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  1. If you file alone you have to include any help the other spouse gives. You have to list their income or reduce the expenses they contribute to. Hire an attorney, you got too much at stake to get a trustee pissed off over you including 100%, of lets say the cable bill, because your spouse doesn't watch tv.
  2. It's a no brainer, states with no/low garnishments laws equal low filings.
  3. How are going to prove this mistake caused your damages? Will the car dealer testify? If not, water under the bridge. Move on. If anything use there mistake to get the account deleted from your credit-report. Dispute the trade-line online, if verifed you will have them.
  4. Who can tell where you would be in one-two years. You may try a hardship programs from the OC. The problem is, you are current on your CC. With only two cards with balances, and your credit still good, I would apply for some cheap money cards. Before you start, do some research. Know your fico one all three CRA and know which CR the CC will pull. Best of luck, and if you play the balance transfer game, stop using the CC for any purchases. If you can't get any free money, then consider defaulting for 3-4 months to qualify for hardship.
  5. "sign up again for free using a different cc" Yea, like I have so many. I didn't think the fee was that bad $120 for 14 months. I had, which I think was $80 for 12 months, but you only got your credit report every quarter (4 total) and it was only TU.
  6. The best at Monitoring. I went ahead and signed up (2 months free). Can I really pull my credit daily, as long as a member, for free?
  7. Sorry, I thought you were seeking to get that money paid by your insurance company for that discharged debt.
  8. "I also have a paid account that was included in the BK7 that I didn't know that the insurance company had paid...... " Did you claim the "value of the claim" as property and exempt? If you didn't you have no rights to sue for a refund.
  9. If you are in a cheap exemption state, yes. The trustee will ask how do you know this was your balance on this day? If you say, well it was my ledger balance, the trustee may seek the extra cash. Why risk it, pay with cash or money orders. You can buy MO at the post office with a debt/atm card.
  10. List everyone. If it's a collection account, just "collection account for blank bank" under the consideration for claim.
  11. It would be fraudulent to answer with a NO. It's best to just leave it blank, and if questioned try to brush it off (ask is it being reported that I did?). Let them make the assumption.
  12. Yes it is very common. Your attorney is indirectly telling you that without the car you would be a chapter 13. Take your attorneys advice and buy the car, if you don't reaffirm you can let the car go in a few months. P.S. with the fact you have a junker it makes for a very reasonable plan.
  13. Ain't going to happen. Your only hope to avoid garnishment (25%) is to have a child or move to non-garnish state (i.e. Texas, NC, SC, & PN). Best of luck.