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  1. neither American Express Blue or Discover Card are charge cards, both have credit limits. The charge cards are the Green Gold and Platnium cards from AMEX!
  2. Well I have been approved for American Express Blue. I also applied for Discover Platnium Designs...I am done with my credit. I will keep AMEX Blue for every last purchase I ever make! I have allready closed 3 accounst that are new with low limits. I have the following accounts that I am un sure about closing any advice would be great: Corvette Mastercard - 1000 limit, under a year old Union Plus Mastercard - 2500 limit, mayby a little older than a year(I will prob not close this account as this will help with util and if I get in a jam) Chase Ultimate Rewards - 300 limit, under a year old(I w
  3. I was just approved also for Blue from AMEX they pulled TransUnion. My scores average about 650. I have 0% utilization.
  4. My utilization before I payed them off was about 95%. Should I cancel any of them or keep them open? Also in 6 months will they give me lower interest rates? I have stopped using credit cards all together for a year. I plan to get AMEX Blue and use that card only in the future! Also now that I have 100% available credit is it likely for me to lose any of my accounts?
  5. Got approved for Home Depot card for $750 and a Wal-mart store card for $75. Why do they approve for $75?
  6. also when I fax it do I need to write down that its for a the credit card application or? How do I go about doing that?
  7. Hey everyone, I was approved for a Patelco Visa Classic. On the stipulations that I open an account(which I have allready done and have transfered $50 into it). It also said I need to fax a copy of my pay stub. Should I call first about the faxing of the pay stub(I kinda fibed a little on what I made). Or just fax the stub and hope fo the best? Are they anal about the pay stub etc?
  8. I have an AMEX Green card and I am unable to pay the FULL amount due because of recent car repairs. One of the representatives told me that I have until my next closing date to pay the amount. Is this true? Or am I going to get a late payment on my credit report?
  9. Bank One is an excellent company to do busseniss with. They report promptly and they give easy credit limit increases after about a year of having the card and ontime payments. Ive had my Bank One Platnium BP Visa for 2 years started off with 2000 now at 2900.
  10. What wert said, gas cards are mainly to get gas when you dont have the cash and then PIF at the end of the month. Otherwise youll be paying 100 bucks for $30 worth of gas(23% Interest).
  11. pjwife Im surprised you cant get a AMEX Green card, what are your reports like again? Do you have any collections and or Bankrupts? If you dont have those 2 and you have an account that is at least 2 years old with no late payments and a credit score probably between 680-Top you should have no problem. My scores are in the 730-760 range and the only bad thing on my reports would have to be Inquiries and they gave me a $300 limit to start off with??? I figure after 6 months they bump me up quite a bit, they want to see if im going to make timely payments! Matt