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  1. Yeah! Me too but I'm not sending a letter to a PO Box..... I'm sticking with the 2 I have...... Thanks
  2. Thanks! Yeah! Midland took me to court last year and lost. Now, 8 months later, they are trying to collect again! They are so stupid! I'll send the letter to both! = )
  3. Will these work: Midland Credit Management <----- (got this from sticky) 5775 Roscoe Ct. San Diego, CA 92123-1356 //or// Midland Credit Management, Inc. 8875 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123
  4. Anyone have a good address for Midland Credit Management that I can send a C & D letter to? They send me a letter & their address is a PO Box and want to send to an actually address thanks! = )
  5. Hmmm... I don't know.... I'll have to check all my "stuff" in my folder when I get home tonight to see...... I'm not worried about them taking me to court again because they'll lose.... I just want to come up with a good letter to send to them asap so they will go away forever! = )
  6. Doc, VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL "COMES NOW the Plaintiff, by and through its undersigned attorneys and voluntarily dimisses the action filed herein against the Defendant ME."
  7. I had to pay it last year because I was in the process of getting approved for my new home and that was the only derog and my credit! So, I had to choice but to pay it! = ( I guess I should try and do a "not mine" and see what happens that way...........
  8. So, I paid the collection with AFNI, Inc last year for no reason? I paid the collection and it still reports on my bureau. What the hell!! If I tell Equifax it is paid and I have proof, why will that hurt me? What's the easiest way to get this off of my credit report? thanks!
  9. Should I also send a copy of the dismissal letter from the court showing that when they took me to court 8 months ago, they lost! Or that doesn't matter? Why are they still trying to collect on a old charge-off that is not on my bureau anymore & they also lost in court! Don't get it! Any help w/ a letter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. I pulled my Equifax report today and had 1 item showing up on "negative account history". I clicked on it and it shows AFNI, Inc Account # BellSouth-230XXXX Current Status: REFINANCED OR RENEWED Balance: 0 Past due amount: 0 Date of Last Activity: 6/1999 What should I do to get this removed? Also, I have one collection(I clicked on collections and found one) for $1400 & DOL is 6/1999 but I also paid this collection last year and have proof. How do I get this deleted from my credit report? I was also going to send Equifax a letter showing it is paid in full & please have it remo
  11. Thanks Doc! I actually found a western union receipt showing I paid the account last year & AFNI never removed it my credit report. I'm sending Equifax a letter showing the account has been paid and that they need to remove the negative account from my credit report
  12. Hey! Midland Credit Management took me to court last year(5/04) for a collection and the case was finally dismissed because the SOL expired. Now, 8 months later, I received a letter from Midland stating" You're invited to join the Blah Blah Debt Resolution Program.... For a limited time, MCM will slash 50% of your current balance of $3,500..... " Now, I pulled my credit report and they are not reporting on my bureau. They are still trying to collect on this old charge-off(back in 98') after they took me to court and lost plus the old charge-off even dropped off my credit report. WHAT KIND OF
  13. I have a collection for about $400 from AFNI, Inc. for a Bellsouth collection back in 1998. DOL is 6/1999 on my Equifax. I live in Florida and wanted to know what kind of letter I can write to Equifax to get this removed asap. I did a DV letter about a year ago and AFNI, Inc. proved that it was mine. Thanks! = )
  14. You said "What you can do is send them a letter demanding they never, ever communicate with you again, as per FDCPA 805©. If they do, it's a violation" Because they took me to court and lost????? Should I call or write a letter? thanks! = )