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  1. Aye, what the one above said. When Chase does this to you, say you don't agree to the new terms and close out the account. You won't have to pay the balance all upfront or anything...you just keep on paying like normal. This isn't an issue of Chase being "paranoid", this is a predatory tactic on their part . They figure since your balance ratio is so high across the board that you're ALMOST over the edge and if they just give you that gentle little nudge, they'll own your a$$. Late fees, overlimit fees, all sorts of stuff they can charge you at that point.
  2. I ended up suing them for someone...those guys just don't listen to reason. On the upside, they're one of the CA's smart enough to settle real fast to be rid of someone calling them on their crap.
  3. Basically. But it's a two-tiered system. By that I mean if they are giving you 0% APR on balance transfers till October of next year...and you do the transfers and then buy a book at B&N afterwards, you're gonna be paying the full interest for the card on that book until you've paid off the balance transfer and then the money for the book...you can't allocate payments to what's collecting interest first. Example: I have about $55,000 worth of balance transfers sitting on a Citi card right now that's going 0% interest until September of next year. Chickie one day decided she just HAD to use that card to buy pizzas for her coworkers at work one day back in October. Result? I'm paying that pathetic interest rate on that stupid a$$ 150 dollar pizza order from here until the day I decide to pay off the card (which won't be until August at the earliest) because I can't pay for them until the BT's are covered. That's all I'm saying...if you use it for BT's, don't use it for anything else afterwards.
  4. That I couldn't tell you...I never pay attention to AR/PR pulls. Don't really care about em.
  5. Pros: No interest for 10 months gives you 10 months to pay it down to 0. You won't have to deal with Cap 1 anymore. Cons: The juice will still be flowing for anything you charge to the card AFTER the balance transfers, as new purchases get paid off last.
  6. Discover has always pulled EX for me...but I'm on the west coast. I'd say congrats, but I hate the company. I have two of them because they provide high limits for DTI, but I never use em. Horrible company.
  7. http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/news/ap/20051228/113576652000.html Ya know, normally I feel kinda bad for a guy who gets out of prison in general, and even worse of the guys who are forced to live in areas they don't want to be in, have no support system in place, no employment or options etc...Never really thought it was fair how we as society treat people or make it almost impossible for them to "go straight"...but I'm having some problems relaying that sympathy to ID thieves, it seems...
  8. Yet another security breach (and no, I'm not serious about blaming her...I don't believe she's even in a department that would have something like that) http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/marriott_missing_data
  9. I haven't read the thread. I don't care about the thread. I skimmed through and saw enough to get the gist of what it had turned into. It's messing up my chi, upsetting the spiritual balance between something and something or other. Some guy on acid probably stumbled on this thing and it totally ruined his buzz. If we can't all just get along, then some people are just gonna have to get hit upside the head and dumbed up so they'll agree/get along with anything. I suggest the former to the latter.
  10. *sigh* People gonna make me actually get up and do some work, put in some effort. "Stop the train wreck, Xan", "It's out of hand". Grr. Totally ruining my slothful groove since this thing won't die a quiet death on its own. The flaming in this thread? Is officially over. The bickering? It's done. The inane name calling? It stops right now. So speaketh Xan, My will be done. And if My will is not done, My asscake/ban stick hits pretty hard. Continue at your own peril...
  11. Two words for you: Marion Berry Two more: Willie Brown How about two more? Kwame Fitzpatrick I could go on and on...
  12. Mods and administrators...we know all, see all If you sent a timely DV, and they never responded to it...then why would you want to give them money?
  13. STAY AWAY FROM CITISKANK IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH!!!!! Pay Grim no mind, for when it comes to Citi, he has none . Seriously, Citi is a good card, but I worry about you relying on that score you have in your head. A paid collection is no different than an unpaid one....so I'm not entirely confident you will score close to 700 on a credit card company's scoring model. If you go with Citi, the PP card is probably your best bet. Personally, I'd apply for an American Express Hilton HHonors Card...they usually pull EQ for that one and the...one of the airline cards, think it's Delta. But you never know with them. Might check your bank to see if they have cards. Companies like US Bank, Wells Fargo, etc. pull EQ for their CC's (though I could never in good conscience recommend WF)
  14. Doesn't matter unless you guys are "together" (and maybe not even then in Texas). Now, there might be a rule that lets you do it if the PoA is complete and irrevocable (i.e. my buddy lacks the mental capability or physical capacity to do such and such, therefore I do everything for him) but again...I doubt that's the case.
  15. Well, they are the world's largest corporation. As such, they can afford to piss off some customers, which they like to do. But the one thing that never gets said about Citi that probably should be said is...so long as you always treat em right, they'll do you well. They're like a woman when you scorn em, though.
  16. You can operate as his Attorney-In-Fact if you're married to him and have a Power of Attorney...but I'm guessing that you guys aren't gay married . I'm not sure what Texas's domestic partner rules are in that regard, but I'm guessing he's not that, either.
  17. Do like I do...start filling the envelopes with the most vile, nasty, sickening things you can find. I've sent them back sweaty gym socks, rotted salad greens, Gruyere cheese...I'm just wiating to come up with a dead rat. Trust me, they'll stop.
  18. Wisconsin is seriously jacked up, then. Pro se's and attorneys-in-fact are supposed to have the same rights, privileges and accessibility that Bar accepted lawyers have.
  19. You don't actually know what your score is, because every lender uses a different model of scoring that's weighted on factors they like. Since you not only have a bankruptcy but also derogatory information on your reports from AFTER your bankruptcy, I would be absolutely amazed if even the bottom feeder companies would issue you a card no matter what your FICO/FAKO scores are.
  20. The 3 major bureaus only accept tradelines in batches of 100--positive tradelines, that is Negative tradelines are accepted individually.
  21. Well, it's not just Macy's. It's Bon-Marche, Bloomingdales, Robinson's May, etc. It's the whole Macy's family you can go into. But I need to refute the theory that these cards are just a gimme for people. I've got a pretty good sized Macy's account, but Target? I tried applying for them about a year ago, and they wouldn't give me one. Keep in mind my score is well above 700, I have a 6 figure salary, no bad credit whatsoever, and some of the most sought-after prime cards in all the land--yet they wouldn't give me a toy card
  22. They respond *really* well to a Summons...
  23. Yeah, State Farm is seriously behind the times in terms of their bill payment protocols. But 20 days sounds about right to me...that's usually about how much time I have on all my credit accounts when I get my statements (course, I just throw them out since I've got recurring payments set up, but still...)