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  1. When I order my credit report directly from Equifax. It is listing an inquiry from First American Credco that was originally bumped off. This inquiry does not show up on Credit Secure, Truecredit, Privacy Guard (Credit Alert), and Chase Identity Protection. This is very weird. Anyone had this happen before? I have also done the backdoor dispute for this inquiry and Equifax had sent me a confirmation stating that no such inquiry is listed on my credit report. hmmm.
  2. I just wanted to give everyone my experience... I placed a fraud alert on my credit file and I contacted the Fraud department by phone and disputed 5 inquiries. It took them forever to completed the investigation.. it must have been close to 30 days.. but they only deleted 2 of the 5 inquiries. The other three were verified somehow, and the results stated that if I suspect fraud to contact the creditors directly. Oh well.
  3. To the skeptics out there, I would like to confirm that b* or bumping does work! You can only bump hard inquiries off of your TU and EQ reports. It bumps much faster on TU than EQ. You must be subscribed to a 3-in-1 credit monitoring services like Truecredit, Amex Credit Secure, Privacy Matters, etc and pull your report daily. I am subscribed to both Truecredit, amex credit secure, and credit alert. I pull my report daily and I have 0 inquires on my transunion credit file. I only have 2 inquiries on my Equifax report due to recent requests for CLI's...but i'm hoping to bump them off. Another t
  4. Like I mentioned earlier, I contacted Experian to remove the statement "Account in dispute-reported by subscriber" that was appearing on one of my positive tradelines. They said they can't do that and that they need to initiate an investigation. Well, I got back the results, and the freaking statement is still there. What the hell?
  5. Well it is a long story but it is tied to a dispute regarding a citi mastercard account that was being reported as charged off...when it was in fact never charged off.. I disputed over 6 months ago and it came back verified with an updated balance.. since then i have been trying to correct the matter and citi got involved and fixed the tradeline last week. However, the following day the "account in dispute" notation returned... and Experian told me that it is being automatically reported by Citi... so here we go again! =(
  6. I have that message "Account in dispute-reported by subscriber " appearing on one of my tradelines on Experian. It has been on the account for months. I contacted Experian to have the statement removed but I was told that it is automatically reported by the OC...so they put the statement in dispute.. how strange....disputing the "account in dispute" notation.
  7. I got two sperate invitations to apply for the Chase Platinum and Chase Ultimate Rewards card. Is one better than the other? Here are the terms: Chase Platinum = 0% Fixed Intro APR on Purchases and BT's through Nov 2005, and 5.99% Variable APR Thereafter. Must respond by 9/15/04 Chase Ultimate Rewards =8.99% Purchases / 0% Fixed Intro APR on BT's only through Aug 2005 and 8.99% Variable APR thereafter / 2,500 Bonus Points. Must respond by 9/30/04. The Chase platinum card looks like the best offer to me. I am seriously considering BT as well. What do you guys think?
  8. i'm sorry to hear that. I feel your pain because I am going through the same problems with citi. They are reporting one of my accounts as Charged off when it is not. I managed to get the accounts re-opened and I was even given automatic CLI on both accounts, but the mastercard account is still listing as charged off. I have disputed a billion times with Experian and I keep getting "previously investigated". I even tried having Citi fix it and supposedly they had sent updated information to the CRA's last month but it still says CO! on Experian. I even faxed letters with a copy of my credit rep
  9. I tried ordering my experian report from myfico.com. However, i get the following error message... "Thank you for your interest in FICO-Scored Experian Credit Profile. We regret we are unable to fulfill your order request because Experian is unable to find credit records for you. You may wish to contact Experian directly to investigate this issue. You can obtain contact information on the Experian Website (www.experian.com)." I don't get it. My membership info (name, ss#, address, phone number) is all correct. I don't have a problem pulling my Experian report from Privacy Guard and Experian
  10. Actually this is not true, although CRA's keep inquiries on file for 2 years, the only inquiry that is allowed to remain for 2 years is employment inquiries, all others are to remain for one year. § 609. Disclosures to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681g] (a) Information on file; sources; report recipients. Every consumer reporting agency shall, upon request, and subject to 610(a)(1) [§ 1681h], clearly and accurately disclose to the consumer: (3)(A) Identification of each person (including each end-user identified under section 607(e)(1) [§ 1681e]) that procured a consumer report (i) for employment
  11. Can someone please pm me and let me know this pg trick? thanks.
  12. I have two student loans from sallie mae totaling a little over $3,000... I have been paying on time every time since I finished school. I have never been late. The student loans are listed as two installment accounts on my credit reports. I have noticed that one of the installment accounts is currently listing as: Account transferred or sold with a $0. I don't understand why. SALLIE MAE-FFELP1002 ARTHUR DRIVE LYNN HAVEN, FL 32444 (900) 772-5543 Account Number: XXXXXXXXX Rate or Status: PAYS AS AGREED Account Owner: Individual High Credit: $1,500 Type of Account : Installment Terms or Mont
  13. I never sued before.. i wouldn't know how to go about it. Here is the quick letter that I will send to citibank, is this good enough? Also, this is how my account appears on Experian. XXXXXXXX Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms Revolving account Acct Status: Closed Monthly Payment: $0 Date Open: Dec, 1999 Balance: $2,540 Terms: Revolving High Balance: N/A Limit: $2,950 Past Due: $2,540 Remarks: Account in dispute-reported by subscriber Payment Status: Charge-off Sanford I. Weill, CEO 399 Park Avenue New York, NY 1004
  14. Thanks for the reply. Can I use this to my advantage in order for them to either delete the tradelines from my credit reports or update them to positive tradelines with no late payments? Like i had mentioned before, both my visa and mastercard accounts were closed last year due to late payments..but since I found employment, I have paid on time every month for the past 11 months or so. I was even told that my accounts would re-age and they would delete the late payments and list it as good credit. However, it was a lie. The only thing they did was update it as "paying as agreed, was late 180 d
  15. I have two citibank (formerly associates) credit cards.. one visa and one mastercard. Last year I became delinquent due to unemployment. They closed both accounts but since then I have been making timely payments and I am below my limits. For some reason, EXPERIAN keeps listing my mastercard account as charged off...however, the account is not charged off. Transunion doesn't list it as charged off. I disputed several times with Experian and they claim citi verified that it is charged off. However, someone from citibank's presential office contacted me and told me the account is not charged off