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  1. yeah file chapter 7.. you could do it..
  2. no doc loan is when you have really good credit and you dont want the bank to verify stuff..
  3. do a no doc loan.. and put her name on the title..
  4. you can get your name on the house title and not be on the loan..
  5. I wasnt behind.. but I just didnt want to pay it off..
  6. if he has perfect credit.. then just file bankrupcy and rebuild.. and rely on him for credit.. im bad..
  7. I was in your place about a year ago.. I had one repo and had my other car that was 10k more then it was worth.. so I repoed it too.. now I owe about 20k in repos.. plus all the credit cards.. and taxes.. I filed chapter 13 bankrupcy and it got rid of all of it.. now its time to rebuild.. my credit before the bankrupcy was in the high 400's.. after I filed its still in the high 400's..
  8. Has anyone here got there scores up high even with a bankrupcy on you report.. im hoping in the next 2 years to score in the 600's..
  9. ok im going to do it.. maybe in the next few months I can get my score in the 600's..
  10. I filed just a couple days ago.. and already it is on my report.. how does it get on the report.. and how hard is it to get off.. if you get it off will it just come back on like it did when I filed..
  11. and a couple times.. they just took the whole account off.. weird..
  12. this one time I disputed it late.. got all the lates off.. then i said I owed nothing even though I owed like 1000 and they changed it..
  13. on the report it says who they are collecting for.. both have the same account number and everything.. so I should send a letter saying duplacate..
  14. my score went down.. from 498 to 473 after my bankrupcy was filed.. didnt hurt too bad.. 25 points.. its time to fix my credit..