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  1. Thank you for the responses. BV80 - I did dispute the lateness on the account in my original letter.
  2. Hi all. This site has helped me tremendously with credit repair. I do have a question that I can't seem to find any info on. I sent a 623 letter to Wachovia Dealer Services. I've success with the 623 letters before. Wachovia sent a response (within the 30 days) asking for the following information: SS # Date of birth Account # (which I provided in my letter). Signature of account holder (which I signed the letter) "More information on the specific issue". I downloaded the sample letter here - I don't think it can be more specific. My question is, how much more do I need to provide.
  3. I have an IRS tax lien on my CR. I just received Currently Not Collectible status. Does anyone have any idea how (or will) that will be reflected on the CR? Is there any shot it can removed as long as the status is current?
  4. I am trying to refinance my home and also clear some debt. I can't qualify with my current income. My sister said she would co-sign. My question is: How does that show up on her CR and how will it affect her in the eyes of creditors, especially if she is looking to get a mortgage herself in the near future? Will it be view as monthly debt?