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  1. Contact Charles --he is in charge of the mortage posts , he not in Il but i'm sure he canhelp you
  2. Settlement is over and we are now homeowner thank you charles. Now i'm off to finish our credit repair.
  3. Ok a few weeks ago i had to visit our local court house to get some paperwork --when i was getting the paperwork that i needed --i found a paper that said praecipte to vacate judgement. To the prothonotary kindly vacate the judegment which was entered on 8-3-99 against xxxxx and xxxx defendents in the amount of 107,118.88 relative tot he above matter. it is signed and the plaintiff's attorney and dated 8-18-99 Now the judgement is on my husband's equifax report as satisifed it reads filed 5-2000 satisfied date 10/00 satisifed. Now the judgement is on all 3 trasnuion, equfiax and experian report for me and it is listed as non paid Any idea what to do for my reports--
  4. life

    Letter help

    Ok we need to write a letter explaining why we got behind in our payments and how our life is better . My husband has a few lates and we need to write a letter to our mortgage person explaining all of this. We also have to explain our foreclouser on our old home that happened in 2000. The foreclouser is satisfied. We were able to get Emc to remove the entry and they fax us the letter that it has been removed, all id di was tell them if it was not removed we would sue, the person said ok sue, so i had my friend that is a paralegal call them assoon as she called them within 10 mins we had a fax stating that they screwed up and to remove all entries from all crs. Well getting back to thisletter what shall i put in it. Im not that good at writing letters.
  5. This is the person that i'm using i have no idea if they are licned in Nj but give them a call keegan mortgage corp 215-885-5311 or 18888385626 ask for Steve.
  6. forgot to metuion it also says date of last activity 2-98 so i guess they are reporting this right . I finally got in touch with a supervisor and he is going to mail me the paperwork that they have. He did tell me that they woud take a settlement. He told me to make an offere to him i told him i needed totalk with my husband --My husand and i talked last night and we need to get this mortage so that we can buy this house i donot want to move as my kids are settled into school and one of our children has some problems with school adhd and they are helping us with this and the other schools around this area require kids to be medicated and we donot belive in medicateion whenthere are other methods... What type of a settlement would you offer?
  7. Ok back in 2000 is tarted to repair my credit report and my husband's report. My husband had a tu fico score of 350 ex fico score of 450 eq fico score of 550 Today Tu fico 500 ex 620 eq 650 Me on the other still working on my reports and score Experian score is 605 was 350 tu and eq they change on a daily basis---anywhere between 550-599 I get on thing deleted and some else pops up.....My goal is to have mine all settled by the end of the year...
  8. life

