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  1. how can i sue them --i have no idea where they are ---
  2. I think its time again to visit the court house . Im thinking of suing Transunion. There is a paid collection my report that i've disputed for many many months and it come back verfied. But i've send a valadaiton letter to the collection agency and the letter came back as undeliveralbe un able to forward the address i'm using was provided to me by T.u. I've written to Tu several times that i'm unable to get any info from the collection agency as my letters keep coming back to me i've even sent a copy of the enevolpe to tu where the post office has the stamp unablive to forward along with a notirzed letter fromthe post office stating that it is undelveralbe... So i think i'm going to sue Tu what do you all think/
  3. Hey thank you ---Will look at that link and the letters and see if they will work for me --I have several (3) paid collection on my one report and i would like to get them deleted.
  4. where can i find it ?
  5. Ok well now we have a new wrinkle on all 3 credit reports --Its for a collection account for 12,000 brand new on report tonight...According to credit expert which is Experian it is to remain on Credit report until 8/2003 -Last date of activity is 8-96 --on the other two credit report it also lists the date of last activity as 8-1996 --- What are my chances of disputing with the credit bureau's and getting a deletion.. Im afaid of doing a valadtion and opening a can of worms if you know what i mean....
  6. Anyone know of any brokers in Pa that will work with us?
  7. Ok i'm really really upset over this. And i'm ready to throw in the towel for good. Back in 2001 i had a collection account on my report it was from Kmart ---i called the collection agency (mrb-americheck national recovery) and i paid it it was returned check. As soon as they good the payment they removed it frommy report...Now the problem is it is back on my report as a paid collection under another collection agency called americarecov. I called them today and asked why it was there that it was paid the lady said yes it has been paid and it will remain for 7 years as it is part of your credit history, I told her that i have a letter from the 1st collection agency saying that it would be removed she said well that is them we are not them --She told me that they own the other collection an it is no longer in buisness and they they now own the collection account... She told me that the letter fromthem doesnot mean any thing.. I've disputed with T.u and they come back as verified. I had a excellent fico score with Tu of 650 on friday and today it back to 550 .... I'm trying to get a mortgage and the places around here use all 3 reports but they base their deicssions on more then the other 2....What can i do... I need to get a mortgage by march 15 or i will have to look for other housing as our investor is puttting the house onthe market and we will need to leave when it is sold and the way that houses are selling around here it will go fast..... I've talked with the broker and he told me that it needs to disappear from the report.....
  8. but we are current with the charges in this house we've been in this house since July 1 2000 and we have been current on those charges. But since they combined the two houses it looks as if we are behind...
  9. When we moved aprrox 2 years ago we had a electric bill at our old house that was over 7,000. I called and told the elecrtic compnay that our house was going into foreclosuer and sheffi sale and that after June 2000 we would no longer be living in it. and that we wanted the service shut off ...She said fine a few days later i called them back and told them i wanted service at a new location and i gave them all the info in regards to the new location servcie was turned on at the new location and when i got our 1st bill all the charges from the old house were on there. just a new account number, we then fied for a chpt 13 and the account number was changed becasue it went to a new dept, when we filed bk we were told by the trustess and our lawyer to pay the current bill and donot owrry about the old charges. Well after we filed the bk about 7 months later we decided to get the bk dismissed so we did that, about 3 billing cycles later we had another new account number with the old charges back on it. My current problem now is that they the electric company want to shut us off becasue of the amount that we are behind --I called the puc and filed a complaint and the puc ruling is i need top pay 800 by 3/6 and then a monthly amount until the bill is paid in fill. I tired to tell them that the past due amout is from another address. And that i'm current for this address. But the puc didnot seem to care anyone know any thing that i can do. Unfortunatly i donot have any of my old bills as we had to put some items in storgae when we moved and the storeage unit was destored in a fire...
  10. we've disputed not mine -got verified The problemis they want to know what the correct info should be. I'm not going to tell them they should findthat out.
  11. Ok all back in Dec i had written to Experian in regards to some items that were on my husband's report. He has two bk's on his report that we are trying to get off as the informations is incorrect. I sent them a letter stating the info was incorrect. I got a response back from them that stated they couldnot investigate becasue we didnot tell them specifically why the info was inaccurate....it also states the items we were unable to verfiy and they list the bk's . what is my next step?
