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  1. The scores are way off. However it is a good way to track what is on your credit report.
  2. Sears $900.00 JC Penny $0, Blair $60.00, First Premier $100.00, car loan $8,000.00 this is a new loan November 2003. None of these are late ever.
  3. I just took a 12 lesson class called "Credit When Credit is Due" Does anyone have any information on what this will do to my credit score. I am now at the low 600's. I was told by the bank when I went for a loan that my score was not that bad. However they told me NO cause my debt to income is to high. Can't win here. I also want the house. I have 4 credit cards Sears, JC Penny, Blair, First Premier and a car loan. I was told not to close any as these are good trade lines.
  4. I would like to know why I keep getting bounced around from one CA to the other? I have sent out DV letters and they never respond. Today I got a call from another CA looking to settle, however they want $4,100.00 up front for a 13,000.00 outstanding acct. Then monthly payments of $600.00. NO WAY can I come up with that amount of money. This account is not on any of my reports. What should I do? They keep calling me. I don't want this to show back up on my reports. Any advice would be helpful.
  5. Does this look bad on my report if the CA pulls my report? This is the only account that is stopping me from buying a house.
  6. Maine SOL is 6 years??? In that case it will fall off in 2005. However the CA pulled my report without my permission!!! My report says that the Inquiries will stay on my report until 2005. What is the difference between Maine SOL 6 years and CR 7 years?? Which applies to me??
  7. The SOL is in 2006. I am not sure if it was sold or not. The CA is Schreiber & Associates. They have pulled it once that I can tell and on my report it says it will stay on until 2005. I have disputed this account 3 times with one removal on Equifax report. What is estoppel letter. Is that in the list of sample letters??
  8. I sent a DV letter to the CA that holds my account. I also disputed with CRA when I got the green card back. I got my reports back from CRA that say account in dispute however I have not heard anything from CA. I am not sure what to do next. This is the only thing on my report stopping me from getting a house. Also the CA keeps pulling my Credit Reoprt, Can they do this without my permission???????
  9. The verification report I got says "Date sent, Fax #, #of pages, and result.
  10. Midland Credit Management send me a letter with a fax number to fax information to them. So I faxed them a validation letter. Is this ok and if so how does that work? Do they get 30 days from the day you fax it? I did get the transmission verification report.
  11. I have a judgment on my credit report, however I got a letter from the compnay saying "Please dismiss the above matter as the judgment has been satisfied in full". Is this enough to get it removed from my reports? I asked them to have it taken off my reports, but they told me they could not do that. Is this correct? The company did however send this letter to the court. Please help I am not sure how the judgments work.
  12. I do not like the new board. Very confusing. Looking for threads you can not find. I hope they fix it soon