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  1. When you posted your complaint with BBB, did the collection agency validate or delete? Have you ever had a collection agency served for small claims? A friend of mine did that and when they went to court the judge asked, "Do you think the debt is yours" she replied, "I don't know". The collection agency at that time (even though she proved she asked for validation of the debt) proved the debt was hers to the judge and he granted a judgement in favor of the defendent. She didn't have the money to pay and they garnished her wages. So, the collection agency was laughing at her all the way to the bank. Now she has a garnishment and a judgement on her credit. That's why it makes me nervous to sue someone. I don't have the money to pay if it comes to a decision for the collection agency.
  2. I have the same notation on an account with Experian. I don't know why they think this is satisfactory. It tells creditors or people reviewing your credit file nothing. Experian is a big pain in the a**. I think FCBA stands for Fair Credit Bill Act. The thing that bugs me, the quote is as if we instructed them to put the verbage there. "Comment from consumer....." Sorry- I am not much help in the way of a suggestion to ease the problem!
  3. Yes, these are the results after the investigation.
  4. I have gone through all of the debt validation process with a collection agency on my credit file. No response from three letters sent. I sent all letters, certified mail receipts with signature cards, etc. to Experian and they continue to say "verified". Is anyone having a credit reporting agency deleting entries on this arguement. I am not having any luck and don't want to contiue paying for the certified mailings if the credit bureaus don't see this a valid way of verifying a debt. Anyone that would like to share their experiences, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Can anyone help or add comment to this? I disputed a collection item on my Experian report, came back verified, disputed again and now in the status it is labeled "no status" and a comment "comsumer dispute under FCRA". I called Experian and asked them to explain the comment and the status and they said "hey, this is better than a collection". But, I wanted it deleted. Has this happened to anyone else out there?
  6. Yes, I have been denied credit based on the credit report that has this collection tradeline. I saved the letter of denial. Have you heard any cases and settlements here in Arizona?
  7. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anyone who has sued or has experience with calculating damage cost/$$. I am filing a lawsuit against a collection agency in small claims court here in Arizona. My case is ---I paid the original creditor full amount due, $160.00 and the collection agency will not take the tradeline off my credit file. I have sent receipts and cancelled checks, debt validation, everything and no response from them. I continue to argue with credit bureaus and they still say it is "verified". My questions is-- I know the violation is $1000, but how can I justify this amount through damages? Being denied credit, how much does that measure in $$? Defamation of character? $$, and the illegal reporting activity?? Any examples or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Have you had good experiences when you send Experian your copies of letters defending your right of debt validation and the creditor has not responded? I have sent all three letters of validation to a collection agency and they have not responded and continue to show "verified" on credit report. I am getting ready to send Experian the info and was wondering how long it takes for them to delete listing, etc.?
  9. I have a listing on my report from a collection agency for a bad check I wrote in amount of $130.00 two years ago. I never knew it went to collections, so I wrote them for validation and they supplied a copy of "bounced check" and written permission from the merchant in which I wrote the check to seek collection efforts. This agency is in the state I wrote the check in but now I live in another state. To get to the point, I contacted tem and asked if I pay $130.00 will you delete from credit file? They said "no". So, I am in no hurry to pay, get a letter, now they have doubled amount owed, and send me threatening letters becuase they have my address. I find ot they are not licensed to collect in my state. What could I do? I don't mind paying. Important thing is to get it off my credit report. I am so close to having my report clean. Any suggestions
  10. In the last three months, I have been actively reading and learning from this awesome discussion board. I have had a great deal of success with disputing inaccurate info on my report and also eliminated some listings with the validation process. I have one account that is still causing me a pain in the side. It is Midland Credit in San Diego. They have a credit card debt that is 2 years old. I have sent them validation requests twice with no response from either letter. Both were always mailed certified and I just sent the documentation to the Credit bureau. Today, I received a letter from a lawyer representing them in my state. Since they have never validated, continue to report negative marks and now sent a demand for payment letter, should I sue and for how much? I have purchased the "poor man's" and will be mailing the sample letter. Should I mail to lawyer, Midland credit, both? Any Advice would be helpful!!