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  1. I just got off the phone with the credit analyst. Here's what they said about my report. Because I continue to dispute, and the CRA updates and uses the "reported as of date" as the most current update (not the DOLA), it can cause the score to decrease. This is a temporary problem and should go up in a couple of months. So, I asked him, "so I should have just left things alone?" He told me no, I was right to get the information corrected and that I should contact EQ and ask why my scores are going down just because the OC was reporting inaccurate information and I proved them wrong by providing proof of the inaccuracies? Maybe they will fix my scores and maybe they wont, but he said should correct itself in a couple of months. Blah, blah, blah. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't!!! TJ
  2. Ok, I hate to sound dumb, I've looked around the site and can't find it. What is Privacy Guard and what site to I go to? Looks like I could use this!! TJ
  3. I wish getting them off were that easy. I've been trying for over 3 years now. They are not budging. Everyone continues to verify, verify, verify. The same collections are on my TU report but it didn't fall. I just can't figure it out. You know, I have one collection company that reported last year, but no longer has the account, but EQ keeps coming back saying it's verified as mine and giving me the Name, address, phone # of the person to contact. I don't know what to do about this one. Any ideas? TJ
  4. I have 2 credit cards. Each have about 10% or less on them. The other accounts which are in collection are close to 6 or 7 years old. Three of those. The last one to come off will be Nov 05. The OC's are budging neither are the collectors, I've tried to dispute and they keep coming back verified. The mortage company that I'm working with said that the collections are so old that they really aren't even considering those because for the last 4 1/2 to 5 years I have not lates or collections. His concern is that drop by equifax. He sent my CR to the credit analyzers to look at and see if there is something they can do to fix it. Sometimes they will contact the CRA's themselves and ask why it dropped. Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow. Thanks for info. I guess I may just be out of luck. I was hoping to buy a home soon because the market is going sky high here in Florida. A friend of mine bought less than 3 years ago, and she just had her home appraised for possible sell or refinancing. Her house has passed the double mark. She bought for $98,000, just appraised for $230,000. The market analyst hear are saying that prices are going to increase $60,000 to $80,000 over the next year. Ouch!!!! Wish me luck!!! Thanks all
  5. I refinanced in Oct 03. How long does the drop last? Wow, so it's better to just leave the negatives on? I'm trying to buy a house, and because of Equifax it's caused me a BIG BUMP.
  6. I checked my credit scores again, compared them to my Oct 03 scores: Oct Equifax - 598 Mar Equifax -562 Oct Experian - 596 Mar Experian - 607 Oct TU - 590 Mar TU - 627 Ok, can anyone tell me why Equifax would drop like this. I haven't had any change in my credit, except to delete negative tradelines, and also that I refinanced my auto for a lower interest rate in Oct. But the old auto loan shows paid with a 0 balance now. All of my history shows paid on time for this last 6 years and I haven't had any inquiries, etc. Dropped 36 points and I don't know why? The rest of my scores went up while Equifax dropped. Help??????
