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  1. We had a foreclosure sale happen in 2013. I have found out they filed a cancellation of debit with the IRS against 2014 for amounts that appear to be their fees (not principal loan amount). Is this practice on the up and up? I'm reading the IRS publication on it and it doesn't seem that they needed to file a 1099 for their fees, only the principal amount AND that it should have been filed in 2013. I don't even know where to begin to start googling for this one... TIA
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. So on hubby's cr there were 6 inquires to begin with and yet he was denied by 2or3 creditors for excessive inquires. it wasn't excessive - but it sure was when they got done! heck they hit your CR now just to change light company providers! I will also try to dispute them with dh wasn't there when they were pulled. I appreciate all your input!
  3. Well, even though most of you don't know me I can tell you I knew better than to let my husband go buy his own car without me. Now I am left with a denial due to too many inquires and the EIGHT inquires the dealership pulled the trigger on. Livid doesn't begin to cover it. I have searched the boards but there aren't any recent posts on removing hard inquires for an auto loan. Does anyone have any recommendations as to the route to take? I found a sample letter online, but it seems that EX just never removes anything and EQ is a lost cause since I have to deal with CSC. Hoping for an encouraging post from someone! Kimberly Houston
  4. So I called both of them this morning, neither one was able to find anything in their system for any sort of account with my name. I think its really odd that they both pulled since July 1 and neither showed nothing in their systems. Do I believe them? Heck NO!! :evil: Thoughts anyone? I'm going to contact the CRA's to have the inquiries removed, but still - what a PITA! ~k
  5. Are these guys one in the same? I just got notification that they have inquired on my TU credit report. Midlands permissible purpose says:collection. I can't imagine I have anything in collection. They aren't reporting on my credit yet, I plan on calling them both first thing the morning to put out any old fires they might plan on starting. Just thought it was odd that they both pulled at the same time. Who all do they collect for? I've been going through the posts trying to see if any of them ring a bell and nothing so far
  6. Does anyone know the status of this? Are AU accounts still being factored into scores? I'm about to land on a really good account and was hoping it would bump me up a little ~k
  7. I would like more information on this statement. I've had one loan officer tell me that, while another said its not needed. Really unsure who to believe here. ~k
  8. Ok so the OC is or is not on your CR? Yes, pay the OC do NOT pay the CA. Then hit on the CA for reporting on a debt that they were not paid for and do not own. I've used this technique with success but not without many phone calls and letters.
  9. SOL goes on DOLA. Example if you pay a bill that is 2 years old you reset your SOL to the most last payment.
  10. Library fine? Geez, how lame for that to be reported! I grouped mine into date, the ones with the latest date first. Ones with under a year to go on the 7 year mark I never bothered with
  11. If you are on the brink of CO and you think you can pull out of it I see no reason not to give it to them. If they think you are willing to work with them they will work with you - in most cases. As far as information, I'd get a PO box and give them that. Tell them you do not have a phone and you have no number for them to reach you at and your employer does not allow personal calls at work. Its not a law you have to have a phone number anyways...
  12. Not to mention the really pissed judge for taking up his court for essentially "nothing"...
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