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  1. Anyone have experience with these? Would appreciate any info on which ones are best to go for and if there are any that should be avoided. Have saved up some money and want to have a visa or mastercard without all the fees associated with a secured card. Many thanks. Widget
  2. Hee, Hee, kb9tbq I can never keep it straight either so I finally wrote it down. Widget :)
  3. I Pick #1 "With Prejudice" The Creditor can not sue you again.
  4. Rav, just in case you still need the spears v. brennan I found it here. http://www.state.in.us/judiciary/opinions/archive/03260101.ewn.html
  5. I am facing the same thing, the ca is claiming "Unjust Enrichment". I would very much appreciate more information about this kind of claim. Many Thanks Widget
  6. Yeah Steve, it's on the creditnet site in the sample letter section. Under "Validation letter 04/60 days" Think you mentioned having an attorney if so you should probably run it buy him before sending it. Like I said I've changed it many times to suit my need. Widget
  7. Widget

    Estoppel Letter

    Sorry Steve, didn't mean to start a new thread. That's what I get when I don't pay attention!
  8. I believe there is one on creditnet in the letter forum. Might be listed as "15 day Estoppel". I think there might be one on WhyChat's site too.
  9. I sent them a modified estoppel letter giving them 10 days to validate. Toward the end I threw in the following: "Please be advised that I am aware of your recent settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, which demonstrates that you are well aware of the penalties for not providing me the lawfully requested information. I suggest that you get your records in order before I have to file a complaint with the appropriate state and federal agencies." Nothing sepcial but I guess they were still feeling the sting cause they notified me the account was closed and they would no longer be contacting me and the account would be removed from my CR within the 10 days. This was back in 5/02 and I had already sent them two other letters which they pretty much ignored. All the letters I have used have come from this and other boards just changed them a bit to fit my needs. Not good at letter writing so please just view the above as a place to start. Not suggesting this is suitable for anyone to put in a letter. It's just what I did. Hope this was helpful. Widget
  10. They ignored all my validation requests until I referenced the case Swede posted, they folded quickly and closed the collection account. Could work for you too!
  11. Congrats! and don't be gentle when you shove their sorry butts over the cliff!
  12. This is my first post, so I'll say hi to everyone. bw444 I took my handle "Widget" from one of your posts, it pretty much describes how I feel when dealing with a CA LOL, hope you don't mind. Shutting down Oregon Small Claims courts will be the pitts for those needing to sue CA's for small violations, but will it also put a damper on CA's suing debtors for small amounts if they have to now sue in a higher court which will cost them more? Is there a positive side to this? Will they be less apt to sue do you think?