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  1. I was seperated from my now ex at the time. I was not living at the address where served. However, he signed and we were still married. So I don't think I can fight it for improper service.
  2. After Sherman started reporting on my credit reports, I called Providian.
  3. Providian sold judgment to Sherman. I have checked with County Court and judgment is still with Providian. I have read state statutes (TX), but haven't been able to find out if Sherman has to do anything to put judgment in their name.
  4. Providian had judgment against me, sold it to Sherman. I dv'd Sherman. They had attorney send me a copy of the original Providina judgment. Is this validation, or does Sherman have to provide proof they bought judgment from Providian?
  5. It's showing up as "under unvestigation," but the last time I disputed on line, they verified within a couple of days.
  6. I have disputed with Experian online before and gotten results within a couple of days. This time it has been over a week. Are they investigating, or could I possibly luck out and my disputes have gotten lost somewhere (I wish)?
  7. Providian my not use a CA, but will file suit quickly. It's what they did to me. One month past charge-off date they filed judgment.
  8. Does this apply to OC's as well? I have a charge-off that Providian got a judgment for. They are still updating the past due balance everytime I try disputing the tradeline.
  9. Congrats! You are the only one I've ever heard of that got a Providian deletion. Please clue the rest of us in on what it was and how you did it.
  10. It appears lots of us need this info. Hopefully someone out there has gotten a pd. judgment deleted from CRA's.
  11. I posted the same question (charge-off with Providian) on creditboards and someone replied that they had used a restrictive endorsement and Providian cashed it, but had not yet removed entry from CR's. I am going to check this out and see if it a possibility. Providian is the only neg left on my credit report (charge-off and judgment). The other two negs were deleted by creditors that were very nice about working with me through a hard time (FUSA and American General). Of course Providian wouldn't even consider throwing me a crumb.
  12. Try disputing with CRA's. If the address tied to this account is still on reports, get it deleted first. Then dispute with the "I have no knowledge of this account." If they verify, then try disputing all the various pieces of info. Chances are Cap 1 will not delete or report as a positive even if you pay. I would be hesitant to contact them. Since you have less than two years before it falls off anyway, disputing with the CRA'swill probably be successful.
  13. The first thing you need to do is get record of judgment from courthouse. If you were never served summons notifying you of the hearing for the judgment, you possibly have grounds to have judgment vacated and lien released. Check the laws in your state regarding proper service. Depending on your state laws there are several ways to get around a lien attached to your home. There are several alternatives to filing bankruptcy.
  14. Grendel, I am curious what you mean by "attack the judgment." I have a judgment from Providian that I would love to find a way to make it disappear. I was even willing to work out a settlement with them, but they weren't interested. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Providian will go after judgment immediately after charge-off. I tried to negotiate payments with them as soon as my situation made it impossible for me to keep up. They wouldn't accept anything. Left me no option but to default. All of my other creditors worked with me, and in less than a year when my divorce was settled, were paid off completely with no damage to my credit. Providian made the choice to not get paid, so that is exactly what they are going to get.
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