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  1. I wouldn't have been brave enough to ask for the CLI from GEMB yet for the CareCredit, but I thought I was going to need a root canal. Thankfully I do not need the root canal now, but I have some other dental work looming on the horizon. The CLI took me to $1500 and my Eq fico was 637. Esquire, your scores are looking good - I bet you wouldn't have any trouble getting a CLI from them whenever you want! I tried for a CLI on my $200 Cap One card, but was declined: acct "too new". I didn't have much hope for that one, but what the heck. I need to just wait patiently for my credit steps.
  2. I requested and received a $500 CLI from CareCredit. I did NOT receive a CLI from Target at 3 months. I've only had the card for 4 months, so I'm not too upset about that yet. I hope I get one before the next holiday season.
  3. Bob, The letter sounds good to me... go ahead and send it! I like the tone of it, and I like that you used one you wrote yourself. I sent them a goodwill letter in December and I think they deleted lates from 2 loans on Equifax but left them on another. I haven't checked my reports at the other bureaus yet so I can't tell overall about my results yet. Your lates are very old now so that will help. Mine were from 2007, over 2 years old now. Good luck and let us know if anything comes of it!
  4. Congratulations on a successful settlement! You'll have to give us a few details when you get time, like who made the first offer, and did they accept right away, or counteroffer, etc... That's great that you reached an agreement you're happy with... thanks for sharing!
  5. trueq BrokeBob is right - you can refile taxes from other years. But be sure you use FORM 1040-X to amend your tax returns. It gives you a column to put in numbers the way you filed them before and a column to put them the way they should have been. But do not delay if you'd like to file an amended return for 2007. You can only get a refund for 3 years so the deadline is coming up in 2 months. The 2008 amended return can wait a little longer - till next year. But you might as well file amended returns for both and see if you can get refunds!
  6. When I purchased my TU vantage score, I put in a credit card number to pay for it. It gave me an error message that the charge "could not be processed" on that card and asked if I would like to enter a different card number. So I did - I entered the acct # for a second card. Then I called the 1st credit card company and asked if there was some reason why they couldn't approve the charge, and they said no, the charge came through just fine! I called Trans Union back the next day and asked what is up with the double-charge. They apologized and said they would credit the first card back. This is just a heads up for anyone getting this message when ordering a report/score from TU. It seems that they will "reject" a credit card if the address on the card does not match the address in their system. But then the charge may go through.
  7. How long have you had your other HSBC account? I have an orchard card, and about 7 months after getting it, I applied for a household bank card. hsbc gave me an instant online denial saying that you must wait 18 months before applying for another hsbc card. I have seen people with better scores than mine getting denied with the same reason. This appears to be a new policy that hsbc has started in the last year. I am not sure if another hsbc bank would do the same, but I am staying away from hsbc for now because I do not need another hard inquiry when my app isn't even being considered. Household Bank did a hard inquiry on Equifax just to tell me to wait 18 months.
  8. There is something weird going on with Trans Union's credit score scaling. Here is part of my score history: 10/13/08 605 Exp Vantage - higher than 19.45% of consumers 9/26/09 607 TU Fico - percentile not given 9/28/09 642 Exp Vantage - higher than 27% of consumers 12/4/09 643 TU Vantage - higher than 10% of consumers << ? 1/5/10 637 Eq Fico - higher than 23% of consumers That 10% percentile looks out of whack compared to the others. I wouldn't put much faith in TU's analysis. It looks like they might have revamped their scoring system without changing the percentile calculators to match the scale.
  9. Here's a bankrate article describing where in August 2008 they put scoring for authorized user accounts back in the fico scoring system. This is after they first tried to do away with points for authorized user accounts in July 2008. Fico 08 will score authorized user accounts
  10. FIA is the in-house collections for Bank of America, and they usually get involved a little while before an account charges off. I would start with calling Bank of America at their customer service number. Ask for copies of any bills that you don't have, and ask why the account charged off when there were no late payments that you're aware of. Maybe it's related to the passing of the original cardholder instead of a late. They shouldn't charge off an account until a payment is missed and is not caught up for some time, like 150-180 days.
  11. I'm afraid there may not be a FAST way to get your scores up, but there are many ways to make slow and steady progress. 2 years is plenty of time to make a big difference. You mentioned that you were late on several of your cards. You are probably trying to be fair to them by being equally late on all of them. But I almost think it would be better to pick one card to let go and get current PRONTO on all the others. Even if one ends up being 60 or 90 days late before you can get caught up. And do some major cutbacks on the budget to do what you can to come up with the funds to get current. I'm sorry to hear about how you're having to deal with all those ridiculous fees with the periods of unemployment. Lowering someone's limit to lower than their balance should be illegal.
  12. Asking for their help to delete even some/most of the lates would help. It can't hurt while you're waiting for results to try some of the methods discussed here for improving your scores in general. If you can get rid of a few negative details and add a positive trade line or two, it might make a difference. Some people around here have made drastic improvements to their scores in a very short time.
  13. I have a charged off B of A account that is being handled by Collect Corp. The charge off was in spring 2008. B of A won't even discuss my account with me, and always asks that I work out something with Collect Corp. I called Collect Corp and offered to settle the acct for 15%. The first csr that I spoke with originally offered to submit the 15% offer to B of A for approval. I told them I was unemployed and wanted to make the offer while I had the funds. I do not expect to be able to make another offer for who knows how long, maybe 2 years. She called me back after speaking with some manager who refused to submit it. They counteroffered 25%, and are holding firm at that. -Am I wrong for dealing with Collect Corp as B of A requests, and should I just submit such an offer in writing to B of A directly? -Do the CAs have access to my bank balances without a judgement to see what funds I have available? Thanks for any input or suggestions.
  14. Hi Adalida, glad you stepped out of lurkdom for a bit Disputing used to work well for me also. However this year, only TU sent me a new updated report after some disputes. EQ and EXP sent me the updated tradelines only.
  15. A brief update - I called Experian today and asked about my free report. I explained that I had requested the free one on 9/26/09 and haven't received anything, and then later the website had told me that they had already sent my free one. The CS rep put me on hold to check on it. She came back and said that she saw where I made the request, and then saw where it gave the message that my number of free reports had been exceeded, but she did not see a date where a report had gone out in the last year. She offered to put one in the mail to me today "as a courtesy". (WTF? Getting free reports that we are promised by federal law?) My missing Experian report seems resolved, but it appears to be a trend that the CRAs are not getting out our free reports within 15 days like they are supposed to. I say this because I requested a free Eq report for my mother from her phone on the same date, and it hasn't arrived yet either
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