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  1. Here is a site i found, but have not used for adding bills that you pay that does not get reported. http://prbc.com/default.php?
  2. Good morning everyone, Since filing my bk ch7 6/03 dishcarged 9/03. i have purshased a home 5/4/05, gotten best buy card $2,500, circuit city card $2000, home depot card $500, Old Navy $800, Union plus $3500, 1st premier $250 in which i am going to close, orchard bacnk card $300 limit just increase t $500, but may close that one as well once the others i first listed season for about 12 months or so, but will keep very low balances on all just to keep open. i just needed to re-establish since by bk and be ready to refi my mortgage in 2 years.
  3. I wonder i pay collection if they will reconsider? They pulled my TU as well?
  4. how old was your negatives? my one is about 3-6 months old. That's the only negative on my tu report in which is the report they pulled.
  5. Charles Clark is the bomb!!! I closed on my home last thursday thanks to Charles. Been out of bk 1 1/2 years got 80/20 loan. if anyone on here need a mortgage i recomend Charles Clark!!! Thanks, Kay
  6. I have a $129 unpaid collection account. i applied for boa and was denied due to the collection. Could i pay this off and reapply or go through PFB to get a reconsidered?
  7. How can two attorneys not release judgements that were included in my bk? i'm in the process of purchasing a home. title company ran a search and came back with 2 judgements. i told her those were included and discharged in my bk almost 2 years ago. she then says well they won't release them and want their money at closing or they will be attached to your title and i won't be able to refi or sell the home with this. i told her that is not possible b/c the debt was discharged. she said they said b/c the debt was discharged doesn't stop the attorneys from coming after you while it's still in the
  8. both judgements were included in my bk. how would i go about getting those dishcarged through the courts or does it matter? say for instance when i refri i would need these cleared up correct? if they have already been deleted from the bureau's will their be a chance that that may pop back on my reports? The reason i ask is b/c the lady at the title company called the attorneys, they told her they would not satisfy them. i'm afraid of all the work i've done to get them removed they may pop back up. i'm trying to keep my scores high after the purchase of the home as well. i am needing to apply
  9. Good Morning, i have a question about my title search for my mortgage loan. Title company called me on Friday saying they didn't know how to take care of two judgements on me during the title search. I told them that the debt was discharged in my ch7 bk sept03. How am i suppose to go about getting these taken care of for the home i'm trying to purchase. i spoke to my attorney and the courts who said that, they have no reason to check to see if you have any leins or judgements against you on the seller. Well the title company called the two attorneys about these judgements. will that affect any
  10. i had one orchard bank card with a 300 limit. previous balance was 241 i paid it down to 116. then i have a 1st premier that was a 250 limit. previous balance was 220 i paid it down to $95. didn't want to pay them competely off until after the closing. i just got them to rebuild credit since my ch7 back in 03. my scores now are 613, 595, 674 i am needing about about another 30 points to get a better interest rate if that's possible with what i've done. i just made another monthly payment in march for my student loans, so hopefully i will get a good score increase.
  11. Does anybody know if paying down credit cards will increase your scores? trying to boost my scores for a mortgage loan. just want to make sure i'm not going to get a drop in scores. Thanks
  12. I'm sorry about that. i thought about the edit thing after i sent it. The debt now is about 3 or 4 months old charged off on my reports causing my scores to drop. they said the acount was opened in 2000 Could i not ask them for a pay for delete or update as paid never late. Would they go after my mom if i still claimed fraud?
  13. can anyone help on this matter
  14. I sent a letter to oc disputing account saying i never had wireless serive with their company. i indeed did have land line service with the company. The only thing is the phone was for my mother, i didn't live at the address nor pay the bill. Here's what i got back from the oc. could you guys let me know what do to next to get this item removed forr my credit reports. i'm in the middle of trying to get a mortgage or should i just leave it alone? i was just looking for a score increase. sorry this is so long. i am willing to pay if they delete from bureau's Here's the email sent back to me from
  15. will do, as of now it's not reporting on my reports. don't really need it to while i'm in the middle of a mortgage loan.
  16. i will do all of these things, just not certain really of how old the account is. i could go ahead and send them a c&d letter
  17. Thanks fo your advice. they did call again this morning. i will wait 5 days and fax dv and c&d letter. they are not reporting anything as of yet to the bureau's, but i know many people have problems with getting them off once they do report.
  18. Good morning everyone I got a call from allied interstate yesterday, automated machine saying to call their company with no number to call. i went online to get their number. i called 3 different numbers to find out what this was, a lady came to the phone saying this is a bmg music collection for like $50 and some change. i told them i never had an account with BMG. the lady said that this is allied in india. she said fax a letter saying i never had the account with BMG b/c india is far away along with high charges to even call them. i did indeed have an account many years ago, but should i
  19. what if it's already there and you send a dv letter? what happens once the ca send the account back to the oc, do they delete from report or does the oc investigate and maybe sell to another ca?
  20. yes, this is them and here is the address they gave me yesterday: Phoenix, AZ 3600 East University Dr Suite B-1350 Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-379-2260 they said they just sent my account back to alltel due to fraud. they kept saying i had an wireless account with them in which i didn't so they claim they gave it back. how really if the oc sold the account
  21. i gathered this info off another boar. can anyone tell me how to handle this at this point as far as how the ca/oc reporting info:' One thing that strikes me is that any of your "Charge-off" accounts have anything to do with your "debt ratio". If the charge-offs are reported correctly they SHOULD NOT SHOW a 'PAST DUE/CURRENT BALANCE." Okay, on this Alltel account that is reported twice to Transunion. The account is charged off but still showing a past due balance is this not a violation, along with reporting as a cellular account when it is a residential account? if so how would i tackle this
  22. I am trying to deal with them as we speak, but the phone number i have is: 1-800-850-8719, 602-379-2260 Errin Stewart supervisor ext. 1052
  23. Good Morning, Okay i sent dv letter to Nationwide credit who is the ca for Alltel on 3/15/05. they have the account listed as a cellular account in which in fact is not. Will the ca really turn this account back over to Alltel? will they delete from reports although the reports reflect alltel and not the collection agency? if in fact it comes back verified should i go ahead and pay the collection? i'm scared of this bringing my scores down while trying to get a mortgage loan. I just need to know the right thing to do about this account. this is the only negative account i've had to pop up in o
  24. my scores are now 674,595,565 i only have 2 sub-prime cars since my bk ch7 discharge. 1st premier and orchard bank with low limits. 250 and 300 limits. owe 220 on 1 and 241 on the other. just paid 50 on 1 card, but was wondering if i paid another 50 if it would help with score increase and the same with the other card. i had only been paying the min, but want to pay more if i can get a good increase in scores. i await your response. thanks for your help