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  1. u no i was thinking i had an account in collections and paid it first not knowing then sent dv they deleted it was sherman guess i was lucky
  2. docdon the dv should stop collection activity in case they checked the reports after payment and find out its not on there?
  3. yes u still can u should try to get it deleted can u stop the payment
  4. yep ur rite u should have not call them. theyll tell u anything dealing with the credit bureaus they want the company letter head and the letter signed. next time have them to sent the letter first then send the payment.
  5. i would still dv them just because u paid still doesnt mean its yours.
  6. Account # Dear Debt Collector /Debt Collector Attorney: This will serve as your legal notice under provisions of federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to cease all communication with me in regard to the debt referenced above. If you fail to heed this notice, I will file a formal complaint against you with the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement, the States Attorney General Office and/or the American Collectors Association or local State Bar Association. I have decided that I do not desire to work with a collection agency under any circumstances.
  7. i have one too that expire off next year i would just sit it out .. i have disputed many times and it came back verified. seems to me they do lots of consumers that way. two of my reports say that it expire off 05 and one says o6. im just going to leave it at this point its at a low point of affecting ur score.
  8. i found 1-800-934-0009 i was told this is for charge offs their open m-f 8-5 eastern time i hope this helps.
  9. idaho is a community property state. meaning what ever debt is hers is yours good or bad.
  10. i had the same prob but i did apply for a saving account but already had a checking account. they told me the same thing that they were not going to pull my credit report went home and bam there it was. the district mgr told me that if u already have an account that is not 2yrs old they will each time u apply for anything they will pull an inquire. but in ur case they should have not done that especially if u did not sign anything. so be careful they have pullitis.
  11. why pay them and u can do it for free ur self only thing u will pay for is the cost of sending the letters. i was told by lots of people in those programs they were worst off than doing it them selves. and its another form of bk 13 do u want that on ur report it will be listed as pp- payment plan why have that listed when u dont have too.