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  1. I don't think all creditors are the scum of the earth... I just think that the ones that call ME are the scum of the earth! In any case, I actually spoke to a few friendly ones, but once they realized I couldn't pay anything, their tone changes or they put their boss on... like talking to their boss is gonna make me say "You got me!" Oh well, in all honesty, I think it's like putting on a different face... once they put that head-set on and start dialing, they feel empowered (and they probably have to feel that way in order to make themselves push helpless people around). Of course this doesn't go for all creditors cause I've had nice ones and I've had real bastards. It's gotta be stressful so I'm sure they get hardened with each call.
  2. Nice, I live in California too. Are you telling me that anyone who purchased my debt won't sue me (since I live in CA)? Cause if you are, then I'm gonna go out and have a smoke to relax a bit.
  3. Hi, I have been doing some research and have read that CA's who purchase debts are less likely to sue. First of all, is this correct? And second, how can I tell which one of my debts have been purchased by a CA?
  4. Hi everyone:) A lot of people talk about getting charge-offs removed from credit reports. Do these have to be paid in order for me to try to remove them? I have a bunch of charge-offs that I still owe money to, so I'm not sure if I can get them off my report, and if so, can it go back on once the CA's check my report? Thanks in advance 8)
  5. um, can you explain that a little more? How is it possible to get rid of a judgement (from paying it that is) and then get BK off my credit report? I'm considering BK but I'm really scared to do it. Mainly, I don't know what employers will think about it for the next 7 years if they check it.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if a BK will erase a Judgement for a Credit Card? I know that judgement will stay on CR, but I wanted to know if I would still have to pay the credit card company if they get a judgement before I file.
  7. HI everyone, I had a quick question to ask. Do OC, CA's and law firms representing them benefit from someone going into bankruptsy? I know that they won't receive the money if bankruptsy is declared, but is there a benefit at all?
  8. Oh, i forgot to mention, although they said I had until the end of the week, it seems that they have sold my debt to another creditor recently since I sent my partial C/D and told them I would be recording all conversations. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi adam, I had my share of conversations with Creditors Interchange too. Look on and type them in... they're notorious for being bastards! They have contacted my friends/family and asked them to give names and numbers for more friends/family. I really hate those guys and I told them that I would not and could not negotiate with people who break the law. Now you must remember something... creditors can smell fear. They are also very good at determining whether you actually can pay the bill or not just by talking to you. The tone in your voice will show the more experienced ones that they can bully you and scare you. "You have until Friday!!!" whatever... Well, the first time I spoke with CI, they told me I had until the end of the week and I hung up on them... They continued to call me on a weekly basis for almost 2 months until I sent them that partial C/D letter. (strange how I had only till the end of the week). Also, they said they would settle for 40%, so tell them to screw off if they say they want more. Make sure you make them believe that you cannot pay ANY money, whether you can afforrd to or not. They'd rather get 40% from you than to sell it for 4% to another creditor. Also, I'm sure that creditors have a bonus structure and/or commission for collecting money from you. If they think they can get 80% form you, then they will say that's as low as they can go. If they think they cannot get any, then they will go a lot lower. Of course, this is my opinion from reading this site and doing my own research on the subject.
  10. Nice, 776, what did you start off with? Seems like you have been on this forum for a while. Oh and how long did it take of disputing? I just wanna get some hope cause I know it's a long road ahead of me... but it'll be worth it I think.
  11. It's funny cause when I called them back, I was fuious and told them i was recording the call... he then told me, "well I'm recording this call too". I almost started laughing... I was gonna ask them for a copy of their tape in case mine wasn't that clear.
  12. I just read a new forum... just the opposite of this one. It's a forum that creditors use to talk about how to better screw us. It seems that they believe that if someone makes a payment to the CA, then the SOL starts all over again... is this true? Here is exactly what they said: "I've been thinking, what I should have said here is that making a payment AFTER the statute has expired doesn't reset the clock. If, however, you make a payment directly to the creditor before the statute expires, then THAT payment date becomes the date of delinquency and resets the clock." Another creditor on the site then states: "Thats how I understand it. Get them to aknowledge the debt. 'Pay me 10 dollars to halt any further action on this account, just to show your willing'. Then BAM you got em. hehehe" This is what the creditors said and people seem to agree with them on that site. What the heck... I thought making a payment wouldn't reset my SOL? Can anyone respond to this please? I seem to be confused on this issue now. !@#$
  13. All of this is good info, thanks. I am in California and I am a student... I own nothing in my name and don't have a real income (student loans only). I think I will send them a letter saying that this is all I can send them on a monthly basis so that I can at least tell a judge that I tried. I made a budget for myself and if I cut out cable, use internet at my parents' house, and cut other things here and there, I can barely afford what I'll be sending them. I've thought about DV, but since the CA hasn't done anything bad on my credit report, I figured that it wouldn't accomplish much. But then again, I guess the OC might be more willing to work with me. This would be better for my situation as long as they don't re-age my account. It's funny cause constant calls from CA's really make you think, how the hell did I get all this debt! What the heck was I thinking when I spent all that money on useless stuff (mostly ex-girlfriend). At the very least, when I get myself back on my feet, I'll be sure never to get myself in this situation again.
  14. Thanks for the input fellas, it's very helpful. As I see it (or at least what I think... correct me if I'm wrong), is that the 7 years on my credit report depends only on my charge off date regardless of whether I make payments... but the SOL can re-age if I make those payments. Although this depends on the state I'm living in (California). I may have misinterpreted this, so tell me if I'm wrong:)
  15. One more question, sorry... Like I mentioned above, I am thinking about paying these CA's a monthly amount that they have said was not acceptable. One of these creditors have gone to a law office already:( Do you guys think that they will sue me even if I start making those monthly payments? I am a student and someone told me that I was judgement proof at the moment because I have no assets, no property, and no real money other than financial aid at school. The amount I owe to that attorney is about $5,000 and they know my situation. They probably won't start getting paid on any judgement for about 4 years after I graduate and finally find a job (don't know if it's worth their time). I'd prefer not to have a judgement on my credit report but I don't really have an option since I can't afford their 40% lump sum settlement amount at the moment.