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  1. This is a tricky one! I have a medical collection agency from Texas, trying to collect on a bill from when I lived in Florida. I now live in Indiana. In Florida, the SOL is five years, in Indiana its ten. Its been about seven. Who's SOL do I go by - Florida or Indiana???
  2. I went to the state of Florida website and it looks like to me that Midland is not even legal to collect accounts in the state. Have a friend that lives there having trouble with them. Seems like a good way to stop them dead in their tracks to me.
  3. Received a letter today from rtr concerning a home I used to own in Florida. They informed me the home was foreclosed on and sold. The sale in 2012 satisfied the bank of america note except for the heloc of $22,000, that was set up in 2003. They also said all liens were released from the property so ry were just coming after the heloc. I'm in Indiana now, they had NO supporting evidence that I owed anything ( just the original heloc paperwork from countrywide), showed no payments that had been paid on the heloc, or anything else!!! How should this be handled???
  4. wert

    SOL question

    However, the Truth in Lending pretty clearly defines it as a revolving account, not written. Also, a lot of banking regs are pretty clear that a credit card account is not a written account.
  5. I wouldn't go into detail. Just say you never heard of it and it's wrong.
  6. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Really depends on the situation and company. You don't have anything to lose do you???
  7. I got several off by disuting 'not mine'. Took a couple of times but finally got them off. Sounds perfect in your situation. If they can't find the files and verify them, they have to remove them.
  8. EQ usually does it over the phone. The other two you might as well forget it - unless you just happen to get the right new person on the phone that doesn't understand their company policy...
  9. Three or four year collections don't affect your score tremendously, but do hurt. They probably hurt someone looking at your report more than the score itself. A lot of credit is given by more than just your score and when they see that, it's a red flag. I would continue to dispute to remove all negative stuff. Besides, a clean report makes you feel good!!!
  10. six was usually the max for me four to six seemed ok
  11. I don't think anyone knows. The other more interesting question might be how many people win when a CA sues them!? CAs are suing all the time, and a lot of time they have no grounds or are skirting the law. Trouble is that the consumer has no idea what the law is. In my circumstance, I have won twice when they sued me, and lost once when I turned around and tried to sue them. But my suit was kind of vindictive so I'm not complaining
  12. Victoria's Secret is pretty easy to get, plus you get the neat catalogs for a year!! Join a credit union and apply for a major card through them. They are generally a lot easier to get. And a credit union can be a good friend in the future.
  13. I think you'll find that most of us here will tell you that in general, they are a waste of time. If they are 'non-profit', they still charge you. If they aren't, then they are more of a waste of money. I would guess to say that 99% of us that have been here for awhile have done it on our own. The counselors have no short cuts and can't do anything that you can't do on your own. Years ago, they could negotiate zero term with credit card companys but those days are gone. Patience and persistance is the key. The price of stamps and you can do your own counseling, fixing, and cleaning. Use all of us here for your questions and support. There is no quick fix or magic solution.
  14. wert


    You are mixing up terms, I believe. DOLA-in short means 'date of last activity' which usually means the last day that you paid anything on the account. This date can be reported as such as long as the account is being listed on your CR. However, they can't change it, and it can't be changed when a CA buys the account. It's set in stone. SOL- is how long anyone can LEGALLY collect the debt, which is different in every state, and for different types of accounts. GENERALLY, the SOL begins from DOLA but not always. The seven year time period (plus 180 days) is the time period that a CBA can report the debt on your report.
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