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  1. Husband tried to get a 2nd cell phone ad to our account but was unable to he got the denial letter today and it said that the compnay had pulled his credit report from RISKWISE L.L.C . Is the above a new company?
  2. Doc --he wouldlove to get a card but he keeps getting deined. He even tried for a secured card and was turn down in sufficent credit hostroy.. Any ideas --should he wait a few months for the mortage to hit the reports?
  3. OK Friends of mine filled bk chpt 13 in 96. it was dismissed in 6-98 then they refiled in oct of 99 another chpt 13 which was dismissed in 2000. According to their cr from transunion the bk from 96 has been removed. They tried to get the bk removed from ex, eq both cra sent them a letter that the bk would remain on their file for 10 years...Since it was dismissed and not discharged. Amy is very upset over this she feels as if they are being picked on. When they apply for the credit and get deined it the letter usually mentions the bk as the main factor.. They didnot want to file bk but they were forced in 96 they losed their house due to arson and they both lost their jobs, in 98 they asked for it to be dismissed they won a large settlement due to the arson fire and paid off all their creditors. Since then they have paid for most things in cash and they live in an appartment, they now want to get a house and some credit cards. The 2 nd bk filling was due to large medical bills they were in a very very bad accident and lost 3 of their children amy spend close to 6 months inthe hospital and she still seeks treatment today for her injures, Again settlement was gotten and they asked for the bk to be dismissed.
  4. Helping a friend of mine While going thur some of her stuff she came across the following paper fromthe court house its say Praceipe to vacate judgement..Kindly vacate ths judgement that was entered on xxxx against xxx xxxx in the amount of xxxx the defendant claimed chpt 13 bankruptcuy on 7/1/1999. The judgement is on all of her credit reports and it reads satified. She never paid this judgement. Can she use the letter to get it removed from all 3 credit reports.
  5. My husband does not have any credit cards at all. Everything on his report is closed. We are waiting for our mortage to hit the cr maybe that will help. He only wants to get one credit card, but doesnot want a secured one.
  6. Husband just got a denial letter in the mail It states the factors for the denial are 1. Lack of recent bank revolving information 2. Lack of recent revolving account info. 3. to many inquires --now he has about 20 inquires becasue of mortage shopping before we hook up with Charles we went to a lot of places.
  7. I say my friend is right and her huband is wrong. There mortage is due the 1st of each month, late fee after the 15th of each month. He tells her that they have until the 15th to pay and its not consered late if he choses to pay them on the 15th. She is trying to clean up her cr and the mortage company is reporting a few lates onthe mortages...Im sad to say that she has no control over the money he works and she doesnot , she wants to clean up her report becaue she wants to leave him but she willnot leave him until she can afford to, when they got the house she was co signed but had to stop working after their child was born a few years ago.And since then her life has gone downhill.
  8. My phone rang at 730 am today --It was C. Turner calling from Dupont law offices at 614-493-2297--message was left that when like this --my assoicates and i have left several message for either Lisa or Stephen XXXX to return the call , since these messages have gone unanswered, Im calling again today to find out if this is a valid number for Mr and Mrs XXXX, Please let us know if this number is valid by calling me at 614-493-2297 Im sorry that i cannot leave a more detalied message but it is against company policy to do so. If we donot hear back from you within 48 hours we will assume that this is a valid number and that you have chosen to ingore us. Anyone know them, how do i find out more info onthem? So far nothing is on either Cr and we have not gotten anything written fromthem.
  9. Ok i have a collection letter from the above Ca-Back in 2002 they had written to me and Dh. At that time i did a dv and got back a copy of the written contract that we had signed in 8-26-96. After that nothing came from them until today. Another collection letter fromthem...Im in Pa and the sol is 6 years for a written contract. I was thinking of writing the following letter to them Dear Berks Credit and Collection Inc, Thank you very much for your recent letter copy enclosed. This letter is to let you know that the status of limitation has passed on this account and there fore the settlement that you have offered us is null and void. Sincerely Should i add anything?
  10. Ok --I've made up my mind that i would like to go into the mortgage business maybe as a broker or banker. Charles, Bruce, willy any info where do i get started. What i wouldlike to do is to conitune to stay home with my kids if possbile and work from home.
  11. Lady what are the rules for Pa to do the a&s correclty ?
  12. OkI have a paid collection on my Tu report --back in aug of 2002 i had written a letter to the collection agency to see if they would remove the trade line since it was paid. I sent the letter cmrrr. Everthing came back to me fromthe post office on the front of the enveolpe was a sticker that said return to sender unable to forward or deliver as addressed. I sent a letter to Tu along with a copy of the letter to the Ca and also a copy of the front and back of the envelope and the cmrrr info to prove to them that it was not delivered. this letter was mailed to them cmrrr last dec 2002. So far it is still on my report. My questions are 1. Since it has been over a year what shall i do? 2. demand remove 3. nut case letter The address that i had was inthe next town over from my town so i did several drive by's and the agancy is nolonger there.
  13. as of june 2003 i had 25 postive accounts on tu as of Dec 2003 just 2postive Exerian june 2003 7 postive no negatrive 6 postives 5 negs
  14. My experian report has some postive trade lines not a lot experian has 5 negative items which are 3 oc reporting negative and 2 collection accounts and 1 public record and 6 postive accounts..why do you ask?
  15. Yes As i posted earlier this month Charles has help my husband and I also. He did this when every other mortage person told us we were hopeless and they were no programs for us...Like you we will use him again and i will also refer people to him.
  16. Ok i got a online cr from Tu on friday. And i'm floored, On 6-23-03 I had 25 postive old tradelines that were postive and closed. And some collections and 2 public records score was 695 As of 12-23-03 my tu report now has 2 postive accounts--2 public records 5 collections of which two are piad and 5 oc reporting late pays/collection.. score 480 I called them today to find out what happened i was told all my postives were removed becasue they were older then 10 years old and that i would have to start all over again. I tried to apply today for creidt and was denied the main reason was too many recent requests for creidt and to feww trade lines. What can i do --Im just so depressed now what happens if the other 2 ex, eq delete my postive tradelines?
  17. life

