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  1. OK, first off I am in Utah. I received a 10 day summons from a CA last week regarding a $124 debt for some hospital tests. It said that a complaint had not been filed, but could be within 10 days. It asked the court for payment of the $124, plus attorneys fees of $250. I immediately sent the CA the $124, with a return receipt. I also sent a letter saying that this should settle the matter (since it had not gone to court yet, I shouldnt have to pay attorneys fees to them is my thought). Here is the problem. It looks like they are holding the check in order to force the matter to go to court and try to collect the $250 in attorneys fees. Can they legally do that and what should my response to the complaint be? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. OK, I sent off the Validation request request in December to NCO, along with that I sent a Do No Contact. Havent heard a thing back on the validation, however I kept getting calls from a number in Baltimore with no one on the other end. Finally this evening there was a human on the line when I answered and lo and behold they were calling from NCO. I told them I had requested validation and told them to not contact me and had the green card to show receipt on 30 December. She claimed to have no record of the request and said if I did not pay today, that she would mark it as a Refusal to Pay. Who do I contact about their violating the Do Not Contact letter? Any suggestions on what letter to send next?
  3. OK, I dont know if anyone else has run across this problem before, but hopefully someone will have some advice: I had an MBNA account that my ex-wife ran way past the limit, without ever asking for a credit increase. I am disabled and on a fixed income so after 6 years on MBNA's "Reduced payment" plan without the balance going down a penny (and being constantly disputed), I sent them a letter saying that unless they could show where a limit increase was requested and having paid 6,000 on a 2,000 limit card, I was considering the debt paid in full. Didnt hear a thing from MBNA after that. Then I started getting calls (averaged 3 per day) from Encore. I told them the situation and faxed them the letter to MBNA...did no good. I sent a DV letter and Cease and Desist based on harassment, boom, stopped hearing from them. 6 months later I get a call from a new company who say they bought the debt from Encore...I told them the situation, faxed copied of the DV, Dispute and CD letters (with the return reciept from the mailing). I also told them they needed to get back whatever they paid Encore, since Encore KNEW they couldnt validate the debt and sold it anyway. Never heard from them again. Last week, I get a call from ANOTHER company who has bought the debt...I told them the situation and havent heard from them again (Yet). Any ideas on how I can get these twits to stop selling the unvalidated debt to each other, or do I even need to worry? Will this keep showing up on my CR every time they sell it to someone new?
  4. OK, I requested Validation on the 30th of January this year from Encore. I never heard a thing back, even after the follow up letters. Now I just got a call from "Enhanced Recovery Services" saying that the debt was sold to them and wanting to know when I was going to pay. Can these people do this (Sell the debt without having verified it)? I have been disputing this debt since 1997. MBNA allowed my ex-wife to run up charges to AOL without either she or I asking for a credit limit increase...$2,000 limit card went to around $5,000. I became disabled in 1996 and havent been working since, but I did pay MBNA at least $90 a month from June 1996 to May 2002 on a "Reduced Payment" plan since I was disabled. Unfortunately, the $90 apparently didnt even cover the interest (suppossedly 10%), since the balance increased while I was on the plan. I told MBNA originally, and the CA's since, that since I had paid over $5,400 on a card that had a limit of $2,000, if they couldnt show me where the ex or I had requested a credit limit increase to cover the other $3,000+ that she had charged on it, I wasnt going to pay for more than the $2,000 limit on the card (which the $5,400 should have covered easily). Do I have a leg to stand on here, legally, oe should I just plan on starting the whole routine over again with this new CA?
  5. OK, I have been trying to find out at what number of calls it can be considered harassment from the CA? I live in Utah, so any state specific would be excellent. Right now I have records of 9 calls in the last 4 days, with 5 of them being "Hangups" when I answer. Yesterday, the agent even admitted to having made 26 calls in the last month. So does anyone know a number for me?