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  1. Sorry for the delay.... First off, if a loan is a good tradeline, it will stay on for at least 10 years and that is a good thing. If it is a derog, it should have been deleted with that DOLP. Go online to dispute at each individual CRA. If there is an "obsolete" choice, select it. If not, select "other" and type in "Obsolete. Too old to report" and submit. Should be done within a short period.
  2. Dispute as obsolete. They will most likely be gone in a day or 2.
  3. I agree with willingtocope. Your derogs must have been very old. I have no CAs left, CL's that are 5 digits, a few accounts with some lates from 2.5 years ago and it has taken the last 18 months to get from 498 FICO to 702 (TU), my EQ/EX are 686/688. The Midland accts are pretty high with 2 matching COs? Doesn't make sense. In the meantime, congrats on your success!
  4. Patience grasshopper! I know the feeling. It took my last CA 3 weeks to delete! You will get there and NO it will NOT take 120 days.
  5. Technically you still owe the debt. The 1099c was because they have deemed it uncollectible. How old is it?
  6. Yeah, use the card and two months after paying it off, hit the luv button.
  7. These should be easy deletes. You could go online and dispute as "obsolete". *poof*
  8. Send an ITS. Tell them that they never paid you a dime and the 1099-M is fraud! That will get their attention. Tell them you want proof of payment being made, to whom, where it was sent and proof it was cashed.
  9. Let's try some imaginary numbers.... Say you were behind by 3 months and you had a past due amt of $100. You enter into DMP where the OC agrees to accept $20/mo for payment where min would have been $33. Your DMP pays $20 every month on time. You are STILL 90 days late because that past due amt is still sitting there. Even if your DMP sent them $100 then $20, the original agreement was for $33 so each month you pay less than that, it goes late. One of the many reasons why DMPs are a bad idea.
  10. WRT to the above post, A paid collection is NO BETTER than an unpaid one for FICO scoring. It MIGHT make a difference if you are looking to get a loan - ie: mtg. You can never get away from the student loans, so they need to be addressed. Even BK won't "fix" those. You have 2 options with the SLs... rehab which will take 9 - 12 months or consolidate. If you consolidate, your prior loans will have a zero balance and you will have a single loan that is current to make payments on. If you file BK, your income will determine whether you can file a BK 7 or BK13. A BK13 could keep you in BK for 5 years while you make payments. You will not be able to obtain credit during that 5 year period. What state do you live in? What is the SOL on debt there? If you are past SOL, your best option....if you have the $... is to settle the debts to prevent them from turning into judgments. Who has the debt (what CA?)? We need a bit more detail to let you know best course of action. edited to add: Your profile says that you live in CA. The SOL there is 4 years. Until your default is past 4 years, it would not be wise to kick that sleeping bear. Once the 4 yrs have passed, you are in a much better position to negotiate a PFD or a settlement. In the meantime, you can be saving the $ to pay an agreements you make. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING and do NOT do any negotiating on the phone! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Not to mention the legal bills if the ex decides to be combative. One divorce I had cost me $72,000.00 for the divorce costs! Yep, it destroyed my credit. I had to file BK. Of course the deadbeat never paid his child support. This was a divorce where we sat down before we filed, agreed to everything, I drafted the divorce and filed Pro Se. Deadbeat's GF told him to check out an atty first. He did. Decided to fight me for custody. In the end, he didn't even get visitation rights. His half of everything was long gone. He went 16 yrs without contacting his children. He did it because the divorce atty told him he could get $1464/mo in alimony and $750 in child support. Back in the day, he could have lived comfortably on that amount. You never know what is going to happen until it does.
  12. What are the DOFD's for these accounts? If the OC had deleted, it might be beyond Midland's ability to report this.
  13. First of all, you will get more information if you post the actual tradeline minus personal data. With some CAs, a simple dispute with the CRA is enough to send them packing. With others, you could be waking a sleeping giant. For judgments, who is the OC? Who sued? When? Was it a default judgment? How much?
  14. Basically, Lexis Nexus does the data mining of court records and sends that info to the CRAs. The courts never report the information directly. How old is the judgment?
