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  1. My name is Vanessa Martinez. I am not going to continue to check this BS. So you can email me personally at vamartinez31@gmail.com.  I have a simple question. One I'm sure even you can answer.. How the hell are you allowed to write such ludicrousness?! My brother was out with a group of friends, all male might I add celebrating his 21st birthday. He was freshly home from being honorably discharged from the army. He was a faithful husband and a dedicated father! Freddie Alaniz had shown up to the club after being banned previously for aggressive behavior. At 12:30 a.m after threatening an employee, he entered the club started an argument with a friend of my brothers! When my brother came back to his group (his hands were full at the time with drinks for everyone) he mentioned how "everyone was there to have a good time". Freddie then stabbed MY brother in his abdomen, hitting his main aorta at 1 a.m. Freddie was arrested for assault and bonded out without hesitation since he was already wanted for sexual assault of a child. After my brother passed Freddie was arrested again for murder. He got his bond reduced due to a sob story told by his sister. He posted bail again! He went on the run this entire time!!!!!! Just last month after 12 years he was caught in Cancun, Mexico. We've waited to get some type of justice and I really cannot believe I stumbled across the garbage you've written and had the audacity to comment repeatedly to other incompetent, ill advised, zero fact having neanderthals. Like I've said before you can email me personally IF you care to comment further.



  2. Okay, I got myself a mountain bike for Christmas. But back in the Dark Ages when I was a kid, all you needed was just for your feet to turn the pedals. However, I imagine that a lot of stuff is needed just to ride a bike, like helmet, etc. So what is the cheapest way to go to get all the accessories (and what are). I also realized that I do not have enough space in the back of my SUV to put the bike back there so what is the best thing to buy to attach to the end of my vehicle.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. Now I simply divide by 2080 to get an hourly rate (or multiply the hourly rate with 2080). I figure that "2087.14" is the correct number but 2080 is probably the best answer since I imagine that that is what a lot of employers use.
  4. What is the correct or the best accepted way that most employers calculate hourly pay? I want to derive the “hourly rate” from an annual base salary although there will be some assumptions. So is the following equation the way that most employers compute it: Base annual salary divided by 52 (which is fifty two weeks in a year). Take the sum of that value and then divide it by 5 (which is for five days in a work week). Finally, take the sum of that value and then divide it again but by 8 (which is eight hours in a day). For example: Annual base salary: $70,000.00 $70,000.00 divided by 52 (weeks
  5. I am also from the state of Texas and my second lien is held by Dyck O'Neal. The amount is so small but I am paying off other bills first before I get to it.
  6. That is really good news!!! One key advice that struck me years ago: If you don't ask, you don't get... So even though you still had to pay something, it is sure much better than having to pay everything. And that is the result of asking (sometimes firmly asking).
  7. Also, something I always wondered about (because of so many horror stories I heard from the people I have known who described what happened to their relatives) is that it entirely depends on you die. For example, nearly all policies do not cover what they consider dying doing a dangerous activity. One co-worker from years ago explained that her brother drowned at a nearby lake that was always popular with boaters, families, etc during the summer. Well, swimming is considered a dangerous activity since you can drown in water; so the life insurance policy of her brother didn't cover that. A proj
  8. My co-workers told me a litany of tales about that so it was a rude awakening for me. For example, making a mortgage payment means having a big wad of cash in the bank which sits there since many electronic transfers takes a while to process. So some of my co-workers "thought" they still had plenty of money available and bought a big ticket item. BAM... they got hit with reality. Banks always had a FIFO system because it required powerful software to turn it into LIFO. My work experience of years ago was with mainframes so this kind of computing power doesn't come cheap. However, times and te
  9. A big part of it that I remember from the business law classes (before the era of everything going electronic) I took in college is that a "check" is a very different animal; a negotiable instrument. So that in of itself, for decardes, has a legal standing that is far different than overcharing a credit card. Not only do you owe something, it also has serious legal ramifications and potential that will land you in the can with somebody who wants to start calling you Susan. There still is no debtors prison but a negotiable instrument is treated far differently. In essence, even if you didn't do
  10. Here is an interesting article about that written in 2004: How the Other Half Banks The depressing, amazing "payday loan" business. Posted Monday, May 10, 2004 http://www.slate.com/id/2100276/ What strikes me is how long ago it was written but it is still so relevant and timely.
  11. Granted, I have been out of banking world for a long time and the new toxic atmosphere has totally changed in how many, if not most of the banks operate. But I got my first two bounced checks YEARS... I called up the customer service rep and they looked in the history of my account and she agreed that I never bounced a check before so they reversed the two NSF charges (but they won't do it again). They also gave me a brief explanation of their process. I knew the money was there but I was running low on funds. Consequently, I transfered money from another checking accounting (which I am trying
  12. I thought that the only flipping that was going on was the one finger salute. But I hate to imagine the pain that a lot of people went through when the real estate market went down the tubes. A lot of house flippers got burned.
  13. House flipping makes a comeback Flippers swoop in at public auctions of foreclosed homes, buying from banks eager to move the troubled properties off their books. http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/house-flipping-makes-a-comeback.aspx
  14. I have been so curious about this now that I am getting older. All of my insurance policies have been through work but I have never had one on my own. I need to get serious about now that I am an older parent with three small kids. So I am very interested as well.
  15. A long while ago I wanted to file for bankruptcy but my BK attorney said that I had to get caught up with my mortgage payments first because my house is something that could be taken away from me. And he advised me to stop making payments on everything else before I file for BK. Unfortunately, it took a couple of years to get caught up on my house payments because it took so long to finally get funded for a second mortgage. Long story short, I want the money I paid to my BK attorney back (because I won’t ever have to file for bankruptcy). The BK attorney has never done anything for me but he