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  1. Conflicting info who is right whom is wrong --Copied this from another website it appears as if ca nned to be licnese and what not...I cannot call the state to find out donot have long distance on my http://www.alqlist.com/_html/collection_laws.asp
  2. Ok i copied the following from another website do i understand this right that in Pa wages cannot be garnished... Pa Interest Rate Legal: 6% Judgment: 6% Statute of Limitations (in years) Open Acct.: 4 Written Contract: 4 Domestic Judgment: 5 (writ of revival within 5 yrs.) -Lien against real estate: 5 (writ of revival within 5 yrs to maintain current lien position for another 5 yr period. If not revived in the 5 yr period judgment continues to act as a lien against real estate but will lose its priority position compared to other judicial lien creditors.) -Personal property Ex: 20 yrs. Foreign Judgment: 4 Bad Check Laws (civil penalty) N/A General Garnishment Exemptions 100%of wages, certain pensions, retirement accounts & Keogh plans and $300. Thank you to Mr. Charles J. Vollmer, Vollmer, Rulong & Keating, P.C., Pittsburgh, PA for updating the Summary of Collection Laws for Pennsylvania in the 2002-2003 edition of The National List of Attorneys. Collection Agency Bond & License Not Required -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- return to the summary of collection laws main page
  3. I have all the paperwork all ready from ford --I have the orginal contract, all cancleed checks --the paperwork from the repo placed that tells me what was due to reclaim the van and i also know whjo brought the car at the auction and what they paid for it.... I never got any paperwork or notice from a ca or lawyer..
  4. Debt valadaiation to ford motor credit or the law firm?
  5. Got a call today from ford motor credit my step son answered the phone and they asked if steve was there he said yes. When he said yes they said do you still live at xxxxxx he said yes they said well you will be severed a lawsuit in the near future ford is suing you for lack of payment on your repoed car. and then they hung up --now what do we do my husband and i had a car repoed from them back in Jan of this year and my step son and i both know that meassge was for my husband ....Should i just wait until we get the papers or what this is the first that we have heard from Them since the repo ..I do know what they got for the car at the sale and i know what we owed....If i need to get a lwayer what type and any reccomadation im in Pa.
  6. No now wait someone correct me if i'm wrong but when i went to court a few wweks ago the Ca and Oc had with them signed contracts the judge siad that what he consdiered valadation was a complete account history. The ca and oc didnot have that with them all they had was a signed contract so he ruled in my favor which was $$$$$ and a complete deletion from all credit reports forever.. So i think we may want to reconider what valadaition is is it a signed contract or a complete accounting history....
  7. Sleety-girl How do you know if a collection agtency can collect in Pa......
  8. did allready and its beeb credited
  9. I paid for credit expert thats it for the whole year...
  10. Ok today we got hubby's equifax report in the mail.Everything that we disputed was verified.I called them and asked them how they were able to verfiy all the disputed info since the collection agancies have not verified anything to me. The guy at equifax his name was bradely said we verfiy your name, address and phone number and SS and that is what was done in your husband's case and everthying came back verfiied..I told him this was wrong and he told me """no this is the way it was done and that was that was that.Now what is my next step...To me this is not verifed.
  11. Ok remeber a while ago i had posted that husband's score went from 603 to 8399 with credit expert well i called them the other day to find out why and i was told that there has been no new info reported about his credit from any creditors, they told me i needed to call experian to find out what needed to be done to get a score well i called them and the told me that the only way to get a valid score is to have a creditor update a trade line... Well my problem is none of his account are opened all accounts are closed...We did have a bunch of items that were delted last week but that didnot do anything with the score as experian told me they deleted the items becasue the oc and ca never contacted them and the 30days were up... Any idea what we can do to get a score.....
  12. I'm in Pa too lets see if we can help each other .. I'm still having problems reading and understanding the f.cr.a.a and the fdcpa and i'm at a lose as whta to do .Bit i shall say that debt valadation and the bbb has helped me wit some items...But there are some collection agencies i need help with.....If you donot mind me asking what part of Pa ? Im about 25 miles northwest(?) of philly...
  13. No vacation but our 4 kids will have a very very good christmas this year. For the past 2 years christmas was ok 2 gifts per child........... So this year will be fun.
  14. Hi All Donot know if this is a good place to post this but i will wnet to court today and i won .........The judge that i had said that as far as he was concerned a signed contact is not valadiation he told the C.A and Oc that they had to prove that i didnot pay........ All they had was a signed contract with my husband and my signutre........... He did not even ask me anything. His order was removal within 10 days and 2500 plus court costs. Afterwards he told me that he is working on a bill or something so that collection agancy have to be licensed in Pa.................
  15. Well today my husband and i got a emial from Credit watch (ezperian) see our invegestion results on line ..Well low and behold his score has gone up to 8399 point since 9-5-02 ....He had a lot of things that were deleted . 7 items were delted one of which was a judgement. We had some items that were updated and some items remained unchanged...All o which will be redisputed as i have not gotten a letter of valadition from the ollection agencies and these accounts are not marked disputed.....In fact i have a question ic systems is listing a bunch of accounts that als seem to get updated but nothing changes and i've written two letters for each one asking for valadation but i have not heard from them ..Well any way under the word status they have the following No Status any idea what this means... Also if you look at the score from 604 points on 9-5- to 8399 point today it is a mistake some where but at least we were happy to see the deletion now to see what the real score should be...
  16. Also all thought you stopped payment on that check make sure to tell you bank not to accept anything from them.. About 5 years ago my husband a nd i stopped a payment on a checkthat we had with them about 10 days later my bank called me and told me that Nco attempted to process another check tis check had my routing number account number and a made up check number the reason they were caught was becasue the check number that they made up was a number that i had alrready used and the system kicked it out.... Life who is actually liferoots
  17. Krsity I have noidea what they are trying to say. I also called verzion and they told me that as far as they know Ic systems is a collection agency , I was told by verizon that htey use many collection agencies .... Also by the way liferoots still doesnot work so i will just keep life....
  18. Ok now please tell me that i'm right and they are wrong ... On my husband's report Ic systems is reporting 6 collection accounts on behalf of verzion (phone company) . The problem is that 3 of the accounts are not with Ic systems they are with K.C.A. and we are making our payments to that agency (these payments were started b4 i know of this board and they are not being reported so we will finish out lastpayment with them this month) I wrote Ic systems 2 valadaiatin letters, plus i also cintacted the bbb. And have not gotten anything from them... And in the mean time i disputed with ex, eq,tc...(got a deletion from tu) ex and eq came back as verified and updated. Today i called Ic systems and i was told by mary that they are the credit report agency for verizon and that althought I'm paying KCA Ic systems can report the debit onmy report... I told her that i didnot think that was legal and she said it was legal under the FCRA.... Any ideas on this
  19. also the ftc how do i reach them...and what do i tell them and the attorney general office
  20. No its T.u....I'm not home right now as i'm away for the holiday but come tuesday monring I'm writing them another letter a 15 day on and i'm also gonna file a compliant with the bbb.. How do i get in touch with the Attornet general office for pa ..
  21. I also got the same letter that you got when i asked for the method of verifaction that they used and who they spoke with...It list every creditor that is on my report....To me this is not acceptable as i want to know the name of the person at the collection agency as i've written two letter (cmrrr) to the agency and both were returned to me as undeivlerable....
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