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  1. Just an update. Went to court today. The plaintif did not show up to court. The judge reviewed the case file with me and dismissed the case due to improper service. I asked him to dismiss with prejudice. He stated he was unable to do so.
  2. lawyers can't collect fees in small claims? Is this generally all states that you know of.
  3. Are there any states that do not domesticate foreign judgments?
  4. Thirty Thousand Dollars ?
  5. Did they inform you why the check was returned uncashed? Maybe you should call the OC to find out what is going on.
  6. Thank-you Ruby. I bet you felt empowered when pressed "Post Reply".
  7. What is a motion for definate statement?
  8. Here is a link for any living in Nevada that has to deal with a CA. This is the Navada Administrative Code: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-649.html I don't know how to make the actual click on link. Maybe someone can do it for me and tell me how to do it Thanks
  9. What would be the best way to protect against this, espically when settling?
  10. Thank-you very much, I just got into TU for free and pulled my report . Let the disputes began!!!!
  11. I'm sure the law firm will deny that they told him not to show up to court.
  12. Thanks. I ordered the free report through the mail. I will reorder it. Dose TU have a free trial monitoring service like eq?
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