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  1. 30 year fixed rate loan - sale price of the house is 132,500 - 1st mortgage is for 106,000, second is for 13,250
  2. So what is a good interest rate now for mortgages? We went to a bank and they offered the first (80%) at 6.0% and the second (10%) at 7.5% (this is to avoid PMI since we are also putting 10% down). Is this a good deal? Some info. They pulled our credit score, I had a 763 and my husband 745. We have no collections, no baddies except for 1 paid CO (paid in 1/2003) that shows only on Experian. No CC debt at the moment. One car loan for less than $2000 and my college loans for about $20000. We have 10% down for the house saved up plus extra for emergencies. Together we make 75000/year.
  3. I have been repairing my credit for over a year now. Only one baddie left, a paid CO from Cap1 (CO'ed in 2000, paid in 2003). Credit scores are good for both my DH and I. Last time I checked, 697 was my lowest. DH's are all 720 and above. Have a sizeable amount of money saved up. Will be putting down at least 10%. So question many banks, credit unions, etc should I apply at for pre-approval? For rate shopping, etc..I guess I didn't realize how expensive these apps are.
  4. So I got my free Credit report with TU. I notice that none of my new credit cards (two of them - both at least six months old) are reporting to TU. And they are big name companies (MBNA and Citibank). Any reason why this is happening? They are both positive, no lates, etc. Should I contact MBNA and Citibank and now that I think about Chase too! None of them are new, like I said above six months or older. Weird. Any suggestion on why they aren't reporting? And should I contact them? Thanks Pet
  5. Petunia


    Can any of the mortgage gurus give me any advice on books, websites, etc to check out before we buy a house? We aren't looking until June and hopefully we can find a house by end of September. But I have very little knowledge of mortgages and everything involved in buying a house, so I would like to be better informed beforehand. Thanks for any help. Pet
  6. Its paid off. I paid it before I found this website. It is nearly six years old. I will see if there is anything wrong in the entry. But I have tried nearly everything.
  7. I have been working at cleaning up my credit reports for a long time now. And I only have one baddie left. A charge off with Cap1 on Experian. Transunion and Equifax are nice and clean. I have tried disputing, writing to Cap1, everything I can think of. Any one have any good ideas to help me remove this? I was hoping it would go away by June, that's when we will be shopping for a mortgage. Another question. Just checked out Transunion today and noticed that none of my newer CCs from last year are reporting to them. I thought that seemed strange. They show up on the other two. Is it strange? T
  8. I have never had a problem disputing online. Guess I will check out the myfico website and see what it says. Thanks.
  9. Last month, I ordered all three credit reports from myfico. On the Equifax report, it showed that I was late on one of my CC accounts. I had contacted Citibank earlier in the year(Feb) and they agreed to update the account to paid/never late. So I go to dispute online with Equifax and there is no button to dispute as never late, just not mine and fraudulant account dispute options. So can myfico be wrong? I ordered a free report from Equifax (turned down for CC application) just to make sure it is reporting correctly.
  10. I couldn't believe my scores either. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw TU's score. BofA pulled TU. I applied for a Chase card online today. We'll see.
  11. Mainly deletions and negative tradelines with multiple lates being turned into positive paid/never late tradelines through goodwill letters. I only applied for one new cc with BofA. Thinking about applying for another, someone who pulls TU. I have also reduced my number of inquiries to one on each CR.
  12. So just over I year ago I found this website and I started on my credit repair journey. I never got my true fico scores, just the ones the CRAs give you. But they were all in the low 500s. So I decided to give a try today. And I couldn't believe my scores. TU=737, EX=695 and EQ=693. I was pretty excited. I only have two negatives left, one on EX and one on EQ. I have a paid in full CO with Cap1 that EX will not delete and will not allow me to dispute anymore. The other is a closed CC account with Citibank that has a few lates. The problem with that one is that I sent Citibank a go
  13. So here is why I hate CRAs. I had a CC that was closed by grantor and had multiple lates. I wrote them a goodwill letter. Much to my surprise, they sent me a letter saying they have updated my account to closed by conumer and paid/never late. TU and EXP update right away, but EQ doesn't. So last month (it has been five months since i received the letter) i decided to dispute as never late online with EQ (to lazy to go to the post office). Within three days, they verify that my account is being reported correctly. Makes me very mad. Guess I will have to mail them a copy of the letter from
  14. i have tried for about 6 months now to get a paid collection off of my Equifax report. this last time during CHOD, they verified in three days. i guess i will just keep trying. i have been reading up on the nutcase letters, maybe i will give that a try.
  15. I just checked my EQ report and score and it was 666 ( devil's number). My only negs is that paid collection and 1 late payment. I wonder how much my score would go up if I could get that collection removed. Sigh. Maybe it will be deleted this time.