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  1. Ok husband and i are refi our mortage, We need to pay off three collection accounts in order to refi. Two of these are due to fall off our report in Jan . If we pay them off will they remain on our cr for an additional 7 years. I've pleaded with the mortage company and have explained to them how they are going to fall off in a few more months and that these collections were on our report when we got the orginal mortage with them last year. But they donot seem to care. I know that we could wait until Jan 2005 and refi but dh wants to do it now as the rates are on the up swing. Our current rate is 7.75 % but its an adjustable and the 1st adjustment is for jan 2005. The refi will be at 5.65 for 30 yrs

  2. Ok what shall she do --she called the phone number and was told that the company collects for timeshare accounts that are behind. The rep that she spoke to said they are no longer handling the account that she need to call the following timeshare resort she was given the name of the resort and also the phone number. She asked the rep if the trade line could be removed and the rep said no. My friend has looked back in her records and she has no info on this collection agency no letter no nothing.

    She called her loan officer back and they said it either needs to be paid or no loan. She is running out of time here. the amount is 6300.00

  3. Ok a friend of mine is getting a mortage her loan officer said she was pre approved but she needs to pay off two collection accounts. The one is suppose to fall off in Oct of 2004 its for 150.00 and the other is suppose to fall off jan 2005 --If she pays these off will it start the 7 years all over again. Both oc have long been gone from her report. The sol have expired and she even called the underwriter and send him info on the sol but he said nope they need to be paid. She is refin here home to a fixed rate. Her score are 674-631-573

  4. Ok i'm helping a friend she has a collection listed on her report it says concord --we've never heard of them it just now appeared on her report as of 2 weeks ago it was not there. We did find a phone number which we called but they are closed until monday 480-9987585. They have a trade line for 6300.00 anyone ever heard of them?

  5. Ok I'm getting really upset here. Husband's score are in the 600's at all 3 burea's and he still cannot get a credit card --onhis report is our current

    mortage since 12/03 , carloan since 5/04 and some closed accounts paid in full never late from the late 1990's. And 1 chapter 13 bk from 1999.no collectons or judgements....He tried for a mastercard and home depot.

    both cards were denied. the reasons listed were

    1. serious delinquency and or public record

    2. balances to credit limits to high on revolving or other revoling accounts

    3. lack of recent accounts

    I under stand that number 1 is because of the bk but what about 2 and 3 there are 2 recent accounts and number 2 we donot have any revloing credit. I'm really pissed off as a family member did a chpt 7 about 2 months ago and since their bk they have brought a car at 9% interest and have 4 brand new cards --and here we are with a chpt 13 all of the creditors were paid back something and we cannot even get a credit card

  6. Roundup: Cross Country Bank;

    POSTED: 5:50 pm EDT July 5, 2004

    A Wilmington, Del., credit card company has been ordered to pay tens of thousands to consumers.

    A supreme court justice in New York has ordered Cross Country Bank to pay millions to New York consumers and to stop its false advertising and deceptive business practices.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Pennsylvania attorney general Jerry Pappert filed a suit accusing Cross Country Bank of the same thing.

    Pappert said the credit-card company targeted people with less than perfect credit, then hit them with undisclosed fees and then harassed them when they didn't pay.

    The company has told NBC 10 that, "several Attorneys General across the country have been working together... in an effort to destroy our reputation without any regard for the facts."


  7. ok th ecredit report that she has is what the loan officer pulled they gave her a copy of it. And she showed it to me this is what is listed

    Phildelphia docket 98xxxx

    file date 7/98

    status date 4/99

    chpt 13 dismissed

    source Tu

    ecoa I

    account J

    Phildelphia docket 99xxxx

    file date 7/99

    status date 05/00

    dismissed chpt13

    source tu

    ecoa I

    account j

    Us bkpt ct pa phila

    docket 98xxx

    file date 7/98

    status date 3-99

    dismissed chpt 13

    source xp

    ecoa i

    account j

    then the next 6 entiries

    read like this

    member docket number 99xxxx/98xxxx/96xxxxx

    dsp 5/00

    file date 7/99

    ver 7/02

    chpt 13 dismissed and they all have the scource as ef

    These are no account that were included in fact all the account that were included in the chpt 13 have fallen off the credit reports.

  8. Posting for a friend her and her husband filed bk chpt 13 three times all three time the bk's were dismissed they were filed in 96,98,99 she showed me a credit report that was pulled for her by a friend that is in the mortage buiness, the report shows the following and its confusing to us -it looks as if they have 11 bk not 3..

    Will the lender look and see that its only 3 and not 11 ?

    There were all dismissed within a few months of filling one becasue of a bad lawyer and the other two times they came into money and asked the tustee to to dismissed as tey had made payment arrangements with their creditors. Also how long do dismissed bk say on 10 year or 7 and is it from the date filed or the date dismissed.

