (it's a little of both actually!) Is 0826 your birthday? If it is, we have the same bday!
  11. HUH??? my dates were just an example lates stay on for 7 yrs so even if they were true, I would still be stuck with them open/closed wouldn't make a difference I think you misunderstood my question....on my CR I have lates listed in quantity with some accts and others listed with dates. I was just wondering if dates weren't listed cause they no longer had the data or something so they would be able to remove more easily. thanks for replying [Edit by IrishEyes on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 @ 07:56 PM]
  12. Just wondering, would it make a difference in how easy it would be to get removed lates listed on CR with actual dates or lates listed in quantity (ie. 3 times 30 days late as opposed to 30 days late: 1/00, 2/00) Does it mean anything or make a difference. My lates were all just "verified" with EQ so I am zipping off some goodwill letters, just wondering how hopeful I should be. Funny thing is most of these lates on EQ are paid as agreed with the other CRA. [Edit by IrishEyes on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 @ 07:44 PM]
  13. She can call the OC and get herself removed, one phone call...done. Then dispute with CRA a month later as not mine...poof! Shouldn't be a problem, mine weren't.
  14. I have a paid colletion from local phone company. I paid it long ago (before I knew better)- paid $175.00 on 3-02 I am having trouble deciding what do do- I have disputed not mine- came off TU only, other 2 verified. I have sent procedures to EQ, getting ready to do EX After that, I can't figure out what the best method is. Nutcase, Knockout or Goodwill How do you decide or just pick one and use them all if needed??
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