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  1. Little update. BankOne, First USA, and Citibank ALL corrected their CRA reporting and sent me letters attesting to this fact.... It has now been 1 more reporting cycle, and they cam clean during that. I monitor my reports 2-4 times per month, so I can keep on this stuff quick. My latest woe is that my FLEET Bank account, which was reporting correctly, was bought by Bank Of America in mid 2004, and just as of March 2005 they began reporting the account with a balance, past due payment, and in collection.... The fun never ends....at least I watch it and can begin my attack right away.
  2. My only issue is that the date of delinquency should be 09/2003 for all, as I was current with all debts until filing. It will be interesting to see how the new law impacts CRA reporting, if at all. I would imagine that the reform will be damaging at best to this end of the issue.
  3. OK, after reading all the information on about 4 or 5 forums and dedicated websites, I think my head is going to explode. Depressed about this is putting it lightly. This inane practice of these firms is about to cost me ~$400 per month. I could just puke. Fresh Start, right. CH7 now seems as if it will haunt me for at least 6 more years until many of these tradeline fall off. I am concerned with making too much of a fight of it, as if they keep updating the last activity, it will never fall off. I'm not giving up by any means, and I would really love to see an actual class action being drawn, as I would gladly join in. Individual suits against them appear to useless, as they have the bug $$$ staff counsel, and while not poor, I don't have the $$$ for endless attorney's fees. A bit worn down, but not defeated. I will continue my fight, and watch for any class action or opportunity to right this flagrant FCRA violation.
  4. TU seems to be reasonable, however EQ & EX are a bit tougher to deal with from my experience. Kind of makes sense, when the TU scores are typically the highest.
  5. Last year, I was validating my credit reporting and found the above 3 OCs to be reporting improperly to the CRAs. This was in June 2004. I disputed with all 3 CRAs and all 3 trade lines were changed to IIB for all 3 creditors. Yeeha?? not really. I am in the process of ACTIVELY working my credit reports within all above board means. I reran everything in Jan 2005, and low and behold, the same 3 OCs are now reporting as Charged Off - Collection. Disupted with CRAs.....you guessed it.....verified with OC that reporting is correct. I spoke with some knuckle head at Bank One this evening, and she stated that they are within their federal right to report in this fashion. I would imagine the others will follow suit with this line of BS. Being that my BK7 was DC in 01/2004, how do I go about getting these OC's to correct their reporting? I understand that these 3 are the current bastards of the OC world when it comes to this topic, and I want to know how to fight this injustice, as it would appear to be illegal. If it is an ITS letter that is required, does anyone have an example that I could use and alter to my needs? If it does come down to actually filing suit, how does one go about that? What is the cost? Must I have an attorney? I am at the point of my head exploding as I am trying to refinance my house, now that I can, to get my second mortgage down to a realistic interest rate (and I can currently get a rate that is lower than my first mortgage, combining both into one). This trouble with these 3 OCs may cost me that refinance.
  6. 10 years is the general rule, however, history shows many CH13 can be off after 7 years, either by default or request. It will depend on the CRA, which are getting more and more stubborn of late.
  7. Well, our BK7 discharge was granted on 01/05/04, last Monday. We received the initial notice from our attorney today, and are still awaiting the notification from the BK Court. I have already printed the BNC mailing from the PACER site, so it is complete !! This was an interesting venture; and my wife and I look forward to the road to rebuilding our credit. It is a real shame that CT does not offer/recognize reaffirmations, as I have 2 mortgages and 2 cars for which I am paying on, that are showing as IIB on our CRs. It is very upsetting to know that we pay these bills ontime (and have always been) yet we will get no credit for doing so. It is a happy time, considering the grief the Trustee put us through, and if we had to do it over again, we would. $55+K less in debt, able to LIVE on a month-to-month basis, no more stress over the next unexpected bill.
  8. Well, my wife & I had our 341 on Monday. The Trustee was still on the fence at that time, stating it was "close". While, I guess I have to agree, the margin was apparently nominal. The Trustee filed the NDR (Trustee's Report of No Distributino) on Tuesday..., and our case status is now "Awaiting Discharge Order". I found this out today on PACER, and confirmed it with our attorney. Based on my understanding, we will now just wait until mid-December to actually recieve the discharge. Correct? I must say, my wife and I are very relieved, as if this went to a CH13 or was dismissed, we would have been destroyed, along with our young children. Thank you God!!
  9. < $300, once all debts were excluded from the picture. I guess time will tell. My lawyer (whom is also a BK Trustee for CT) does not see my disposable income being excessive. The Trustee was taking a different tact last week though. It is the waiting that is painful. Not knowing whether my next phone call will be to my detriment. In the end, if the Trustee were to force a conversion, I would really have no choice in the matter, as I am now behind in all of my debts (except the ones I am still paying, mortgages, car payments). It would be IMPOSSIBLE to catch up, so a BK13 would be the only out.
  10. You are not kidding. My wife & I Filed BK7 on 09/17/03. The Trustee questioned the filing last week and per my attorney it is due to the pending legislative changes. It appears that the District of CT is already doing this. My attorney stated that if I had filed a year ago, it would have never been questioned. He also stated that it is best to hear nothing between last week, when the Trustee called my attorney (whom is also a Trustee), and our 341 hearing. Our 341 is scheduled for 10/20/03. I check the VCIS daily to listen for any status change. If the Trustee were to file a motion for dismissal or conversion (to BK13), how long would that typically take to be filed by the Trustee? A dismissal would decimate me and my family. A BK13 conversion would be nearly as damaging at this point as well, however, would have to be accepted. The conversation with my attorney was last Thursday (09/25/03), and each day is an agonizing wait for any further bad news. My attorney impressed upon the Trustee that this was not a case of abuse, simply major over extension. Any thoughts?
  11. Wow, 15K Homestead Exemption?? CT has a $75K exemption for the same, however, I believe the COL is rather different. I'm with you, BK7 was a last resort, and my wife and I signed the papers last week with our Attny. Now time to wait for the 341.
  12. Well, it's nearly finalized in our minds, BK7 is likely to be on the very near horizon. Here's my scenario. $45K in unsecured debt. This is the 3rd time we have gotten here, due to poor planning and compulsive plastic usage. The other 2 times we refi'd into our second mortgage (which was pretty inane the second time, as it only secured more debt, and didn't clear up what we had). Now, here we are again . I am having MAJOR pride & embarassment issues with this prospect, however, I can see no other venue (as DC is a scam, and I am not going there). We are current on all bills, however, we have nothing left to live off of (we also have 2 small children). I have done extensive research on CT BK processes/laws/exemptions and am fairly confident we will retain our cars and house (we both work, so we need 2 cars, not to mention the smaller chid has to be driven to pre-school). I know I will have to reaffirm the loans on both vehicles, and the CT exemption will be covered. - What are the chances of a successfull BK filing resulting in discharge, being that I am current on all payments? - What impacts does this have on future employment applications? (currently we are employed, however, the job market is VERY shakey) - From my perspective, BK7 is the way for us to go. Correct? - How often are BK7's declined when full, honest, accurate disclosures are made? One final inqiury. What is the status of the current BK laws and the reform thereof? I know there are "means tests" and the like on the horizon and/or in place now. Does anyone know the effective dates of the BK reform laws? Obviously, I will inquire with my attorney, however, I am curious and anxious on this topic. I appreciate any comment or advice. I will be polling some friends, family, and co-workers for attorney's this week, so I can get off on the right foot. A FRESH START is what we need, and a BK7 will also force to start living on cash rather than the dreaded plastic nightmare.