  9. Ok i got a equfax report last month and filed a dispute and just got a updated report and found another mistake that was also on the report from last month but for some reason i didnot see it.

    This is what it says

    Providian date opened 3/99

    date of last activity 5/99

    date of last payment 4/2004

    I never paid them in april of 2004--The last payment they recieved from us was probably in 1999 or 98. What shall i do..

    Also in looking at this updated report i see that there is a entry from Sherman Acq. for the same account, who is sherman acq and why are they listing this tradeline?

  10. husband and i filed a chpt 13 (93)which was dismissed(93) and it is still on all of our reports it will age off next year. Its funny becasue all of the credit accounts that were included in the bk have fallen off right now he has a open account for ford motor credit and our mortage account, which are paid on time never late and to this day he cannot open a visa or master card becasue of the bk. Yet we had friends that filed a chpt 7 10 months ago and they have 4 credit cards and 3 open lines of creidt since they were discharged.

  11. Oh my god i cannot believe this and if i was not there I would think my friend was lying to me --She won a lawsuit she recieved about 1 millon dollars--I took her today to a bank in our area so that she could open a checking account and some other account to place the money in until she can talk to a finincal planner--they deined her because of something on check systems..The bank told her that another bank was reporting her --so she called that bank and here they turned her into check systems becasue she had a returned check 5 years ago but the check was paid as soon as she found out about it and it was not done on purpose...

  12. Ok back in 98 husband and i filed a bk chpt 13 and it was dismissed about 6 months later. To this day we are still getting denied when we apply for a credit card. So far my husband has qualified for a mortage and a car loan

    the mortage is about 6 months old and the car is about 3 months old.

    we tired to apply for a ge capital card but got deined for the following reason listed on his denial letter

    1. bankruptcy

    2. lack of recent bank revoling information

    3. lack of recent revoling account information

    Now on my credit i only have the join car loan -Im not on the mortage.

    the reason on my denial letter is

    1. bk

    2. time since adverese public record or collection

    3. age of oldest account

    Now i requested a copy of our credit report --this credit card pulls Equifax

    so we shall see what they have on the reports when we get them

    but my major question is it seems as if the #1 item is the bk --why would this give us a problem it was done in 98 and dismissed in 98 --and all of the account that we had place in the bk were paid in full by us after the bk was dismissed. In fact the account that we were behind on have that made us file the bk have been off of our reports since 2001...

  13. Ok my step son lived with us for about 5 months last year then we kicked him out as he stole from us. Well we have been getting collection agencies calling for him, When they call we call back becasue we donot know if the call is for him or my husband and we tell them that he no longer lives with us and to remove our number , they tell us that they cannot remove our phone number as we are not on his accounts and he needs to call them to tell them that, they then ask if we know where he is we tell them that he is the navy at basic training and we give them a phone number and address for him only to be told that they cannot call him becasue he is inthe military and he is considered a protected class.

    We are getting two -four phone calls a day Any idea what we can do?

  14. Credit report from Equifax dated 1-10-04

    Collection reported 4-2003

    Assigned 12-2000 to america's recovery network

    client K-mart amount 51.00 paid balance zero date of last activity 3-1999

    Today i get a watch alert from Equifax so i jumped on line to see it it now reads

    america's recovery

    date reported 3-2004

    date assigned 3-99

    balance zero

    client kmart

    balance date 3-2004

    status date paid 3-2004

    What should i do send them the old report and tell them to remove it.

  15. :x Well today i tired to get a copy of my file on line but was denied i guess i didnot answer one o f the question right so i called the number and spoke to a service rep...

    Me. i was denied online access to my report

    them.yes you answered a question wrong

    Me. which question was it

    them. Cannot tell you but we can try it again hold one please

    me ok

    them. can you please answer the following yor address, ss# date of birth

    Me answered them all right

    them -according to your credit report you opened a car loan in 1980 can you remember the company this is with?

    Me no i cannot

    them ok well can you answer this question in 1990 you had another car loan can you remember who with

    Me yes Ford Motor credit and Gmac

    Them ok can you remember what the payments were with Ford and Gmac

    Me no icannot --can you remember your debit payments from 10 years ago.

    Them well im sorry to say that im not able to release your credit file to you on line as i have been unable to verfiy your indenty.

    Me--well how can i get a copy of my report

    them--call the 800# and answer the questions and one will be sent to you

    Me --do you relize that all they ask for on the phone is your addy, name

    and were you recenlty denied credit and if so by whom and ss#

    Them --yes

    Me well you know lady 6 months ago i did that and i told the automated machine all of that but i made up a name of a company was not diend credit back then and i was sent a report--talk about identity theft anyone can get a report if you know the person ss # and addy you may want to think of a way that people cannot dothat...

    I had so much fun saying that to her she just studder the rest of the time i had her onthe phone...

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