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  1. Now turn around and sue them for violations of the fdcpa i.e. the lawsuit past the SOL. Use the Kimber caselaw and collect your 1k and the satisfaction of seeing their idiotic faces in court.
  2. Credigy wimped out and make an offer of judgment of $2001 + attorneys fees/cost if you are interested and it was accepted by the plaintiff. entire thing lasted about 6-7 months.
  3. I do not know what to do. Offer is $17,500 but no deletion and I already upped the amount. They will get rid of all foreclosure notations but leave the 90 days late and will make it included in BK. What would you do?
  4. Newest update. Frankly I am not sure if I should laugh or cry on this one. The OC just updated the tradeline for transunion partially and experian in full on June 17th, 2006 On transunion they just added 5 late notations. On Experian they added the following: 1)for 1 1/2 years they have maintained a past due amount of $2012 even though the debt was discharged in May 2005. Now they changed it to a past due amount of over $10000. 2)for the past 1 1/2 years they have maintained a certain balance. They have just added another $4000 to the total balance due. 3)they have just updated the account as in foreclosure and updated it to this month. Maybe the 'dismissed with prejudice' went over their head. I am in total disbelief. This is all being done after it was escalated to their highest people and when they are 'considering' a settlement proposal. In 4 days the first trial is coming up- my motion for contempt in BK court. Here are some questions. 1)In the contempt of court proceedings do I ask for an amount or just present my case and the judge decides? I have 36 exhibits. 2)If a suit is dismissed with prejudice and the OC updates the account as in foreclosure could this be construed as contempt of court? The last time I filed contempt their case was dismissed but the courts stated no money could be awarded as I was not an attorney. If I can file then what can the courts do to the OC? Thanks.
  5. I went through the same thing on half my accounts. I sued 4 of the OCs and got money and deletion. You can fight back.
  6. Geez am I that scary to creditors? The OC in this case just hired another lawfirm to go against me. Now it is me pro se vs 2 lawfirms with at least 5 attorneys that I know of against me. This is gonna be one crowded courtroom lol. I could use donations of stamps cause it will take an entire book just to send each motion out to all parties. When will they get it? I am not gonna back down. I will not be scared or intimidated. You can hire every damn attorney on this planet and I will still win my case. The court is already hostile to the lawfirm and the OC. She is gonna look at them like they are totally insane when they send in 5 attorneys to my pretrial and you know she is gonna be thinking just how much did they pay these 5 attorneys when my settlement offer is probably alot less. Can you say 50-100k in legal fees alone? There is the cost of the appeal, the rest of the discovery, the comtempt of court sanctions trial, the pretrial, my counterclaim trial, another year of filing to get the foreclosure back on record, and that pretrial and trial. Nothing pisses me off more than an OC who not only abuses consumers but is so arrogant they are willing to spend a fortune just to run over a consumer.
  7. Not if you show up and present your case and not if the judge and attorney are sleeping together or money is changing hands. I wonder sometimes.
  8. Only in wisconsin and maybe some other state and who knows maybe California if anyone takes it to court is it illegal to collect on a SOL debt. However, it is illegal to sue on one in all states. A ton of JDBs do sue because 99% of the time they get away with it. When they are caught 99% of that time they drop the case and the consumer lets them go. Quite frustrating. If you are ever sued for a SOL debt you immediately countersue them and make them pay you else the cycle will never end.
  9. Quick update. THe OC just updated the accounts and included the accounts as delinquent, in foreclosure, an amount owed, ect. They even somehow managed to get around the equifax frozen tradeline so I think they changed some info around. This is all while they state they are 'considering' my settlement offer. Bullcrap. They are just stalling. I am debating filing a contempt of court order but not sure what good it would do considering their case is dismissed and my counterclaim moves on. Since I cannot be awarded attorneys fees for a contempt of court what action could the court bring about against the OC?
