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  1. You can get HUGE amounts of credit without a job. Just use one of the forms they have on a nearby campus. That's is how I got into debt..... College credit cards.... they have tents and free prizes to get you to sign up and apply (without a job, and with failing grades)
  2. I was all done, when this Sears account popped up on all my accounts. The 7-years expired in February. Transunion was the only one to remove is like it should.... without any prompting from me. Now even TU is reporting it again. I have a feeling that if I get it off my reports.... it will just keep returning/coming back no matter how many times I kill it. It's like "Freddy" or "Jason" or some other horror monster.
  3. It's my thinking they would be MORE likely to settle a large debt than a small debt, since people are more likely to declare bankruptcy or just "give up" on trying to pay larger debts. But they are probably more likely to sue over the debt as well, since lawyer cost to debt ratio would better. My guess is that the single most important factor is what they determine to be your ability to pay. If you make $20k a year.... they are definitely gonna settle for what they can get. But if you make $250k a year.... they are gonna want the whole thing. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I was in the same situation. And I just stopped paying..... luckily, nobody sued me (although they all repeatedly threatened/said they were). Of course it took me 7 years to get the last of my debts off my reports (SEARS and Dept of Education did not fold to the disputing process). What state did the debts originate? If your state has a low statute of limitations, I'd stop paying and take my chances.... then dispute after the SOL expires. The student loan: you should be able to get a hardship deferrment.... plus if you got back to school, that should exempt you from having to make payments (at least while you are attending). Everyone will say this is bad advice... and it is. But it worked for me. And when you are facing 10 years of debt and can only make the minimums and feel it is hopeless.... I wanted to just give up and tell them to f-off... so I did. Be prepared to dodge A LOT of phone calls (get caller ID).... I had over $28k worth of debt (over half was interest and penalties) and I didn't pay a dime. Except to the Dept of Edu ($6k) who garnished my wages.... once they did that, I got in the rehabilitation program... and started paying the garnishment PLUS the rehab payments.... Uncle Sam doesn't mess around. Am I proud of what I did? No.... it was shameful.... but I wasn't making any money and had no way to really pay all those bills off. I'm sure they were able to check out my financials and saw that it was probably pointless to sue. I now have a 766 Fico score. wOOt! That will teach people for trusting me with money!!
  5. They're very picky. I don't use them for anything much. I had a SECU account, then SECU merged with First Tech, so here I am... Mainly, I just want their secured VISA You work for the state? What department? I work for Oregon Dept of Revenue..... Thought about a career as Bounty Hunter, but decided working for the Department of Revenue would be more exciting!
  6. I've been an Authorized User on my brother's MBNA Platinum Plus ($50k limit, 6 yrs, no lates, $0 bal) for 7 months and It's not showing up on my credit reports.... how can I get them to report?
  7. Want to buy a home at the end of the year. Is there a good website that walks you through the whole process and info. How to choose a home? (inspectors, location, plumbing, wiring, market etc.) How to finance? (mortagages, loans, risks, lenders, income ratios) Taxes and government programs? I know NOTHING... I need all the basics. I don't know what First-time home buyer programs are available, what kind of down payment I need, what kind of insurance I need, how to not overpay for a moneypit with a bad roof/wiring/mold/water damage/plumbing)? Any sites that are to home-buying, what this site is to credit?
  8. I don't get it? If you want a higher score (which most people here do), don't you WANT those higher limits? That gives you a better credit use ratio. (i.e. $5k debt with a $5k limit is 100% utilization, whereas $5 debt with a $25k limit is only 20%.... much better) Unless the theory is "stop me before I kill again." and the limits are too much of a temptation. In this category, (which I, and many here were in...) if your're THAT out of control, you're NOT going to call you credit card company and say "no more increases." For people who've learned there lesson and trying to get back on track, I think higher limits are better.
  9. My student loans were with the US Dept. of Education (not private lender) I defaulted on my student loans, and they garnished my wages. The default and garnisment were reported on my report. I entered rehabilitation to have negatives removed. 2 months ago, they hit the 7 year mark and were removed by CRAs. This month I will finish the rehabilitation.... still owe like 2k. Can I get these "rehabbed" loans reported (without negatives) reported on my credit report? I do not have any "old" tradelines. Got them all deleted through this site (privacy guard score now 760, from 520). A "clean" 7-year loan would be a good addition. Can I get this back on?
  10. I think it's done electronically most of time... or they check the computer... either way, I doubt they take the time to look up a hard copy so I don't think it makes a difference... I doubt you're improving your odds.
  11. I wish I were in a situation where I had to worrow about such problems.
  12. I keep getting so close... then they keep moving the finish line. I have had great success is disputing only to have GULF STATES, PALISADES, PURCHASED PAPER LLC come back over and over again. It's making me think I'm wasting my time... THREE times I have gotten the last derog. deleted (except for my student loan defaults that I'm re-habbing) only to check my report and see one of the CA tradelines return. When I finally got DISCOVER off, I thought I was home free.... I had been unsuccessfully disputing them since November. Sorry, just had to vent... I know the routine... they didn't notify me within 5 days.... yadda yadda yadda. Now I have to dig out all those old deletion letters and fax them copies and cross my fingers.
  13. Finally got rid of all my Shermans (2TL x 3CR) but I still have one of those accounts showing up on Equifax under "Gulf State." Which is their correct contact info for validation: GULF STATE CREDIT PO Box 8200 JACKSONVILLE, FL O S I PORTFOLIO SERVICES (GULF STATE CREDIT) 2425 Commerce Avenue Building 2100, Suit DULUTH, GA GULF STATE CREDIT 10500 San Pedro SAN ANTONIO, TX GULF STATE CREDIT L L C P.O. Box 96070 CHARLOTTE, NC [Edit by Shawnimal on Friday, June 6, 2003 @ 02:48 PM]
  14. Send one of the sample CEASE AND DESIST letters to keep them from calling.
  15. If I dispute anything... I NEVER contact them for 30 days. I don't want any communication to restart the clock.
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