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  1. I love the creditors that don't ordinarily report to the bureaus if you pay on time, even for years. But just let something happen and you're late and BINGO! suddenly they put a negative on your report. Really fair, isn't it? I guess it boils down to what lenders report to what bureau--whether they do so to one or two or all three. We have two mortgages and one of them has never shown up on Equifax, while another is on Transunion, but under a different name. The second is on two out of the three. I was just looking for some kind of trend as there seems to be the most complaining against TU
  2. Most people know my feelings about Household, so I won't repeat them here. The places you mention should be your last resort. Firstly, they usually don't report to any credit bureaus, so it won't help your credit. Second, if you were to pay them say, $50 a week, that's $200 a month--not a small amount for the type of cars they usually carry. You know, old models with very high mileage. On another board, someone posted that if you miss a payment by a day, the repo man is there that night to get the car. Don't know if it was meant to be a joke but may not be far from the truth. Have you loo
  3. I think they are considered a sub-prime lender, so you might want to do your homework very carefully on them. In fact the type of loan you are looking for is the prime hunting ground for the worst of the worst when it comes to lenders. Be extremely careful. DO NOT under any circumstances go with Household or Beneficial, it will be the mistake of a lifetime. To be honest, without a home I've never heard of anyone getting a loan for that kind of money unless there was something very expensive that the borrower had for collateral. But then if there were, the borrower would probably sell the
  4. I was just wondering if out of the big 3 does it seem if one of them stands out as giving the lowest scores more then the other two. For some reason, it seems to me that EQ is the most stingy, EXP gives the highest points with TU somewhere in between. Or is it my imagination? Probably is, because in looking over my reports not all accounts are reported on all 3. So that probably has a lot to do with how their rating system appears to me and why my scores and hubbys seem to fall within this tier. Anyone else feel that one bureau is more lenient (or harder) then another?
  5. Called our bank and the loan officer said the same thing. Call the dealership and ask to speak to the Finance Officer. Do not talk to a salesperson. Go right to the one who works with the numbers. Well, I sat on the phone until I talked to the right guy (got his name off the website, though I didn't tell them this). Was upfront about the BK, said we only needed a second car for around $4000 and Mr. Finance actually mentioned the exact same vehicle that I had in mind. When I told him about the $7500 (not mentioning that previously one of their salesmen told me they don't go lower on that)
  6. Wow, didn't think I'd hear so quickly from someone, let alone 3 people! I've been looking around and there isn't even a credit union near us. My husband does agency work (he's a nurse) and doesn't get a steady weekly check, per se. For instance, last week he did but this week he won't because the very severe weather prevented him from going to the job site on the two days he was scheduled to work there. So this week he will have only 2 days. Thank heavens his pay rate is decent ($28.00 an hour) so it is livable. Usually he does get a full week in. His check is automatically deposited in
  7. We have just about cleaned up our credit as best we could. Had a BK 7 discharged in April 2003 and our scores went from the 500s to between 611 -689. We are now in need of a second car but don't want or can't afford to pay too much. All car loans set a minimum amount at $7500. I only want something to go to the stores and doctors' appts. with, and have found two good prospects. One is a 2000 Kia with 12000 miles for $4000 and the other is a 1995 Saturn with 44000 miles for $3595. The first is at a used car lot with a buy here, pay here financing. The Saturn is at a Saturn dealership an
  8. Best Buy is Household Retail Services, be very wary. Educate yourself and make sure you do nothing to give them any excuse to pull a fast one on you. Sometimes it seems like they don't even need an excuse. Anytime you are dealing with Household in any way, shape or form, you MUST scrutinize your bill every month. Please do not be late for any reason, and if you have to call about a problem, if you don't get your response in writing, it will be like it was never said. I don't mean to spoil anything for anyone, but only to prevent possible future major problems. I hope everything goes smooth
  9. I've been receiving several offers a week from them. Today I was very tempted to do what you did because who is going to give me a card? Have disability pension income of just over $10000 a year and had a BK 7 discharged in 4/03. They say the minimum amount credit line is $500 which would be OK with me as a starter. Were you offered the 0% APR and then it goes up to 12.9%? Did your annual fee say $59? I too thought it was automatic. According to my flyer, it said you may even be able to access a portion of your credit line right away. Guess it's all a "come on". Please keep us posted as
  10. I am on disability @ $10000 yearly, but my hubby makes about $40000+ a year. We have no debts per se, other then $50 owed on a secured credit card with a limit of $300. On a good week, he can clear about $600. Since he does agency work (he's a nurse), he's sent to different places, but right now he's commuting 24 miles. But it's a very easy drive, with only 1 red light. Mostly just woods and farmland roads. You're right about NJ. The cost of living is staggering and anyone trying to recover from a BK will find it almost impossible, especially if they wish to become a home owner again. F
  11. I have been posting here in desperation lately because of various bad events involving my health and my husband's job, health etc. I don't know where to put this post (again) but here's part of the story: You are not going to believe the following: the only people who were willing to rent a house to us so soon post BK were -how can I put this --a couple with IQ's that might total about 100 if added together. The house turned out to be a piece of junk but how poorly it was constructed (by the husband, of course) didn't become clear until we lived in it for a while. After a number of incident
  12. We want to avoid a foreclosure on our credit.
  13. We have a chance to do a short sale on our property post discharge of our BK 7 which was in April 2003. Lender #2 is giving us all kinds of grief. Lender #1 had no problem giving a payoff figure, but #2 wants all kinds of stuff-income tax copies for last 2 years, last 3 paychecks, bank statements, hardship letter etc. etc. A lot of this stuff is still in boxes from our move and I am too ill to dig out a lot of what they want. With hubby constantly looking for a job and coming home exhausted you can imagine how hard this is. Sheriff's sale is coming up soon. Lender #2 is probably shooting
  14. I'm so glad things are now over for you. Good luck! And don't feel guilty about anything. Just pick up the ball and start the game over again. It's a bright new day for you and a new future awaits. Happy that you could do the BK 7. The BK 13 would drag on seemingly forever and leave you living just on the edge. You did good!
  15. Wow, the article itself is priceless! It contains a wealth of information, including the lender knowing at the time of the loan that the borrowers would not be able to repay it. The attorney you mention is sort of far being that we are in the southern end of NJ. The drive up in northern NJ is the East's equivalent of LA. No, wait, LA is actually an improvement. Why oh why is there no direct public transport link between AC and NYC? But if he's willing to help us we will find a way. Many, many thanks. Now, the trick is to get an attorney to call back. Good luck to you and we will certa