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  1. The law passed but it doesn't go into effect until the end of this year. Bankrate has an article about it.
  2. Same loan application, same broker, 2 Hard inquiries. Shouldn't it count as 1 if it is for the same loan? There was a 3 month lapse since the first report was pulled. It has cost me 3 points putting me just under the 680 mark and now I am required to show 3 months of reserves. I am steamed!!!!!
  3. I hope they try, I'll be getting a few bucks in my countersuit, this is not my account but they have already verified it with the Credit Bureau Once.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate the info. What about in the case of this Debt Buyer being unable to validate?
  5. A brief rundown: My PCR was mixed up with another individual who at one time had the same name as mine, as a result I ended up with a collection account that is not mine, but will not go away. After I disputed this item on my report I get a collection letter from the company who now tells me they bought the debt from the OC,(a mailorder firm who specialized in catalog sales). I send a validation request and receive just the name of the OC and a brief order history with my previous address on it, which could easily have been taken from my credit report as was my current address. Clearly they a
  6. What about in the case of a debt buyer, who purchases an account as a result of the OC going Bankrupt? What happens if the OC can no longer be contacted for validation purposes?
  7. If they sold your car, you should have gotten something in writing after the sale telling you how much it was sold for and how much you owe. After they repoed the car, did you receive any correspondance from them? What state are you in?
  8. Here is a link to the FTC guidelines for determining reporting period: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/buspubs/infopro.htm Good Luck!
  9. Sorry I forgot the link: http://www.columbus-ohbbb.org/bbbcgi/adv_cgi1.exe?SRCHON=3&B1=Submit&SRCHFOR=0065001052
  10. Send a validation/Cease & desist letter Asap Certified mail return recipt. If you wrote a bad check they should send you a copy. Here is a link for The Telecheck business listing from the BBB website. Nothing is preventing you from calling or writing them for information/validation. It sounds like a scam to me and whatever you do don't panic and don't give them any information, if they don't validate they can't do anything to you and don't talk to them if they call, do everything in writing only! Good Luck!
  11. Wow that is odd. In the past when I have been late returning video's they usually charge it to my credit card on file.
  12. When a Bank changes ownership and issues a new account# to an old account can it be reported twice even though it is the very same debt?
  13. They may be willing to work out something with you before the matter gets to court, I think from what I have read if they get a judgement they can garnish your wages. Perhaps you should speak to an attorney to find out what your rights are. Also be sure to file your answer at the courthouse. What that means is your version of the events you can type it up on your computer and bring it down to the courthouse clerk where the case was filed. Do this As soon as possible. Good Luck!
  14. I recently found information about a person's rights as it relates to un-authorized Transfers from your checking account It is under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act Here is the information: Q. How do I stop a preauthorized payment? A. You may stop any preauthorized payment by calling or writing the financial institution, but your order must be received at least three business days before the payment date. Written confirmation of a telephone notice to stop payment may be required. You should also contact the merchant or organization you authorized to debit your account. Q. If the payments I
  15. Hi,A good place to start looking for info would be your State Attorney General, the laws of your State regarding Vehicle Repo and what notices you have to be given before and after a Repo takes place. Good Luck!