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  1. Yes, I have to say, my nerves are a little shot just thinking about the trustee/creditors meeting. I know the creditors won't show up, but the trustee has me worried because I don't know what to expect. Will he be mean or nice or in between? Just have to wait and see. LadyinRed, I replied to your private message.
  2. I agree guys - Xmas gifts and pet expenses SHOULD be allowed, however, I just did what they told me to do. Apparently the lawyer I used is familiar with the trustees in my area and knew what they would argue and what they wouldn't argue. I would imagine that trustees are different in different areas/states, and that some are harder than others. Anyway, I agree with what you are saying, and yes, they allowed me to list my internet fee (I don't have cable but that was allowed too). I would think that, to me, my cats are much more important than having cable, which is a luxury, but like I said, I could only do what they advised and since they do this everyday, and it's all they do there, I figure they know what's best for the trustees in this area. I got confirmation that my case was filed and my court date is next month. They also gave me the name of the trustee who will be handling my case and have already sent letters to all my creditors. Lady in Red... no, I didn't - I've actually never even checked my private messages before, so will do so now. Thank you.
  3. Actually, yes they can and did file before being paid in full, and I know someone else who used this firm and they did the same for him. This is a law firm that deals only with bankruptcy, so I'm sure they know what they're doing. I had to pay the $200 filing fee, plus a $200 retainer and they filed 2 days later. The rest of their fee I pay in installments, the first on the court day. Pet fees - I only claimed what I had paid for one pet to be spayed, as I had a receipt for that. Gifts - it doesn't matter who they're for, they were not able to list them as expenses because they are not necessities. Keep in mind that the rules are different for each state. This is in my state of TN.
  4. Hey guys, I finally saw a lawyer and got my bankruptcy filed. Thought I'd let you all know how it went so those getting ready to do it themselves can know what to expect. I was pretty nervous myself, so thought this might help others out a bit. Anyway, I'm in TN so it might be different in different states, but here's what they told me. I was not able to claim gifts (no xmas or b-day gifts) - they said that if you can afford to buy gifts, you can afford to pay bills. Also, the total cost for me was $850, including the filing fee of $200. I had to pay them $400 to get it filed, then pay the rest in 3 installments of $150 each. Not bad. They put in quite a bit more for clothing expense than I would ever actually spend, so be sure to jack that up a bit if you work in an office. They also added car repair stuff and added to my laundry and fuel expenses. I was afraid of making things too high, but they kept adding more until we got a negative balance at the end of the month. I was allowed to claim donations to charities as long as I find proof of the donations. Pet fees - she told me the trustees aren't fans of pets and to make those costs as minimal as possible. I was not allowed to claim much in the way of vet fees. Again, their rationalization is that if you can afford a pet you can afford your bills. It was relatively painless and I am now awaiting news of my court date which should be next month. About a month after that I should be all done and everything should be debt free for me.
  5. No, and I'm not sure I'd trust a paralegal to do it. It's only $200 to file yourself and a lawyer to do the paperwork is less risky and will most likely let you make payments for his fees.
  6. Thanks for the pointers. I'm wondering how much proof one has to have of an expense. For example, if you list Christmas gift expenses, do you need to have the receipts?
  7. Thanks! I am in Nashville, too! Is there a lawyer here you know of that you'd recommend? I will check out the site you left the link for. I do know Excel and have started on my expenses spreadsheet. Do I need to show everything for the past 2 years or is 1 year sufficient?
  8. I am in the state of Tennessee. Wow - $700 for a lawyer to file bankruptcy? Seems sad to have to pay $700 (plus the $200 cost of filing) to prove you have no money. Almost a thousand dollars later... I definitely will have no money after that! What you say about the lawyer messing up your case... that's scary. I would do the paperwork myself if I weren't afraid of doing something wrong and having it thrown out of court. I know basically nothing about this sort of thing. I guess I will have to contact some lawyers and see if I can find one that doesn't charge an arm and a leg... doubtful, I know. This is scary stuff. I have about 5 weeks until the court date. What do you guys think about me calling the suing creditor and telling them if they don't drop the charges I'll be forced to file Chapter 7? Would that get them to drop the suit?
  9. Thanks for the responses. So, if I have $100 or more left over, but that does not include any payments being sent to cc companies, than I may have to file CH 13 even though the $100 is not enough to distribute amongst the creditors? (I have about 5 creditors all together who are not getting paid due to lack of funds - I don't think they'd settle for $20/month each and it would take me the rest of my life to pay off that way!). What exactly is meant by "dismissal"? Also, how much do most bankruptcy lawyers charge? I know it's $200 to file, plus attorney fees. I'm not even sure I have enough to pay that, but will have to come up with it.
  10. I have about $17,000 - $20,000 in cc debt. 2 years ago I signed on with a consolidation co who gave me the run-around and basically stole my money and did not give it to the debtors. The BBB has been unable to locate them as they closed up shop and went into hiding, but they have received other complaints like mine about this same consolidation co. Because of what they did, my late fees, interest and over the limit fees went through the roof. Yesterday I was served a judgment by 1 of the cc companies- I am supposed to go to court in Nov. They have added over $2,000 in attorney fees to the debt as well. I have no assets - no house, no car, no valuable possessions at all. I do have a job but I support myself and my bf and have barely enough to pay the rent and regular bills, there is very little left at the end of the month. I don't have cable tv, I don't spend money on clothing except when absolutley necessary, I do not buy luxury items. Do I qualify for Chapter 7 or does the fact that I have a job mean they can garnish my wages? I am afraid that if they do, all the other cc companies will follow and take me to court as well, but I know that if I file Chapter 7 they can't. What do I do?
  11. It's impossible to prove that a CA said they'd put the file on hold. They lie. That's the bottom line. They tell you they'll do something and they don't. Which is why it makes no sense to even try talking to them at all.
  12. I have found that the biggest problem I've had dealing with Collec. Agencies has been their lack of good note-keeping. I tell one person the whole long story and then the next person who calls knows nothing about it. It made it impossible to keep talking to them because no notes were taken and no info was ever passed on amongst themselves. One guy told me he'd put my file on "hold" and I get a call a couple days later from someone else who says there's nothing in the file about that and it's not on hold. Makes it useless to discuss anything with them because they don't bother to write anything down.
  13. Yes, "colector", it IS illegal for you to call a cell phone because like Xan said - it costs the customer money to talk to you and collectors are not allowed to call you on a phone if it's going to cost you money, just like they can't ask you to call them back long distance - they have to give you a toll free # to call them. Just once I'd like to ask a collector how much money HE owes to people and then call him everyday to harrass him about it for the rest of his life. Collectors are like Telemarketers. They don't have enough education to get a REAL job, so they have to harrass people for a living. I don't know how they sleep at night.