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  1. Hell, put your email addy on the DV letter. I prefer things in letters, they're so busy trying to get YOU, that they tend to mess up alot.
  2. Hey all. I just wanted to know if they hold a large payment for an absurd amount of time when it's your first? I basically transferred the money to my savings accout with them, took it out and then put it in my checking at another bank. Now I'm off to Vegas for a weekend soon and I wanted to pay it off before I went. I know BoA is fine with it, but Patelco has been quite a handful... Thanks for all the help!
  3. It's not the record keeping that they are afraid of... it's complaints to the FTC.
  4. NCO is MedClr. You've got them in a whol ebunch of violations 6 ways fropm Sunday. That whole pay us first submit to your insurance later stuff is crap.
  5. It brings your scores down artificially. It does not properly reflect your credit. It's false reporting and it's done purposefully. regardless if you have crappy credit, ok credit or stellar credit, it's hurting you. FILE YOUR FRIGGIN' COMPLAINTS!!!
  6. Find out the answer to that and report them BOTH to the FTC. Sue them both as well. You've got NOTHING to lose here. Find yourself an attorney ( you won't have to pay them , NCO will do that for you).
  7. Run, do not walk to the FTC. This is a practice that Crap One needs to stop. Go file your complaint to them about it RIGHT NOW. Everyone else here with a Crap One card needs to do the same thing.
  8. get them on as may violations as you can, then sue. They'll delete. If it's only $200, then you're cool.
  9. They're a bunch of idiots. I got them off my reports, but plan on suing in the future. It's not difficult to get them on violations.
  10. Getting as many violations as you can is the best bet. Remember that each FCRA violation is a Deceptive Trade Practices Act violation. Not to mention your state's laws. You'll be over $8000 in no time, considering that merely reporting it as an installment or as a factoring account is 5 violations each-EACH REPORT, EACH MONTH.
  11. This is a great reminder for send ing a LIMITED C&D. Limited C&D makes them send you letters. I've had them make so many mistakes in letters, I can't tell you how great it is... Limited C&D also makes it easier for them to violate it. One call after they've received it, and it's $1000 minimum.
  12. I did neglect to mention the BK laws because in the complaint it would be brought up, most likely in the first sentence. Once NCO is notified, good ol' Michelle Lyons will contact her anyway and she can get some money. But however you choose to handle this, make sure you send your complaints. This'll stick NCO but good...
  13. Sending the letter in an of itself was a violation. Whatever else you do, make sure you report them to the FTC- NOW. Make sure you send your letter CMRRR and check your reports. If they have reported, send the CRA's a dispute letter CMRRR as well. If they verifiy, hire a lawyer and sue the living crap out of them. If they are not reporting, send them an ITS and you can still make some $$$. Either way, they will be out of your life.
  14. You need to nip this in the bud. There had to have been a satisfaction of judgment somewhere. Get the copy that you paid it and get int ouch with someone with some powere in that company. They can rescind the judgement or at least show it as satisfied. Go for the whole deletion, though. They have their money, I wouldn't settle for anything less.
  15. Actually, the violations of the FDCPA would be representing the status of the debt, although they are in violation of the FCRA at the same time. Wonderful, isn't it?
  16. Dive, we're not saying to use it to dodge collectors. A limited C&D forces them to send a letter. That's better in the long run anyway, my best violations were sent by CA's in letters on their own letterhead.
  17. Deceptive Trade Practices Act (any and all FCRA violations are violations of the DTPA) The date that they can report the debt until is: 7 years after the debt went delinquent plus 180 days. If it's past that, they're in violation of the FCRA. The SOL for suing is only from the date of delinquency.
  18. Asset is used to doing business outside of the law. They sue on "debts" that are out of SOL all the time. First of all, if it's over 7 years, then the SOL for reporting might be up (I don't know the exact dates, so I can't say, I'm sure you know). The SOL in your state for suing is up, so collect violation s of them and it they dont' stop trying to collect, sue. If they sue you first, then file a counter suit with the SOL defense then slam them for the FDCPA, FCRA and DTPA violations (not to mention your state's laws). And, oh yeah...DON'T FORGET TO FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS WITH THE FTC, YOUR AG, THEIR AG AND ANYONE ELSE THEY MUST ANSWER TO!!!
  19. Sorry, I just saw that someone else posted this below...
  20. Get copies of all your reports, send CMRRR disputes to the CRA's and build a countersuit. Even if they can't take anything.
  21. I am so happy for you. I'm glad that you did not have to go through this for months and months. I've had a company lie to their AG, and were thoughtful enough to do it on paper... Go out and celebrate. What about the CA? The OC is gonna have them delete as well, right?
  22. They might blacklist you. There's no saying what they'll do. I can persoanlly attest to what I know, and it can get ugly. But if you have it documented, in the end, you'll be fine. Send them a letter CMRRR askign them to delete. Whatever they send you back, if it doesn't say "Deleted", you've got a case. With ID theft running so rampant, they should know that it might not be you and that you might not know about it.
  23. The first thing you need to do is get a tape recorder for your phone. With all the violations you've let go by, you could have had NCO buy you a car and a house. The second thing you need to is get that recording from your parents house and save it. Until you get the recording device, stay off the phone. However, do send the limited C&D DV letter that was suggested earlier, and send it CMRRR. Check your reports, too. NCO is notorious for putting themselves as the OC, among other things. Those could put you even further ahead. Send a dispute letter for the amount to the CRA's. All 3 of them. Via CMRRR. Put a notepad and pen next to the phone along with a camera to take pics of the caller ID for each time they call after they receive the letter. Then after 30 days, send them an ITS (Intent To Sue). I don't know how much this debt is for, but I am sure you have enough on them to make it go away. I'm not sure about the interest issue, but check the original card agreement. The amount seems suspect to me. P.S. Make sure you send a letter outlining all of this to the FTC, no matter what. NCO has them on their back, so anything we can do to put them where CAMCO (do a search)is, the better.