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  1. Hey folks can somebody help me with the appropriate response to this Idiot Box company by name of AFNI. of Bloomington, IL Some time ago, per the advice of this site, I sent them the Debt Validation letter. They recently responded with a letter suggesting that the DV letter assumes that I am the victim of identity theft. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't belive a DV letter uses the same language as on of VICTIM IDENTITY FRAUD. At any rate, they requested me to fill out a fraud statement of dispute along with the following info. Copy of my Social Security Card/or Proof of Citizenship Copy of State issued Driver's License or State issued ID Copy of Police report Copy or actual proof of residence at the time the account was established and lastly to have all of this notarized. Somebody help me confirm that I should proceed with giving them this info or not. I'm leaning toward "NOT" as it sounds rather shady.
  2. Yeah send them the deposit and they will send you the card. I signed up for it almost a year ago after reading about it on this site. So far, it's been a great card to have and they report to all three agencies.
  3. Okay, so here's the situation I paid Capital One $1,500.00 on 5/28/02 and received a letter that the "balance has been settled." 30days later, it was reported as such on my credit reports and so my next move was to get the tradelines removed from all 3 reports. Last week, when attempting a refi, I called Capital One to ask for another letter verifying that I did, indeed pay the debt, however they are still showing a balance of $877.20 Next thing I know, I received a letter in the mail with the following language: " The Balance on your account of 877.20 is due in full. You may make your payment with a sucure check by phone...blah...blah Please send this amount immediately so that we can consider your account paid in full." What the heck is going on??? Should I pay them again so they can collect again some time down the road all over again? C'mon, I paid them, they sent me a debt settled letter, now they are sending me another letter for more money? Somebody please tell me this has got to be highly illegal. I have both letters, one saying I paid, the next asking for more money. Now which is it? Do I have any recourse to solve this problem? I've already done the debt validation letter in 2002 and since then they continue to verify the debt of course not mentioning that I paid it already. Please help me, somebody
  4. Hey folks: I'm looking at refinancing my condo in the next month and I came across a surprise on my credit report. I agreed (which I shouldn't have) to pay off Capital One (May2002) negotiated for a lesser amount and recieved a letter suggesting the account is paid in full. My most recent credit report however, still reflects a balance of $800 which they never mentioned at the time when I offered to settle. After talkin' to them on the phone they suggested that they could still report it as settled but show a balace as due. WTF! So now, I'm worried that when I apply for the loan and the mortgage company pulls my credit report it will look like I still have outstanding credit delinquencies rendering a higher interest rate or denial of the refinance loan. Any ideas?
  5. Board Guru's! I can't say enough, just how helpful this board has been as I've been able to achieve a great deal of success. I learned to settle debts, raised scores that were at one time in the low 500's to currently 630's. After a year of credit repiar in 2002, with a co-signer I bought a condo (30yr fixed, no points) for $90,000 FHA at 6.81% with 20% down. Two solid years absent late mortgage payments, signed up for a Chevron Card per the advice of this board and my credit has slowly crept into the "fair" category. Right now, I'm looking to refinance plus a cash out option, since the rates are at a all time low and my property value has gone up to 147,000. Unfortunately, I still have three accounts (OC) that have been very difficult to remove even with DV/CHOD and even going as far as the infamous "nut case" letter. Capital One, Discover Card and Bank of America are all listed as debt settled/paid. Well, actually although Capital One is paid off, they placed it back on my report claiming that the balance of $1,200 is there since I negotiated for a lower settlement and the balace reflects the part I didn't pay. (Is this the old Jedi Mind Trick because I definately smell BS??) Who to pick and why???? There seems to be 100's if not 1000's of mortgage companies and lenders, if I pick a few and start the application process, and they run my credit for the loan, will it come up as a hard inquiry and lower my scores? How's Ditech"lost another loan".com or the Lending tree? Also, since I already have a mortgage which I worked soo hard to clean up my credit for, do I still need a co-signer to refinance or will my ontime mortgage payments and high equity indicate low risk borrower??? Can I get something lower than 6.81%?? Or do I have to wait these Paid/Settled tradelines to come off under SOL late in 2004? Any advice would be great!!!
  6. Wow! Thanks soo much for the information. I'm really looking to refinance...and I was tempted to persue Ditech, but it looked too good to be true.
