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  1. I filed a complaint in small claims court today. This didn't involve debt collectors - I did some freelance work for a company in CA, they never paid me, so I'm trying to get my money out of them. But I'm preparing to sue a debt collector, so I'm wondering how similar my experience will be for that. I'm in PA, and when I filed my complaint today, the court staff was not very encouraging about my odds of actually collecting damages from a company in CA. They told me they'll only be able to send the notice via certified mail (as opposed to having someone serve it personally, as they would do for someplace local). If the company doesn't accept the certified letter, the court clerk said there's nothing further they can do. Even if the notice is served and I do win in court, the clerk said they really can't enforce the judgement out of state. Basically, all I can do is hope that the company is too dumb to realize that and just pays up. The debt collector I'm planning to sue is also located out of state. Will I run into the same problems when I try to go after them? Thanks- Bobbi
  2. Is anyone here familiar with North American Collections (NACC)? I'm trying to locate a mailing address for them. They're listed on my credit report as having bought an old Discover bill of mine. All I have is the phone number (800-377-5935), but when I tried calling it, I got a woman who gave me the third degree (wanted my name, SS#, etc. before she'd even answer a single question). Then she basically refused to give me their mailing address. Thanks- Bobbi