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  1. Well still, that helped me a lot.....I would have been lost at the PO and it's very busy so that would have made matters worse. I got it done........$22 for 5 letters. I waited untill now because I remember some folks saying it's good to try a month before holidays........well Christmas is 30 days from now. Unless 30 days is 30 business days????
  2. Thanks everyone..........and thanks Morrow for scanning that!! Off to the PO now..........
  3. When you say attach to the back of the letter, do you mean envelope, or does it have to be inside of the envelope? Anybody care to scan a blank green card and post it? Or send it to me and I'll put it on my server to post?
  4. How do you request a green card at the post office? You just say "I want a green card with this" or what?
  5. I know the worse off your credit situation, the higher your interest on a home loan.....but it seems like the % only goes up to a certain number, I've never heard of a home loan with 17% interest, so............. What is the highest % interest that you could be possibly charged on a home loan? Anyone care to share what their % is and what your score was when you got your home?
  6. The car loan turned out great.....I'm just starting to focus on paying my debt off.
  7. I already have a loan out and I can't take out more then one at a time
  8. Well I have this hardship withdrawal packet here and they say they need a bill......so I don't think I have anyway around that, lol. As far as the debt.....I'm trying to achieve 2 things 1) Pay off the charge-offs so I can qualify for a home loan 2) Force the collectors and creditors to remove the negative items from my report 100% so I can improve my score and qualify for a better interest rate.
  9. Oh, I've learned my lesson with Debt. Cons.....that's why I said I'm not willing to pay that money again. Actually I have charge-offs with the OC's, but I also have collections under different companies but for the same OC account #'s....so it's like I have 4 or 5 OC charge-offs, plus 4 CA's on top of those steming from those OC accounts. I've tried the disputing, that only seemed to make them more aggressive.......but I had one huge negative line deleted. Most of these were charged-off within the last 12-15 months.....and as recent as April. I need a solution that can get me into a home by next July or sooner.....and unfortunantly $250 a month wont get my debt paid off in time.
  10. Really? I was reading my plan and they make it seem as if there is no way to withdraw from the plan, unless you take out a hardship for the reasons I had mentioned. By the way, I'm still in my early 20's so it would not be a big deal for me to restart my 401k a year from now.
  11. Been awhile since I've posted, but I'm still here. My score has gone up a little, but I have yet to get a real updated FICO score. Anyway, I am definantly looking at purchasing a house by next July/August because the crime rate in my area has increased 500% in the last year....that is no exaggeration either. I need to pay my charge-offs ASAP but I don't have the extra $400-500 a month to pay for consolidated debt programs. I am considering withdrawing my 401k.......I haven't been in it long, but have enough to cover my charge-offs......I am aware of the penalties involved, but I need to provide for my family today without bankruptcy. Only problem is, to qualify for a withdrawal from 401k......it has to be for Medical Expenses, Down Payment on a home, or Educational Expenses........is there anyway I can get around this to pay for my debt???? I also read that you can borrow from your Life Insurance....how can you do that?
  12. <blockquote>Originally posted by sisflomi Yes a co-signer would need better credit. Its basically saying, if the person doing the loan don't pay then I will. So they would need at least a bit better than you. </blockquote> How much better do you think?
  13. <blockquote>Originally posted by sisflomi Joe, you might want to look at the Motor Vehicle Installment Act for Texas. It might just have something in there to help you incase things go wrong here. http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/statutes/fi/fi0034800toc.html [Edit by sisflomi on [TIME]1056774065[/TIME]] </blockquote> Thanks Sis......... BTW, since they are trying my wife as a co-signer: Does a co-signer have to have better credit then you in order for it to be approved? and how much better? her scores are around the 575 range.
  14. <blockquote>Originally posted by sjones naah, thats not excessive </blockquote> That's good. I hope that if they can't get me what I want....that they won't try to keep my downpayment......I'm really worried that I'm going to have to get ignorant with somebody !@#$ ......is there anything I can threaten them with?
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