  7. Has anyone delt with They have some special at 395.00 *Applies to owner-occupied single-family residential properties only. Borrower is responsible for new loan interest costs, buyers’ title insurance, outstanding property lien, taxes, insurance, private mortgage insurance, association fees, seller fees, and certifications. In NY CEMA fees are paid by the borrower. Subject to underwriting approval. Not all applicants will be approved. Full documentation & property insurance required. Loan secured by a lien against your property. Some restrictions apply. Terms & conditions apply. Minimum loan amount for the $395.00 Flat Fee is $100,000. A $200,000 loan amount, with a $395 ditech fee and financed at 6.144% APR for 30 years would result in 360 monthly payments of $1215.23. Your rate and term may vary. Call (800) 803-7656 for details.
  8. so basically, this letter I have signed from them saying account is settled is useless? Im not sure how I can pay them, they send a letter saying SETTLED and then they start collecting again.
  9. Prior to learning of this board, I made arrangements to pay off Capital One back in May 02, in order to settle the account. Paid them off for exchange of a letter saying it was paid and yada, yada, yada... Though I paid them 1,500 they sent me a letter suggesting that the account is SETTLED. They are now trying to collect 900.00 from me and keep verifing the accounts with the CRAs. Can they do this? Agree to a price...send me a letter saying the debt is paid then say we lied, and attempt to collect more?? Should this be the case for anyone else. Stay away from KIM PHELPS, litigation specialist for Capital One 888-567-2271 EX 445-6031
  10. Bank of America (paid) Capital One (paid) Discover Card (paid) I need a lil help here. These accounts are listed on my credit reports, however the Collection agencies that they sold the accounts to are not. I made a dumb mistake and paid the accounts prior to reading this board and now the OC and collection agencies are ignoring my validation requests and the so-called INVESTIGATIONS are coming back as verified. Verified how? They won't even respond to my request, how could a CRA know? I'm wondering what I'm leaving out? At what point, do I go for legal action? And who do i sue first the CRA,CA or the OC?
  11. Hey Snowwhite...if nothing else we all have your back here and we're here to empower you. Stay the course!! They're just trying to rattle and ruffle your feathers through this scam collection game they're playing. Well guess what, the balls in your court and start setting them up through a paper trail right up to your day in court. Even if they do call, it's okay for now, just think of it as an expensive phone call for them $1000. (per violation) Secondly, you can send a letter to the AG, however, it may be better to send it via letter document than email. I've done this with the BBB and FTC and got some template, auto-do-nothing-response in return. It's going to be okay, let them talk all they want...they dont have a case, you do and in the end they will fold. :D
  12. <blockquote>Originally posted by k12503 To give the short version; CA reported an account in error to CRA. Promised to remove it . 4 mths later after numerous phone calls they say the deletion was requested electronically and the credit bureas ignored it. I am In the process of formulating letter demanding proof of removal request ( as it is my intent to sue to recove damages from whoever is responsible either the credit bureaus or the CA - I let the CA know of my intentions.) Ca sends removal request again today electronically. The supervisor I spoke to says there is no printed document/form that they could provide me to show that a request for removal was set to Credit Bureaus. Is this true? I told him that if that were the case then a letter addressed to me stating that they made a removal request, and the date the request was made needs to be provided.I don't have a fax so he would not be able to fax me a reply. I have not gone the DV route with this as yet because they have been surpisingly cordial(I am dealing only with the same supervisor all the time) and it was actually an error in their accounting which caused the account to be reported to the CRA. Is there any other method of proof that I can request? This is a fully pd collection account. [Edit by k12503 on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 @ 11:21 PM] [Edit by k12503 on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 @ 11:23 PM] </blockquote> Cordial! dayum that! Not if there not doing everything they can to help you. Their being nice while your credit is suffering due to some ridiculous screw up. The supervisor is a liar and they need to know this is serious and that it could result in legal actions. 4 months! They should be off the DV letter and start a paper trail right up to your court date if necessary. [Edit by troopavcl on Wednesday, December 4, 2002 @ 01:59 PM]
  13. They have nothing to say that you want and need to hear. Let your letter of validation do the talking coupled with their written response. It's anticipated that they wont respond to your issues, however, for your protection as others have suggested you want to establish a papertrail should litigation become necessary. Don't say JACK to them if they call other than, "I'll be sending you a C and D letter." The next thing they should hear is "CLICK"
  14. my goodness! This letter is off the hook! :) Wish I could be there when they read this one.
  15. <blockquote>Originally posted by smogtek I got 4 collection accounts deleted as a result of online complaints I filed with the BBB. I had already sent 2 validation requests to all of them before I got the BBB involved. I'm scheduled in small claims next month against a CA that pulled my report during the validation process. I had a CA pull my report during the validation process as well. Is this a 1000 violation? [Edit by smogtek on Thursday, 14, 2002 @ 07:09 PM] </blockquote>