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  1. I sent a dispute to Eq and they received it on July 10, 2003. I have not received anything back from Eq. I tried calling but didn't get a live person. Should I send a certified letter instead? Since its over 30 days and I haven't received anything, should the items I disputed be deleted?
  2. I have an auto loan on my credit report with a date of last activity on 3/96. The new owner of this account has changed the date of last activity to 5/98. I've submitted proof of the last date of activity to the new owner of my account and also to the CB. Transunion has deleted the information, Experian says they have already investigated the information and it will remain the same. I have yet to here from Equifax. My question is can I sue the CA and CB? The CA for re-aging my account and the CB for allowing outdated and false information on my credit report?
  3. Has anyone been successful in having a chp. 13 (dismissed) removed from Equifax credit report on the 7 year time limit? If so, please give advise. TransUnion and Experian has removed the entry.
  4. After I receive my credit report, how long do I have before my dispute time runs out? I'm not sure if I need to order another credit report? Is it 60 days or 90 days? I'm in Alabama
  5. ok

    Collection letter

    Do a collection agency have to notify the consumer of the debt by letter before putting it on the credit report?
  6. ok

    Time limit CA's

    What is the time limit for a CA to respond after I have sent them a dispute letter?
  7. <blockquote>Originally posted by retmar You need to supply some more information. Without naming names, explain the whole of your situation. Was the account sold? Who was it sold to? (ex., a CA, bank, finance company). Gather all of the information and add to this post as a reply. Do not go directly to court. You need to fully understand the 5 W's of this. You need to cross all t's and dot all i's. Some States also require that you give them the opportunity to correct before filing. So, sit tight, for now. </blockquote>Ok, the original creditor(creditor A) sold the account to creditor B in 1997(not sure of the month). Creditor B then transferred the count to Creditor C. Creditor C is who I'm dealing with now. Creditor C is giving me a hard time in regards to the delinquecny date which was March 1996. Creditor C is posting the dola on all three credit reports as 5/98. The open date still remains the same (11/95) but the dola has changed to 5/98. Also Creditor B. has the dola as 5/97, which is the date they sold the account to Creditor C.
  8. Can I sue an account holder (who is the 3rd account holder of a transferred account) if they refuse to note my original delinquency date from my oc? They are reaging the account. My oc is now out of business. My last payment date was 3/96 and they have changed it to 5/98. If so, would I need to file in a small claims court?
  9. ok

    OC out of businees

    <blockquote>Originally posted by md Read the FCRA and FDCPA and highlight everything you think they are in violation of. Maybe start a spreadsheet of some kind. In another column include evidence of any kind that you have to support your claim. Organize it very nicely and send a letter to the CA and maybe even the CRAs. Include the statutes they are violating. If you get little or no response you may want to follow with an intent to sue letter. You can file in small claims court. </blockquote>Thanks. Will do
  10. ok

    OC out of businees

    <blockquote>Originally posted by md Do you have any documentation from the OC, letters, statements, etc.? Someone else making a payment doesn't restart the clock. Why would you make a payment if it were auctioned off? You could possibly do a title search on the car or something to find out the history of owners and who bought it at the auction in 1998. </blockquote>I do have the last payment from 1996. Even though the account was included in chp.13, the ca states she has no information stating it was in chp.13. Chp.13 stays on record for 7 years, the chp. 13 has fallen off, but all the transferred/sold accounts haven't. It all has to do with the re-aging of the dates. I informed the cra of this and they stated they can only take information from the current ca since the oc is out of business. I really need help on this. I have 3 transferred/sold accounts thats over the 7 year rule. The cra and ca is violating big time. Do I need to hire an attorney on this? If so, what type of attorney? Please help!!
  11. ok

    OC out of businees

    <blockquote>Originally posted by picantel Methinks some CA is full of crap </blockquote>They really are full of crap. I asked the ca who is the 2nd account hold, if they had the original documentation from the oc. She stated she did, but also said the date the auto was sold is the date of last activity.
  12. ok

    OC out of businees

    <blockquote>Originally posted by hitandmiss Had the car been repoed already when they went out of business? </blockquote>Yes, the car was repoed.
  13. My oc of my auto loan is out of business. The account has reached the 7 year clock. The account has been sold 4 times. The last date of activity has changed sooo much. As of now the last date of activity shows as 6/98. The actually last date of activity was 3/96. I tried to find out who has the original records from the oc. The company who now has the account states the account is still open. They also say the was a payment made on 6/98 from the where the car was auction off. Therefore my date of last activity would be 6/98. Is this correct? The payment wasn't made by me, it was from the auction. So now they say I have a deficientcy balance. How can I get this cleared?
  14. I'm currently trying to get the information on a transferred and sold account corrected so it can fall off in May. I had an account with the oc whos first missed payment was 3/96. The loan was included in chp.13 which was filed in 5/96. The chp.13 got dismissed. Therefore the auto was repoed in 8/97. The second account holder changed the date of last activity to 8/97. The 3rd account holder changed the date of last activity to 8/98. Should these 2nd and 3rd account holder have the same date of last activity as the oc? I'm having trouble with Equifax. They have deleted the oc, but not the transferred acount holders. All these accounts are related, so shouldn't they all have fallen off at the same time?