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  1. The point is that the rep from the CA didn't not ask to verify if my mother lived there. She left the message stating that my mother get back to her like if she resided at that number. When I clearly stated that she doesn't live at this number and never has, asked me "isn't she your mom?" I told her I wouldn't answering that because regardless of whether she is my parent, friend or neighbor, I was not to be contacted regarding her debt. Now, she never said that she was a debt collector but when I initially called the number she left on my voicemail, it clearly stated the company name and that you are calling a debt collector! That exchange was a week ago and I haven't heard back from them so I don't know if the debt will be assigned to another CA or what.
  2. A CA contacted me about a debt that belongs to my mother. I believe that is in violation of the FDCPA. I told this to the rep and she said that wasn't true. Was she lying or was the laws changed?
  3. It's been a while since I've been here and I've missed the board. Would anybody here had any dealings or knowledge of RJM Acquisitions LLC? I got a letter from them today stating that they purchased a debt of mine from Orchard Bank Mastercard/Household Bank. How can I find out whether they actually purchased or acquired it? The amount due is $607.50. I don't recall having a credit card with Orchard or/and Household Bank.
  4. Dop I send TU a procedure letter? If so, is there a copy of it on this website or can someone help me draft it?
  5. In June I disputed two items with Experian from the same CA that I have been in court with over the past year. They items were deleted. So I then disputed the same items on TU and they were verified. How can that be? Is there a way for the items to be deleted off of TU? I get the feeling that TU didn't even bother to verify because why would the CA delete items off of one report and not the other. (By the way, the items were never reported to Equifax.) I noticed that when both CRAs updated my reports by FICO score wasn't sent along with it so how can I find out what they are?
  6. what does "bump" or "bumpage" mean? I've been on other boards and noticed that term used frequently.
  7. I can't afford to hire an attorney because I am unemployed. Can I do a "proc se" and just modify the answer to their complaint by countersuing for the $3000?
  8. On previous posts to this board, I mentioned my default judgments that I had from a CA. I went to court on July 23rd and the judge vacated both judgments. The first one, I entered into another stipulation and the judge approved it. The second one was vacated "on consent", whatever that means. But I do go back to court in September and the case should be dropped hopefully! The reason I have to go back in September is that the CA had the nerve to want to settle on the judgment when they captured funds AFTER I sent them a DV letter. They didn't want to give the money back. I told their attorney I would NOT settle for any amount because they have proved the debt is mine. If the CA hasn't proven the debt yet and I've been in court back and forth for over a year, they aren't going to be able to prove it. The attorney stated that the lien on my bank accounts were removed but since I wasn't informed, my bank closed my checking account because it was in a negative balance. Luckily, I was able to save my savings account before that closed. The problem is that now I am in a bad standing with my bank and to open another account with them will cost me $3000. I can sue the CA for this amount? I never had any problems with my bank and the lien placed on my account was illegal because they never proved the debt was mine. I feel suing for the $3000 will compensate me for my trouble with the bank. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to go about suing for the $3000?
  9. Sorry, if the debts are unpaid the usual amount of years applies: seven for chargeoffs/collections, ten for judgments - renewable for another ten years.
  10. Unpaid accounts and judgments are still seven and ten years respectively. Do you plan on moving here or just using a NY address?
  11. I wonder if you can just dispute the chargeoffs by saying that you were never at the previous address? If you move to NY, clear off the old address, wait, maybe like six months, then dispute the chargeoffs stating that you don't reside at that previous address maybe it will come off. Any opinions?
  12. What does "updated" mean versus "remains"? What exactly is meant by "deleted"? I have five different accounts on my Experian CR (four from Asset Acceptance) and I requested an investigation on 6/2. So far, I got one account from Asset that says "remains" and the other three say "updated". The other item was deleted. Can someone explain what all these terms mean? Also does an account investigation that says "pending" after 29 days mean that it is possible that on the 31st day, it will be deleted?
  13. I believe it is five years from the date of the last activity.