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  1. that is a good question...if say she does have the paper work, is it as easy as faxing it to the CB and saying "take it off?"
  2. well, i would suggest pulling your report to see if it's still there.
  3. Sooooo, I have a very old best buy account from 2001 that I never paid, was in college at the time. Anway, I totally forgot about it and see that it's on my report about 5 times with different agencies...obviously the account has been passed along a million times. I went ahead a disputed "not mine" on all of them, hoping that if anything, only the current CA will keep reporting. If the old CA's verify with the CB's, well, can they do that? Am I stuck with all of these listings?
  4. ahhh yes, i got a chevron a couple years ago with a 575 and it was an amazing feeling to be approved for something! i got a $300 CL and i charged some flowers and paid it off right away so it would show up on my reports. i haven't touched it since
  5. You're right, I looked and it was Experian (not EQ) that Patelco pulled. I did have 3 open unpaid collections at the time. They also gave me a $2500 personal loan which I used to consolidate credit card debt.
  6. Have you tried Patelco? I got a $1000 card from them while back with a 600 and they pulled Equifax for me (I'm in WI...they are in CA)
  7. FYI I had the same exact thing happen to me. I called corvette and told them that I've never had a public record, then they proceeded to pull Experian to see if they could approve me that way but then I was denied for other reasons..will find out with the letter in the mail. Exp I have about 615 and no collections but high util and inqs. I did get approved for the Union Plus card though. They said that their system must have a glitch . I think I will PFB for an approval since I should have been approved for the corvette once they saw I had no public record anyway.
  8. sign up for two paypal accounts, and pay yourself for a service with the unionplus card...then transfer the funds to your checking
  9. i wouldn't make an offer that you can't live up to. wait until you could actually pay it in full. only the CA would take payments or a settlement i would think...the oc (clinic/hospital) isnt going and won't be able to budge on the amount due.
  10. I am mailing one out to the ER tomorrow! I'm even adding that I can't be approved for a house because of it to pull the sympathy strings I've already done the validation route with the CA and they did provide me with an itemized statement from the hospital.
  11. I have made great progress in the past year thanks to these and other credit boards:) I am now down to tackling the few sticky negs I have. The one I'm concentrating right now is: A CA has listed on my report that I pd $160 on a traffic ticket to them. I already aked them validate the debt and they printed me off a screen from the courthouse which is a publicly accessable website where you can just type in someone's name/dob and see what charges they've had against them. to me that is NOT validation because it does not show that I paid THEM. Now I know this had went to collections when I we
  12. I learned the hard way that the trio does NOT only pull EQ. I'm in WI and they pulled all on be careful before you go crazy! Now I have to call up EXP and try and get these removed Sux cause I was applying for DH and he has a 650 on EQ now and I'm sure he would've got them if they pulled EQ!
  13. I always consider my fiance's income, mind as well be married..been together over 6 years! That's only for credit card apps though. I've never been questioned. Good Luck!
  14. fyi - i didn't realize this at the time but my EXP Fico was actually 618 when i was approved. i didn't realize my score had gone up so much since orchard mastercard i recieved a few months ago started reporting. also, i have no collections on EXP and one paid target charge off for $300 thats about 2 years old.
  15. Hi all, I haven't posted here in a while, I had been busy finishing up the semester,etc. I like to read success stories on the boards so I thought I'd share one...I started with scores around 480 - 515 last spring before I started my journey reading various boards, the FCRA,etc..and now I'm happy to say my EXP FICO is at 620! How and why? 1.Disputed all lates, collections persistantly. 2.Called the shots with Risk Managment and got them to delete a duplicate listing with threats to sue by me. 3. Started applying for starter cards, got Orchard Bank Silver Mastercard. 4. Just applied for a