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  1. here is what was going on: basically Portfolio recovery )MBNA original)....sued me 2005, I disputed and they violated many I fought them in court w counter claim...they got scared and we agreed to drop it and no one sues anyone, and credit report cleared...........that happened. now yrs later Portfolio is calling me saying I owe, 5000 for MBNA!!! I am like um no...sorry I still have the papers we both signed (not in front of me)...stating mutual dismissal, what do I d
  2. last yr I received a "late bill" from Alltell syaing I was late on a bill that was 2 yrs old..and owed had an old address on it that I have never lived ??? so I called alltell right away and they said they have been sending notices to that address..I said I never lived there and always live here and I have NEVER had a cell phone yet alone alltell!!! she said it shows I opened an account for over a yr paying on time...then just stopped!! they put fraud on my account..I called credit reports and did the same thing....I disputed w the credit reports and they were allr emoved.... now mon
  3. ty so much....i am typing up letter to boa now...ty..will update
  4. jsut received an overlooked collection orinally from BANK OF is only 90 so I want to pay is from a company called CLIENT SERVICES..they call everyday...I want to send the payment right away....what letter do I send along w it agreeing to pay...but to not report negatively on credit report? thanks for any info
  5. ty all for your for an update...I have requested debt validation from them 3 times since FEB.....every time they have ignored it and keep cvalling me and keep sending me last letter I again stressed that I wanted validation but got nothing but more phone calls (i also did cease letter) well now for my update...I just received a letter from a NEW company that NOW has the loan for collections and now THEY are demanding 1400 and say I have 30 days to dispute..... so where do I go from here?? was that pointless for me to DV the last collection agency??? do I just try and set
  6. thanks , u are SO RIGHT!!!! right after I typed that I remembered that AFTER January 31, he got 2 forms from these CC's, after his taxes were already done, he should have amended that was his fault for sure... so since WE DID NOT settle w any cc/s, simply piad them off in goodstanding, there are no special forms correct?? thanks so much
  7. he did settle w them, since the cc's were already delinquent, he settled for like 9000 instead of 15000...
  8. thanks all for the input, as for my FIL , he got scared and just paid the IRS the diff, since he was "supposed to count as income" it put him the next bracket and he owed 1000...I think what got him was that he paid off 2 BIG credit cards and also fixed up his house (new roof, windows, garage doors, etc)..I think they just saw that BIG cc PAY OFF and was like "um where did that money come from????" that is what I am afraid of for us, I feel like paying an accountant but I always do our tazes on turbotax because it is sooo easy!! all we have is DH's income, and last yr he had unemplyment comp (
  9. hoping someone knows some info on this subject; you guys are always wonderful!@!@ hello, last yr we got a home equity line of credit to pay off all credit cards..the total was 13,000 and it paid off about 15 small credit cards..the biggest balance was 4000 (MBNA). so now do I need to do anything diff for my tax return? I ask because a few yrs ago when my FIL got equity line, he spent 45,000 and he ended up getting audited, and IRS said he owed more because he had to count that 45,000 as income??? so do we need to that as well??? we got NOTHING from the bank, or credit card companies, saying we
  10. ty so much I am gonna DV them and go from there..I will keep u all posted..ty a bunch
  11. ty , thats what I thought, so should I still DV them and try to catch on violations? or ask for settlement?
  12. hello all, youhave helped me O SO MUCH in the past few yrs, I got a case dropped last yr when a creditor was trying to sue me for over 2000 bu they did MANY VIOLATIONS which I caught them on, so in court they agreed to thanks for that!!! now, I have 900 school loan from OSU that I seriously forgot I even is from 1997, I got a letter from OSU last month saying I owe 900 I mailed them letter asking for payment arrangements, never heard nothing back...yesterday got a letter from CA (GENERAL REVENUE CORP) saying I owe 900 plusinterest (45bucks) collection charges 333.
  13. ty violated....what exactly do I write uP? YES, WE TRULY HAVE NEVER had cell phone (sorry for caps)...truly know nothign about this...thanks again
  14. wow!! sounds like a lot!!! thanks for all advice!..I received letter MAY 15, they received my letter on MAY 26 (green card shows this) now well over 60-70 days.... I just disputed w Credit reports as NOT MY ACCOUNT..and tomorrow I am sending the mean letter to CA saying you had 30 days, etc ..u sent NO PROOF ..delete now or I sue you..I am hoping this will be enough...andnot have to do police report..thanks for input