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  1. Whyh is it htat Factual Data has stuff listed on the report that are not listed on my three from the Credit Bureaus.. I even disputed those items, listed as NOT REPORTED for the name of the collection agency, and I got no response...
  2. I went to get a loan on a used ATV at my credit union.. THe book value was 4400.00 but they would only give me 3300.00 cause that was what it was worth. The banker told me, I shoudl buy a new one and I wouldnt have to come out of pocket so much.. I decide to tell her which one I am getting to find out what the difference wioll be and she says she cannot tell me until she gets an invoice from a dealer. Why not, who knows.. So anyway, she says she will have to figure how much the ATV is worth which could be less than the MSRP.. How is this possible?? How exactly does this work? JACKAL
  3. Delivery confirmation is the best route to go... The CA does not sign for it, the delivery man just scans it and confirms delivery.. Takes the CA entirely out of the picture.. And we all know, the US Government doesn't lie.. If they say they delivered it, then they delivered it....
  4. A factual was pulled for my mortgage.. And it was different from the ones that I had.. The Mortgage Broker had me bring in copies of reports that showed items were deleted.. And BAM...... 125,000 house
  5. Every judgement I have ever disputed was deleted.. I even disputed a BK onec and it was deleted from TU... Funny how that works
  6. Jackal

    Two Days

    For Grins, I disputed online with experian.. I get the results in two days.. REMAINS
  7. CTI fro Austin, TX, they collect for SWB... On EX they have a last activity date of 12/2003... well thats when it showed up on my report.. I called SWB and the accfoutn is from 1998.. Shouldnt that be listed somewhere on the CR
  8. Am I right in thinking that Medical and Utilities are open ended accounts???
  9. I am not sure about some. But I would definitely dispute the one as duplicate.. Yuo should be able to get that off right away.. Dispute them both as duplicate, and maybe both of them will go away
  10. you can do it.. Just make mention of both accounts in the body of the letter. also reference both accounts at the top of the letter... Or you could send a letter for each account in the same envelope.. done that too.. up to you, but both have worked for me..
  11. Well My EX is the only one that has 100 addresses.. but half of them are wrong.. Can I dispute them or what??
  12. Does an excessive amount of addresses on your credit report hurt your score any at all??
  13. Jackal


    Anyone ever heard of this CA before MED PAC... I cat find it anywhere, and Tu doesnt list addresses.
  14. Hey its gonna be ok... For starters, I dont think that a CA has ever validated anything I have sent them... Most of the time you never get an answer from them at all. Send NCO a DV and if they are calling you, send a C&D along with it. Build a paper trail on them, they will break the law many times over. Keep disputing and eventually you will get it off. If they dont answer, send them another letter giving them less time. If they do not answer that one, send an intent to sue letter.
  15. That confused me to. The "we are not a collection agency." Then why are you trying to collect this debt, and why did you put the mini miranda at the bottom of the letter.......
  16. I sent in a dispute to Experian on the 24TH. I checked the EX website today, and I already had a deletion.... weird...
  17. Thats why I never send disputes to TU CMRR.. They always send out some kind of leter, either the credit repair comapny letter, or the recent inquiry letter listing all of you addresses and phoine numbers for creditors. That proof they got your dispute.
  18. IOt seems to me that in three more months the SOL will be up in either state.... You should be ok then, unless they are going to sue right now....
  19. That same thing happened to me, and EX deleted the account all together. I wrote the OC about it, and the next time I got the report, it read paid, never late. Go figure.
  20. TU always sends this letter. I get one of those letters every time I mail in a dispute. Good thing about that is I dont have to end CMRR to TU, cause this letter states they got my dispute. The results will come later, dont worry.
  21. Ok Ok, Eighteen deletions -all were very old... 5 changes, two were good changes three were bad four remains - dang
  22. I also had a Bk deleted from 1999... IT was listed as 0 assets 0 liability. I simply put "I never filed a zero asset zero liability BK, plaease delete" and TADA... Butm there are still tradelines that state INCLUDED IN BANKRUPTCY Still working on those
  23. Hey, since this got bumped from four months ago... As a matter of fact, it turned out that 27 wasnt too many, I did really well...
  24. Ok, I am so sick of it now... Equifax, disputed an item that was included to bankruptcy. Chnged from open to transferred to recovery..... 18 point drop...... Im giving up.. And why does CW take three days to notify me of a change....
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