    Sterling Inc

    maybe i have no idea had an account with them years ago
  18. life

    Sterling Inc

    Anyone heard of them --they appear on my tu. report as of 12/20/03 . I've had 3 messages on my macnhine to call a 1-800- number and that's it but likethe rest of us i ingnore them...Is Sterling a collection agency? Nothing from them yet inthe mail.
  19. contaqct charles --he is really busy but he will be able to help you. he was able to help my husband and I and he also has a plan for us in a few years. We have a adjustable rate and he is planning on us refin in 2 years hopefully at this time i can get on the loan , as my husband is the only one in it..If i ever get to utah i would like to meet charles inperson. We shopped around but noone could help us.
  20. Ok I've been doing this for a while but cannot seem to get any thing removed --I started in oct 2000 --I donot have my score handy for that time period but my score today for Tu is 481. I have 2 postive accounts, 2 public records,5 collections account of which 2 are paid off and then 5 oc reporting. I know i had more postive inof on there but i have no idea where it went to? I'm getting really tired of of the fight. Experian is ok --and i'm waiting for a copy of equifax.
  21. could not get a creditcard neither could my husband --its funny cannot get a card but he got a mortage.
  22. life


    Anyone heard of them --got a collection notice inthe mail today for a verzion bill (phone co) for 30.14 --This was for a phone that i had a while ago but i thought it was paid. I guess i will send a Dv letter to them. They have a address of gcsi po box 64480 st paul Mn.
  23. Whoooooooo I jumped on line to find a email that said to check my experian credit report thu Credit expert and guess what my score INCREASED by 31 points. I had a judgment on there for the longest while well it is not there anymore...So i'm up to 620 on my score --when i started out on this almost 3 years ago my experian score was 300. I still have a lot to do on all 3 reports but i'm getting there. WHOOOOOOO --I'm taking the night off and going to have a beer and wings at the local bar.
  24. Ok on my husband's tu creidt report --he has approx 25 inquires since 5/21/02 about 15 of them since july when we started to apply for a mortgage. My question is a few of the comanies that we went to pull his creidt report twice --on place has it listed like this csc mort via noca star/1st source --one as a particappant and then again as a invidual. We did get a mortage but we decide to only have his name on the mortage as my income and score are not up to par yet. Should i tried and get the duplicaete off --i donot understand why they needed to run it again ... See below take directly from credit report FAC/REP MTG Via:LONG BEACH MORTGAGE Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Individual 11/24/2003 CREDIT BUR ASSOC FILES Via:AMERICAN MORTGAGE IN Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Individual 11/19/2003 CSC MORTGAGE SERVICES Via:NOVASTAR\FIRST SOURC Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Participant 11/06/2003 CSC MORTGAGE SERVICES Via:NOVASTAR\FIRST SOURC Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Individual 11/06/2003 CREDIT BUR ASSOC FILES Via:AMERICAN MORTGAGE IN Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Joint 11/05/2003 INFO 1 Via:INTERCOUNTY MORTGAGE Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Participant 10/29/2003 CONSOLIDATED INFOR SRVC Via:KEENGAN MORTGAGE COR Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Joint 10/29/2003 CSC MORTGAGE SERVICES Via:NOVASTAR\EMMCO, LLC. Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Participant 10/07/2003 FAC/RELS REPORTING SERV Via:WF HOME MTG-8091 WYO Permissible Purpose = CREDIT TRANSACTION Authorized 07/28/2003 CBC COMPANIES Via:227 FOX MORTGAGE COR Permissible Purpose Factor 1: TOO MANY INQUIRIES EXCESSIVE INQUIRIES ON THE CREDIT REPORT HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE. LIMITING THE NUMBER OF CREDIT APPLICATIONS YOU COMPLETE MAY IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE.
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