  10. Lol Rockford. I bet they hired all the Camco ex-collectors and probably half of them can only collect with a gun.
  11. well according to NCo's attorney lawfirm RMA does not even exist. NCO just purchased the accounts of RMA and then RMA went bankruptcy. I gave you these exact quotes. "Actually, NCO purchased only the assets of RMA which is the reason the company filed for bankruptcy after the purchase." "RMA is a bankrupt company. Your issue lies with RMA. If your cease and desist letter was sent to RMA [as you claim] then RMA failed to code the account correctly when NCO purchased RMA. NCO is not responsible for RMA's alleged oversights that occurred prior to the sale. " "NCO has reported that the request was faxed over to Trans Union and Equifax to have the inquiries removed from NCO and RMA today." Well if RMA is bankruptcy and done then how can NCO removes RMA's inquiries? Hmmm very very suspicious.
  12. yep with prejudice. she did leave an opening with an appeal of course but by the time they have gotten through the whole thing they would have spent more than the home's worth. They also have at least 4 attorneys that I can tell who are working against me. I am moving up in the world.
  13. Oh I know they will eventually get the house. I just wondered if anyone heard of a foreclosure getting dismissed with prejudice. This has already been going on for 1.5 years. Since they cannot appeal until august this could literally turn into a 3 year foreclosure. Maybe it will break new records. I am also positive I will win the counterclaim. I have dozens of violations and a great papertrail. I also have alot of damaging stuff against them and I am 100% sure I will win my counterclaim- probably for more than the worth of the house. I guess I will wait and see if they accept my settlement offer if the OC ever bothers getting back to the lawfirm.
  14. Yes filed bk after the foreclosure proceedings was started but were not yet aware of that since the dates were only a few days apart. No payments have been made. Still in the house. OC has not yet appealed but no doubt will. Counterclaim is still allowed with a trial date in august. The clerk said they cannot even appeal until AFTER the trial date is over for the counterclaim. Bk sanctions date was 2 days ago but they needed more time to mull over a settlement offer. They were suppose to call the bk court and see when the next date was and call me back but instead told the court I agreed to an extention and the court moved it from that phone call. I am not a happy camper since we may be moving out of state in a week or 2 and have had to push back the date. The OC was suppose to call their lawfirm on tues or wed with a decision but did not. Then the lawfirm said they would call yesterday and did not. I have just about had it. Right now both the lawfirm and the OC are facing a counterclaim. The OC is also facing bk sanctions for contempt of court. They have complaints filed on them with 2 attorney geneals office, ftc, bbb, and the mortgage association in my state. The OC is also being investigated by my local fbi for criminal charges from their constant illegal credit pulls. THe court is turning increasingly hostile towards the lawfirm and the OC and was angry enough to dismiss their case with prejudice. The lawfirm tried to get a default before my time to answer was up and was granted. After I put in a notion to vacate the judgment stating they jumped the gun the default was vacated. I had answered the default but the court miscoded it. The attorney tried to state his filing was 'inadvertent' yet he tried to sell the house as quickly as possible. The attorney then tried to strike my answer and counterclaim but his motion was not well founded by the court and stricken. During a case management the court ordered that I offer them a settlement from my counterclaim and they should respond. They refused. I tried a dozen times to contact them and they would not return my calls and lied to the court and said I never tried. I have faxes and logs from my phone company to prove otherwise. The court then ordered them to offer a settlement and bring their clients to the next meeting but they refused. It gets better. Their time was up to answer my interrs, admissions, and documents so I called. Their attorney was not even aware they were due and said they would arrive short. A week later he once again ignored me so I filed a motion for contempt. He responded by telling the court I grossly abused civil procedure rules and was committing fraud upon the court. The court would have none of that. He also stated the answers would be in short. Two months later nothing was given and the court granted my motion for sanctions. I expected compensation but instead she dismissed their entire case with prejudice. This is long and reads like a soap opera but all of it is true. If you are bored and want to read the filings(they are free) then you can pm me but I will only give them out if ladynred vouches for you. IF they are jerking me around again I will go with the bar association complaints against the lawfirm and who knows what else against the OC.
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