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  1. Just got back from a trip, have a few more days to send in my responce. Should I send a validation letter now? if so, How do I send a valadation letter? Thanks, James
  2. does it matter if I am nolonger in the county they are sueing in? and who should I settle with? Thanks, James
  3. Has anyone had experance with settling with Providian? I have 2 depts with them. one about $3000 and the other around $10000. I also have been served a summons for the one for 10000 from a layer..... should I call the bank or deel directly with the layers....... Thanks, James
  4. Hi I am in the same situation with PROVIDIAN Bank. If I read this correct I should deny the debt. then offer a settlment starting at 20%... Should I go over the colecters head and offer directly to PROVIDIAN? and also should I offer a settlement before I enter my answer..... Thanks, James