  15. Willing, BUMP did work but only for TU and EQ. The downside now is than many who had TC to bump TU inqs got permanently banned from all TU products....then EQ got wise and started "chopping" excess softs so that hards wouldn't bump. For the most part, today it is a waste of time and effort for 3 - 6 points. OP, to get your personal scores up you are going to need some revolving accts that are positive...about 2 or 3. Do you have the possibility of getting a Navy acct? DH with scores in the crapper got approved over the weekend for $2K CC!
  16. Sorry that I dropped by this thread too late to help. In the future, pay the dang bill before it goes to collections! Fight the insurance company after. Additionally, I have had success with a medical provider that turned an account over to a CA with calling the patient billing office and asking the manager to please help.....(insert sad story)...then offer PIF if they will pull back from CA (which gets CA deleted from CRs). Does it always work? No. My success rate is about 80% on those. After a refusal to pull back from the CA, I usually say that I am sorry to hear that but OCs that agree get paid first.....and then hang up. I have one CA hanging on where OC refused. The SOL just expired on the debt so I am going to give it another try. Ya never know. In the end, here is the deal... You incurred a debt. You didn't pay and it went to collections. You then paid OC who informed the CA and gave them their fee. CA updates the medical collection to paid. You can stomp your feet all you want, but it IS accurate information. You will have a hard time getting a deletion at this point. This is one reason why we advise folks never to pay a CA and get a PFD in writing. Once the paid collection appears, it is usually set in stone. Here is the only light in this tunnel on that TL.....FICO 08 counts medical collections lower than others. Two years after the "paid collection" update, it basically is nothing to your FICO score. This collection will also not hinder your attempts at getting a mortgage.
  17. If you do not have the $ to PIF, then the hospital will not work with you any longer. You had a chance at making payment arrangements with them and you passed. It has now been passed on to collections. The lawyer may accept payments, but at such a small amount, he probably wont. If you do make payment arrangements with the 'lawyer', then you will have a paid collection account. Is this on your CR already?
  18. Is it just SOL or has the reporting period expired?
  19. +1 Call the insurance carrier. Telling a CA that you will offer 20% may get you a "Legally paid for less that full balance" paid collection which will sit on your CR for years.
  20. What are the OC's, how much was CO'd, what was DOFD? Which CA is assigned to which acct? When did you leave the US? When do you expect to return? Which state are you thinking about moving to?
  21. OK... The collection for the SLs should have the same DOFD as the defaulted loans. If not, that is illegally reaging an acct and you can threated to sue to get rid of that. I would request the pmt history from the SL providers. It is possible that they put you on a forebearance and that is why the pmts went back to OK. That would suck, because it is the final set of lates that determines the deletion date. Chargeoffs hurt your score for as long as they are on your report. As I understand it, 30s and 60s hurt much less after 24 months, but anything more (90, 120, 150, CO, FC) hurt you pretty much for the full 7 years.
  22. momof5

    Repair world

    YEARS ago, it was fun to be here and on CBs. There was so much valuable information and so many ways to accomplish repair. It seems that the trolls learned well and slowly, but surely are closing down most methods of credit repair. I feel like the only methods left are a simple dispute (with the easy deletion) or GW letters....most of which (of both) fail nowadays. Even B* has essentially been shut down (not that a few inqs make a huge difference in score anyway). Before the crash, CB had turned into a CW festival with little repair advice given or requested. Went back to CB after the crash trying to find what methods worked now. Next to nothing. The posters there have driven off the favs (like GEORGE) and now are hostile as hades. Sure, old timers do get tired of newBs that ask without reading first, but so much of the posts are so cryptic that unless you know all the abbreviations or that something in somebody's siggy is a link.... that even old timers might ask for clarification... attack much? I'll still be around here. It just seems like there is not much activity as there was in the early 2000s. I hope that changes. But for me, I have posted my last at CBs. I guess it is time for lots of legal research to see if there is but another way we can find that can repair our reports. Here's to 2015! May the credit gods be generous!
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