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  1. I have a gold 20K account with them, but never got the credit card, just some checks to use. Did everyone get a credit card?
  2. you dont get back the same amount of points that they took from you, thats for sure..
  3. Yes, just make sure and dont pay it off to quickly, let it report and then pay it off...
  4. credit score needed to get an approval in Texas, and who do they pull?
  5. Not a better feeling when your scores jump, congrats and keep up the great work!!
  6. Got approved for 20K but havent done anything with it, and 75K auto...
  7. Best Buy/ Circuit City or anybody like that, who do they pull and what type of scores are needed? Helping a friend out that has low 600's and is needing to buy two computers for Xmas, any help is great.
  8. I got one at 6 months and not sure how long it has been, I will check it out later but im thinking it must be 12 months.. 11k limit now..
  9. Noticed today they bumped me another 2500.00, I wonder if the GM and Corvette will be done too?
  10. Experian is his highest its around 650, EQ is his lowest and its around 620, TU he is at 635, no negatives, good paying history, good job, 15+ years. He has the trio HH cards and they are all around 45% maxed with limits around 4-5K each..
  11. Morrow, Do you need to become a member at Patelco to get an approval, what type of limit on an auto do you think he might be able to get with scores around 640... I told him if he paid off about 3-5K in CC balances his scores would jump up around 15-30 points..
  12. what is the best financing out there, with low 600 ranges, no negatives, just alot of CC's with about 45% on them.. He makes 100k and has been at his job for over 16 years...Any help??
  13. PM Morrow, she will know all about Patelco..