  12. my husand experian 602 as of aug 2003 cannot get a score now on credit watch reason was told that his record has not been updated by any creditors equifax say there is no credit file for him Tu 1-2002 fako 440 Tu 2-2003 fako 550 fico 555
  13. My credit reports Tu in sept of 2001 ... fako 489 fico unknw Tu now 2-2003 fako 550 fico 575 Experian sept 2001 500 fico feb 2003 622 Exquifax 10-2002 539 02-2003 523 drop now idea why
  14. yes i have one hold on --Be very care ful with these people...fax 240-386-3111 1`-800-200-4417 or 240-386-3390 regular numbers this group is pulling a creditreport twice a month on me. I've written two vd letters to them and no responce fromthem.
  15. ok thanks that is what i was thinking ---(this is on my husband's report)
  16. Ok now what ? Send a valadiation letter to a collection agency got the following responce back. Dear Mr XXXX On behalf of National Recovery Agency i have reviewd your letter concerning the above account. Please be informed that we closed your account and returned the account to our cleint 3 years ago . The credit bureau's were updated. If you fell that the account is not accuralety reflected please enter a dispute with the credit bureaus... 1. Now I looked at all 3 reports and nothing has been updated on this account. 2. was going to write to the bbb but this compnay is not listed with them. 3. Sent a letter to t he 3 bureaus and all 3 came back with verfied?
  17. Since your paid the balance and the insurance company paid the claim --can you tell the mortage people that it is paid and show them your check and the info from the insurance company.
  18. life


    Hi All I've gotten some personel emails from some of you . I just wanted to let you all know that i'm still trying to clean up our credit reports. And i'm taking a creditor to court tomorrow (hopefully as we are having a snow storm right now) Will let you all know how it goes....Still trying to get a mortage we have been turned down twice -Was able to get an extension to stay in the house . The house will go up for sale in APRIL we can continue to stay in the house when it is on the market but when the owner accept a offer we will have 30 days to move....We are hoping to get a mortage and stay inthe house.
  19. ok i copied this from my report ---please notice when it says it will be deleted how did they come up with this date ---this is from experian credit watch Account charged off. $1,628 written off. $1,477 past due as of 3-1999. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until 8-2005. This item was verified on 9-2002 and remained unchanged. Date Opened: 02/1998 Type: Installment Reported Since: 03/1999 Terms: 36 Months Date of Status: 03/1999 Monthly Payment: $0 Last Reported: 03/1999 Responsibility: Joint Credit Limit/Original Amount: Unknown High Balance: $1,821 Recent Balance: $1,477 as of 03/1999 Recent Payment: $0
  20. interesting site --wouldlove to read some of them but its free to join but you need to pay to read them and right now i donot have a credit card.
  21. :D :D :D :D :D :D All collecction accounts from Ic Systems are off of my husband's credit report....BUT :( his score has not changed not up nor down the scores are the same..... I think it time for me to write the bbb and attroney general for all the other collection accounts on his records and my records
  22. BTW, did you ever use the Minnesota AG against IC Systems? How did it go? No not yet i filed a complaint with the BBB. So far nothing has happened so today i will file a complaint with the AG --do you have there email address ]
  23. Ok my equifax score was 600 on friday I checked it today and its down to 523. the only thing that is different is 2 old accounts fell off both accounts were from 1994..Why why why the drop... I feel that I'm never gonna get to 600 or above i was so close....
  24. Ok what is so hard to understand about this letter that i wrote to trasnouoin... To whom it may concern. Back in Aug of 2001 i receievd a copy of my credit report and found a collection account on there From a Miller and Murray Inc their cleint MRB-Americheck National Inc for 50.15 for their cleint K-mart. I paid them immediatley and they removed it. On 12-15-02 i received a credit report via the internet and found that the following entry was on my report as a collection account .Americarerecov Original creditor K-mart date assigned march 1999 date report 12-2002 amount 51.00 balance 0 date paid out nov 2001 date closed Nov 2002. This account should be deleted from my report as it was paid Oct 18, 2001.And it was paid to Miller and Murray Inc.... Today in the mail i received a letter from T.u. stating that my information was not clear enough and that they had verified and updated the info on 1-10-2003..I looked on line today and the line now reads Paid off 10-18-01. what should i do? I tried to call miller and murray but no answer and there is no phone for mrb-americheck National Inc....
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