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  1. Not sure if this is the reason but GAP/Old Navy/Banana are all owned by the same company, so that's probably why there was only one pull. They probably recognized you were already accepted with the first one and didn't bother pulling the rest.
  2. I used to be in your situation and what helped me was having former landlords write referrals for me, showing my current pay stub, and offering to pay 2 months deposit. I don't know your specifics, but have you considered getting into a roommate situation that already has the apartment, or possibly a sublet? Then in the meantime, you can use the advice here to better your score. I'm sure you already know about this site, but I thought I would give it to you anyway. You can look for apartments, roommates and sublets. Some landlords will even list in their ad that they are flexible with your cre
  3. Seriously?? I've done this twice now. I must have missed this on the boards. Do you have a link? Or do you know of an actual case where a CA came after someone?
  4. Don't know if this would work for you, but mine have always been accepted when I've written PAYMENT ENCLOSED in big bold letters on the front of the envelope.
  5. UPDATE: The fools actually sent me yet another dunning letter! This makes three in a two month period with no validation. This last letter threatens to sue, of course. I have two green cards at this point and a letter from their attorney stating that I will not be contacted again (even though I have been twice). Do I need to dispute with the CRAs to have it removed from my reports first or can I go ahead and file the SCC? Do you think this will be an easy $1,000 win for me? Thx everyone.
  6. Thanks for your response. Yes, my lawyer's letter did mention the Motion for Contempt, etc. They just chose to ignore it. I'm hoping that if I file the case, they would settle before going to court since they would obviously lose. I want them to pay for my lawyer's fees and damages as well. There was a judgment placed before I filed for BK. Since my lawyer is nickel and diming me, I wanted to attempt to file the Motion to Vacate on my own. How difficult is this? The same law firm that placed the lien also placed the judgment (if that matters).
  7. Had my attorney send a letter to the firm telling them they violated the BK stay since they filed a lien on me after my filing date. It’s been three months and they still haven’t complied. Now my attorney wants $150 to send another letter to them (which I’m sure will do nothing) or $1000 to file a court case. Is there any way around this or something I could do myself? Obviously I don’t have $1000 sitting around since my BK was just discharged. Advice or experience?
  8. Sent C&D with DV to a CA on 12-20-03. On 1-5-04, their attorney sent me a letter stating that they are compiling my records and that it could take some time for them to receive them (don't they only have 30 days?). They also stated that no one from their office shall contact me further. Well, I received another dunning letter from the same CA dated 1-9-04. Now what? Do I go the small claims route for the violation or do I send another DV/C&D letter and use the CRRs to have this removed from the CRAs? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Filed Chapter 7, Creditors Meeting was on 9/11/03. Yesterday, I received a collection notice from an account that was included in the BK. I assume I just need to mail them the discharge papers? Is there a particular cover letter to include as well? Also, a judgment was placed against me months before my BK filing. I included this account in my BK. However, one week after my creditors meeting, I received a notice that the judgment is now a lien. I have no property except for my car loan so I am assuming this is what the lien was placed on?? It doesn’t say in the papers. How do I go about
  10. What if their spouse has the money to pay for the debts but refuses? What is the time limit for creditors to make claims against an estate?
  11. What happens when a person dies with a huge medical debt? Would the husband be legally responsible and will the CAs go after him? Or could it be charged off if the husband couldn't pay?
  12. <blockquote>Originally posted by calawyer What state do you live in? </blockquote> California
  13. You can find the abbreviations here:
  14. Is there any way I can get an OC (First USA) to stop calling me at work? It's causing a problem with my employer.
  15. I’ll try and make this brief. State of CA, being sued for $6500 in Limited Civil Court, County of Los Angeles, by a law firm representing our favorite people, Providian. I was only 60 days late on the account and the law firm sent me one notice and two collection calls. In the time I was preparing my DV letter, I received a Notice of Case Assignment and a Summons in the same envelope (sent via first class mail, marked Personal & Confidential). First, the Notice of Case Management (set for 6/23/03) is a photocopy and is so light, I can’t read it. From what I read, in the State of CA, this c