    Help ASAP

    oK I will be real quick here. We are renting a home and the owners want to sell it, they have offered it to us 1st. We nned to be approved by Nov17th for a mortage. Im working with a compnay right now but we seem to have run into a roadblock. I willnot be onthe mortage (will explin that one later) but my husband has a middle score of 620 but onhis report is a entry from Emc mortage that read like this date open 12-93 balance 5956 past due 57 schdled paymnts $1.00....I spend ALL day on the phone with emc as we cannot remeber a loan back in 93 with emc. Emc told me that they got the loan in 12-97 from household reality corp, they gave me a address and phone number called household phone number is a non working number--I then drove by the address that they gave me as it was the next town over no household there its a police dept. I called emc back to make sure i had all the right info and they told me my info was right. When i did that they told me it was for a mortage and they got it in 97 but they couldnot tell me what property it was for or when the last payment was made they did tell me that it was a loss write off. I called my mortage person back and he told me it has to be fixed or paid off before we can move forward for a mortage. Now my husband is in a battle with the mortage person over this my husband's take is they have already got paid by their insurnace company so why should we have to pay it just to clear it plus we have no idea if it is my husband's debt. We did have a house in 93 but we brought our house in Oct of 93 for 89,000 and we cannot remeber getting another mortage 2 months later. Plus we think the sol has expired on this ... My husnand told the mortage guy that the sol has passed on this and that they cannot come after us , but it seems as if noone wants to hear that all we hear is its on your report. any idea please help.
  9. Well i had to take a break from all of this. I need to read everything on the site and see what is happening. I still need to clean up some more of our reports but we are getting there. Im waiting for new one to come in the mail. Money is tight right now so i cannot sign up for the credit montiroing that they offer...I will be posting by the end of the week...
  10. Well the person that did this is in jail --Let me see if i can dig up the other articles. Two of my friends are invloed they both traded in cars and theliens were not paid off like they were suppose to be. Bot of them are fighting with collections calls and the negative entires on their reports. The district attoreny office has 20 people fromhis office working on this so hopefully something can be done.
  11. This is interesting this is what is happening in my area --and the local district attorney and some sentors are trying tohelp just thought i would post this link http://www.pottsmerc.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10350548&BRD=1674&PAG=461&dept_id=18041&rfi=6
  12. Ok i'm back to square one --my husband and i need to get a mortage so that we can buy our house from the investors that own it. In talking with 3 different lenders we cannot seem to get a mortgage. I'm told from all three lenders that there are programs out there that we qualify for but they will not go any further in the process becasue of the following problems...in this order 1. collection accounts all must be paid off -not all the collection account are ours 2. Judgement for a foreclouser --althought oc is not on credit report the judgemetn is 3. no current credit on credit reports 4. 3 chpt 13 all dismissed we filed and then decided not to go thu with them. I was told to pay off all collection account --althougt some of them are not ours and we have disputes lists. I was alos told that we need to ave current credit --a few years ago my husband and i got into a big mess and we cut up and closed our creidt cards while we were in bk and we said that we would never use them again. WE have paid our investor on time -and we have never been late or missed a payment with the following bills. cable, phone, cell phones, electirc and gas, water, sewer, trash, taxes, car insurance, interent provider, vet bills, dr bills, etc....Why should we need to get a credit card? My husband is dead set against getting one. When we buy something we pay cash for it or we simple donot buy it. We buy used cars and pay cash for them. Any idea what we can do? or Who to go to for help. We have until Septemember 31st or they will place the house up for sale. I really donot want to move as we have fixed up this home and we really love it here. We cannot go to family for help my husband's mom is on a fixed income as is my dad....
  13. oK about a year or so ago i got a notice from them sent them a dv and have not heard from them again..They we trying to collect on behalf of household/orchard bank...Oc has the account listed as a negative on my reports working on a letter to send them today.
  14. oK about a year or so ago i got a notice from them sent them a dv and have not heard from them again..They we trying to collect on behalf of household/orchard bank...Oc has the account listed as a negative on my reports working on a letter to send them today.
  15. Ok i'm trying to get back into the swing of things and i have this question..On my husband report there is a entery for a account that he had it reads as follows--1st union updated 8-96 opened8-95 closed 8-96 1 time 30 days late status unrated all this info is on all 3 credit report from last month but they did not appear on this month credit reports then on this account we have a collection entry that reads Berk cc placed for collections updated 2/2002 closed 1-2002 collect account oc first uinion Now my question is should i write to the collection agency that the sol are up and bug off i just got a 3rd letter from then today offereing a settlement..If i'm right the collection account should fallof 8-2003 and the orginal creditor entry is not on any of the current credit reports they fell off last month
  16. life

    I m Back

    just to let you all know i'm backi needed to take a break....I will be getting updated creditreports this weekend and i will let you allknow what has happened. Thanks to Thomas Goodrich i've been in touch with someone that works for a mortage comapny that may be able to help us.... :upsidown:
  17. I've been doing good --I got the info from the bank and i have no idea how to read it...appears to be a lot of add on bank charges....I've got to get this cleared up so that i can open a checking account at a new bank.
  18. Its a checking account --Im still waiting to get the info from the bank.
  19. Is there a sol on bank accounts? Will share the problem as soon as i get my info ...
  20. Well I'm bummed out ---wanted to let you all know that I've been using credit expert and then i would cancel the service then re-entry for another 30 days free been doing that for 6 months--Well yesterday i logged on and was denied so i called them i told them i was try to sign up for their free 30 days and they said that i had a free 30 days allready and that i had to pay the 79.99 if i wanted to contine--- so i guess i will go back to getting my reports from the mail as i dont have the money right now.
  21. Ok have a new problem One of my husband's benefits is that we can go to a credit union to due our banking --He has had an account there for a while --We still have a joint account at our old bank (but i'm getting ready to closed the account as their fee's and balance requiremts are going up) well today i went to the credit union with him to get added onto his checking account and saving account as i'm th eone that takes care of our bills, We were told that i couldnot be added onto the checking account becasue another bank called wsfs has a negative comment on me in some type of report, but i could be added to the saving account. The lady was nice enough to give me the phone number of the said bank and also the number to the report placed called check something. I called check something and i'm waiting for them to issuse me a report which will take 10-15 days to get. In th e mean time i called this bank and was able to find out that i had an account there about 2 years ago for a short time less then 2 months and i had closed out the account but after i closed out the account they were debit charges that came thought and that i supposly have a outstanding balance with them of over 500.00 which the lady told me needs to be paid with the next 7 days. Or they will have me arrested...I told her i will not pay until i get a valadiation and account history from them she said she will get one out to me within 72 hours// This is not on my credit reports but could they place it on my report ? And what should i do i donot think i should have to pay this balance as my account was closed and it was done in writing. /
  22. life

    Combs site

    Whoe ever posted the link to Combs site thank you very much... I will be email or calling him later today between my husband;s report and mine we have about 5 entry on our reports and he is looking for info on.....Has anyone onhere used him yet and if so what has happened?
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