  7. These pieces of scum sucking bottom feeders. I disputed an account they have listed as still having a balance (it was a collection account thru ASSET Acceptance). I paid this account off in 10-03. I disputed on-line (that was my mistake) and stated the incorrect balance, and paid in full. I just received their reply today "The balance of this item has been updated. The balance is correct as of the date reported and will update on a regular basis." WTF!!!!! First of all, this account was paid in full 10-03. And it's the same balance as the previous 4 months. The last time Asset reported was 10-03, showing a balance of $1601.00 (the original amount). And WTF does "update regularly" mean. It's freaking March now. What, 5 months and NO update. Is this regular???? Damn this pisses me off to no end. But, in the mean time, I called Asset and asked them for a letter showing there was a 0 balance. I received that letter yesterday. So today, again, I sent a CMRR letter to Equifax demanding, while showing proof, that this account is being reported in Violation of FCRA....... and they need to remove or update to show a 0 balance. What the hell is wrong with these lazy pieces of .....?????? First of all, Asset didn't report to them showing a verification, etc, or the date reported would have changed. And no, the balance didn't update, it's the same balance as before. Damn it, I'm trying to buy a house and can't as long as the idiot CRA's continue to screw people like this. They had better correct it now. -------------- Anywy, I'm still waiting to hear about the FMS dispute, informing them that this company does not have the "Bankfirst" account and it's still being reported as a Collection account under FMS. I spoke with an employee at FMS who told me the account had been returned to the OC several months ago. Lets just see if Equifax verifies this one too and leaves it on my account. I'm a very angry person at this moment, where are the nails!!!!! TJ
  8. Does anyone know what CR GAP pulls when reviewing for a credit card or can you tell me where I can find the info? Thanks TJ
  9. Can someone help me as to how to put into words about a account that I'm trying to get deleted from my CR? Here's the details: FMS has reported a collection on my CRs. However, I called them and they no longer have the account. They told me they had returned it to the OC and that I should contact them. The collection has not been reported since 12-2002. What verbage can I put in my letter to the CRs so that they will delete. Should I just say "not mine", inaccurate reporting, etc? I want to make sure that they don't just blow me off and validate. Thanks TJ
  10. I agree. I think with this letter I should be polite but firm and clear about what it is that I want. I'm just hoping that Experian accepts the printout as proof! Thanks TJ
  11. Just wanted to let you know that I finally got the info I wanted. I sent them an email instead of a letter. One of the service reps forwarded my email to a Nancy Murphy, instead of Mr. Holloway. Ms. Murphy promptly sent me the accounting, detailed. It clearly shows the date of last payment (which she circled), date of charge off (which she underlined) and complete listing of all interest accured. This is just a printout, but it shows my name, address, SSN, account number etc. So, now I'm hoping that once I send it to Experian they will correct the tradeline or delete. Do you think this will work? I guess my next step if they don't correct is to go to court???? I've typed up a letter to EX attaching the detailed printout, requesting they reinvestigate, correct or delete IAW FCRA, since I've provided proof. Wish me luck!
  12. Thanks, I'll definitely include this with my letter. This will be the third letter I've sent them. Should I get tough and threaten to sue in this letter. Or should I leave it nice? I will definitely, clearly, state what it is that I want corrected, as I have in my past letters. I will also include the previous letters and copies of the CMRR they signed, correct? Thanks for your reply and help. TJ
  13. Ok guys. See what you think I should do now. As some of you may know, I've been battleing with Experian and a Federal Credit Union over reaging my account, changing the DOLA from 10-98 to 10-2003 causing the drop off date from 10-2005 to 10-2010. Well guess what! I emailed the credit union and contacted someone else other that the jerk I had been dealing with, the one who actually changed the info. In the email I said "I've been trying to get a complete accounting of this account XXXXXXXX, and I can't seem to get one, I'd like to make this right." Well, I received a complete accounting today. It's a COMPLETE accounting of this account, showing the DOLA, or as it's clearly circled for me the date of last payment of 10-13-98, with a chargeoff date of 25 May 99. On this accounting Mrs. Murphy wrote also to contact Merchants Credit Adjusters concerning this account since it was assigned to them on June 14, 1999. This info shows my complete name, address, social security, DOLA, chargeoff date, original balance, interest accrued, date assigned to collector, the account number, what kind of account it is etc. So here's my question. If I provide a copy of this to Experian do you think they would correct the tradeline? If not, I believe at this point I would have a clear case in court, right? Tell me what you think, please. TJ
  14. And what would that do? The new FCRA requires them to notify me of any new degrogatory information, correct? Is that what you're speaking of? How would the new FCRA coming into force affect this and when does it come into effect? Is there nothing that I can do to get a complete accounting of this account which they claim I defaulted on in 1998 and in which they have re-aged on my CR, except to sue of course? I would really like to get this accounting. tj
  15. I have been trying to get a "Collections" account deleted from my CR for a couple of years, of course they kept coming back as verified. Unfortunately, I know all the information was correct and they were reporting accurately so I really couldn't do anything. Well today, I thought, let me call them to see if maybe they would agree to settle for less than 1/2 and also if paid they would remove the item. Well, lucky me. I was told, "Ma'm, I'm sorry but we no longer hold that account, we've sent it back to the OC, you'll have to contact them." BAMMMMM. I immediately disputed with Equifax as "Not Mine". Should come off soon. 8 down, 3 to go. TJ
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